I may come back to campaign in Benue – Buhari hints at contesting in 2019

President Muhammadu Buhari says he might return to Benue state to campaign, ahead of the 2019 presidential election.

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Image result for I may come back to campaign in Benue’ - Buhari hints at contesting in 2019

He said this on Monday while meeting with Benue stakeholders in Markurdi, the state capital.

Buhari, who was in the state as part of his tour to troubled spots across the country, was reacting to a “shopping list” by some stakeholders.

“When coming back on campaign, if coming back on campaign, I may promise,” Femi Adesina, his spokesman, quoted him as saying.

He enjoined the people of Benue to pray for the economy to improve, saying he would not make any promises during the visit.

He also appealed to leaders of various groups in the state to convince their constituents that the federal government is doing its best to end the recurring attacks by armed herdsmen in various parts of the country.

Commending the efforts of Audu Ogbeh, mnister of agriculture, who is an indigene of Benue and “a great asset in my government,” Buhari said his administration would continue to empower farmers with loans by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

He added that the agricultural policy of his administration has led to 90 percent reduction in rice importation.

Although Buhari is yet to say if he will be seeking re-election in office or not, his campaign offices have been inaugurated in some parts of the country.

Rotimi Amaechi, minister of transportation, has reportedly been appointed the director-general of his presidential campaign ahead of the 2019 elections.



  1. To campaign? What an insult, the dead can not vote for you Mr President, please quickly stop the killing first and show the people of Benue some empathy before talking about 2019, your administration would be defined by how you handle the Benue crisis please show some leadership sir

  2. Really don’t understand how my beloved PMB’s remark that “WHEN & IF I COME BACK FOR CAMPAIGN” amounts to campaign! Is this how low we have gone, intellectually?

  3. The charade of shame does not show an iota of intellectual property in the personae of a mourner. One would think an hint at campaign on this kind of visit will pose serious damage for any serious minded person but we cannot expect less from you Mr MBuhari

  4. Ed,thanks. Many people (commentators) are sycophants,myopic in their reasoning. Not too many are sound upstairs. A mature and God fearing presentation of manner of expression was quickly misinterpreted by many. His presentation shows clearly enough that is only almighty God that could decide who should be alive by that time (election periods),not by war or any other misdeeds but death could come anytime and almighty has absolute power/decision over that. Thank you Mr.President,for your indelible God fearing attitude which some of us actually like in you. Of courses many know and do believe but tendencies of evils in them overshadow their true reasoning.

  5. Go dere and campaign….. Dem go stone u to death nii….. Dey re dere mourning deir family members dat was killed by fulani herdsmen…… Ure here talking about campaign.

  6. The family members left behind are still in pains. Stay with the purpose of the visit. There is no sense in mentioning 2019 whether “If or When”.

  7. Indeed, at a time like this we need many PROUD INTELLECTUALS like the ODUs and the EDs to lecture Nigerians on presentation skills. Little wonder where we are right now.

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