(Episode 8) Should you Tithe while you’re getting out of Debt… Interesting Story!

(Episode 8) Should you Tithe while you're getting out of Debt... Interesting Story!

Mercy: but sweetheart…..

David: Don’t sweetheart me Mercy, just go back to the people you gave them to and bring them back else this house won’t contain us.

Mercy: But it’s for a good Cause oooo.

David: ‘I don’t care’ he screamed ‘Get out’

Mercy quickly left what she was doing and hurriedly left to the church to get them back. When she got to the church she met one of the leaders of her unit for he was also among those that followed her to her house to get them.

Mercy: Ermmm brother Abraham, good day.

Abraham: Good day Mrs. Mercy, are you okay this one you are looking tired and worn out, hope no problem and why are you here by this time? Didn’t you forget something?

Mercy: I am okay its just that ermmm, I have a little problem.

Abraham: What is it?

Mercy: Errmmmm…she didn’t know how to put her words and was finding the right way to put it when David interrupted her thought.

David: ‘Where are they’ he shouted

Mercy: David!

David: Don’t David me, where are they?

Abraham: Brother David, what is wrong and is everything alright?

David: Where are the things you took away from my home?

Abraham: What things, you mean the things you gave out for the work of God?

Mercy: Feeling embarrassed tried to calm him down ‘Sweetheart, Please don’t …..

David: ‘If you had told me before doing any of this, I am sure I wouldn’t be here today. You don’t want me to make a scene yet you keep coming up with crazy ideas every day. Where are my stuff my friend’ he said to Abraham.

Abraham: What is going on here Mercy?

Mercy: Ermmm, brother Abraham  you see, can we…ermmm can I get the stuff back, the gadgets you took in my home.

Abraham: What for? I thought you gave it to the church and brother David, why all the screaming and yelling?

Mercy: Can we please have them now, please?

Abraham: it’s for the church.

David: Not anymore, can we have them now.

Mercy: Brother Abraham, Please just hand them over to us.

David: Every piece of them, just the way you took them.

Abraham: Wow! Okay. He took them where they were kept and handed it to them for it seems like David was willing to create a scene if he doesn’t have his belongings.

David took the items back home and replaced them right where they belonged and turned to his wife.

David: You see all this? He asked using his hands to show her all the properties he has ‘if I ever hear that any of them is missing, you won’t like what I will do. If you want to give out anything again, give out the ones you bought with your money and live what I sweat for alone.

Mercy: What is wrong with you? i have never seen you like this.

David: Don’t just do stuff without my permission for I don’t like it.

Mercy: Is that the reason why you acted the way you did in the house of God, do you know how embarrassing it was and what pastor will say when he gets to know of what you did?

David: Does it look to you like I care? The way you carrying yourself about  church and Pastor is really beginning to get on my nerves oooo, you are beginning to get me angry.

Mercy: Why won’t I carry them like it is the air I breathe David? I know they will always be there whenever I need them. I  don’t just know what to say to Pastor for this uncalled for attitude you displayed over there today.

David: I have told you my own woman and you would do as I have said.

Mercy: I will also listen to my pastor and do whatever it takes because it is obvious you are moving away from the service of God.


Christiana: Hello Nathaniel , I have heard so many wonderful things about you ‘she brought forth her hand for a handshake as soon as she  was introduced to him by Mark.

Nathaniel:  ‘Hi Christiana, I have also heard a lot about you’ he said as they shook hands.

Christiana:  Hope they are good things?

Nathaniel:  Of course they are. With what my brother has in mind for the both of us.

Christiana: What do you think about us being together?

Nathaniel:  it’s okay but I would prefer we get to know ourselves better

Christiana: that is okay by me

Nathaniel:  ‘Alright then’ he said and they both went to see Mark who was watching the latest football league.

Mark: ‘Have you people spoken already’ he asked

Nathaniel: Yes Brother, we are good to go.

Mark: turning to Christiana. How do you see him?

Christiana: Smiling said ‘he is okay’.

Mark: So the both of you have agreed to be seeing each other abi?

Christiana: Yes sir.

Mark: Good, very good. Errmmm Nathaniel, since you and Christiana has finally decided, we need to move to the next plan.

Nathaniel: The job stuff abi?

Mark: ‘Yes the job stuff. Here, take this money’ he handed the money over to him ‘that is two hundred thousand naira and he also handed the address of the location ‘that is the address. Ask  for Mr. Kingsley Odogwu and tell him that I sent you, he is expecting you a day after tomorrow.

Nathaniel: Okay brother, will do as you have said.

Mark: Good, Do that and the job is yours because I have already gotten an assurance. Don’t forget to go along with your CV again.

Nathaniel: Okay brother.

Mark: After one month, you should start planning your wedding.

Christiana: I think we will need more time to get to know each other.

Question: Why would Nath and Christiana need more time to know each other considering the fact that they are both good Christians from a nurtured home?

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  1. Because they are Christian does not mean they are perfect; it does not mean they not hav there weakness as well besides when it comes to issue of marriage is go beyond been a Christian…….

  2. Of course, dey need to get to know each other well ….. Marriage is not just about religiou….. Itz abt two people who re in love and ready to tolerate one another.

  3. They need to know each other well before going down that road, its not just about being a Christian, what if she is pretending, and as for mercy I don’t know if she is stupid, dumb or just naive abi na ignorance dey worry am, I like d way David handled that issue

  4. Thumbs up to Dave…My only fear now is Nath, He could decide to donate that money to church and wait on the Lord for a miracle job

  5. There is need for Nathaniel and Christiana to know each other well enough before tying the knot. It is then that they can know if they are compatible. Mercy, on her part has been brainwashed, but David seems to have woken up.

  6. I just hope mercy is not in relationship with this called pastor cause am suspecting something is going on between them. As for Nathaniel and Christiana, they need to study their selves

  7. Being nurtured from a good and Christian homes doesn’t mean they are perfect for each other, y is Mark after his bro getting married almost immediately?

  8. hmmmmmm!!!hope Christiana is not the giving out the money for Nathanial’s apartment an d cash for the job through his brother…the way his brother is rushing them to get married…

  9. david am proud of u. nathaniel and christianan christianity no be for mouth. they really need to get to knw eachother. this kind sharp sharp marriage sef

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