APC lawmakers sabotaging Buhari’s government – Sen Abdullahi

Senator Abdullahi Adamu has accused other APC lawmakers in the National Assembly of working with other party members in the legislature to sabotage the Buhari-led administration.

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In a statement released last night, Adamu who is the chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and one-time governor of Nasarawa state, said the actions of the APC lawmakers is unpatriotic.

He said instead of joining hands to work with the Buhari administration which has been tagged a ”go-slow” government, the APC lawmakers are working with the opposition members to stop all laws and bills that will help the government.

Last week, the senators accused Adamu of working with the presidency to sack Senate President Bukola Saraki, his deputy Ike Ekweremadu and other senate leaders from office.

In his statement, Adamu said

I believe we need to retrace our steps and reconsider our stand as legislators on matters of public interest. Our party, APC, has the majority in both chambers of the National Assembly, yet we hold the Executive prisoner of politics that are unhealthy for the polity. It is such a terrible irony that we sabotage our own government by refusing to do our part in support of the Executive. Appointments requiring Senate approval are held up. The consequence is that the public has nicknamed the President and his administration go-slow. The people gave us the mandate as a party to deliver. On the allegation that he was plotting Saraki’s removal, Adamu said, “ If I was interested in contesting the Senate presidency in 2015, nothing would have stopped me from doing so. I was qualified for the office. This is another naked lie to tarnish my name. Let me caution that this smear campaign against me is neither in the interest of the Senate nor of the senators”.



  1. Nigerians are watching.Every lawmaker will reap the fruit of what he is sowing now, even as the day of reckoning is fast approaching.

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