(Episode 12) Should you Tithe while you’re getting out of Debt… Interesting Story!

(Episode 12) Should you Tithe while you're getting out of Debt... Interesting Story!

Mark: He has not come to talk to me about it and since he decided to be on his own from now on, I have washed my hands off his case and you as the wife, you will have to manage him

Christiana: Sir Please you have to help him and continue pushing him. I have talked and talked and talked but he won’t listen. Please sir, help him.

Mark: he is a man and a family man; there is nothing I can do other than if you need my help financially, I will help with the little I have.

Christiana: Ermm sir, can you please give me two hundred and fifty thousand naira?

Mark: what do you want to use that amount for?

Christiana: I am owing a lot of people and they are on my neck

Mark: ‘here’ he wrote a check of three fifty thousand naira and gave it to her ‘take this, use it to pay your debt and take care of yourself.

Christiana: ‘Thank you’ she said as she collected it.

When she got home, she prepared her husband’s favorite meal after paying off her debt and when he returned from church for that is the place he always goes to till late in the evening, he went straight to have his dinner.

Nathaniel: This meal is very delicious.

Christiana: You didn’t ask me where I got the money from.

Nathaniel: I don’t need to ask because the lord Provideth.

Christiana: I noticed that since we got married, I have been the one shouldering the responsibilities and it is getting too much on me especially when you are not helping matters. Why can’t you look for any job and do?

Nathaniel: Any job? My God is not any God, he is a miracle maker, he will do it for me soon.

Christiana: I am getting tired of this your speech ooo. Look for something doing so that you can take up responsibilities as a man. The little money I am earning can’t really be enough, if you were adding yours it will be a little relief to me.

Nathaniel: ‘You worry too much, just keep hoping and praying’ he said smiling,the lord is on the throne.

Christiana: I am really tired of hearing you say those words over and over again with no result. You need to put your acts together and do what’s right.

Nathaniel: What do you want me to do?

Christiana: I need you to get a job, any job so that you can at least help in the house.

Nathaniel: I will but not any job.

Christiana: Well you do not have any choice because any job is what I need you to get no matter how little it is.

Nathaniel: Why, what’s the problem?

Christina: I am Pregnant.


David: ‘Hey sweetheart, how are you today’ he said as he entered his home.

Mercy: it was okay, how was work?

David: Stressful as usual, I spoke to my boss today about giving me a loan.

Mercy: Why, what for?

David: So that we will use it to commence your treatment and look for solutions. I haven’t given up hope you know, I know you will walk again.

Mercy: There won’t be need for that sweetheart.

David: Why is that?

Mercy: Because I have spoken to my pastor and he will be giving us the money needed.

David: Pastor?

Mercy: Yes, Pastor.

David: hmmm did he come here?

Mercy: No he didn’t but he promised to be here before weekend.

David: Hmmm. I don’t think you should put your hope in them, I think you should let them be.

Mercy: He is a Man of God, why do you say I should let him be?

David: Because I do not want you to be disappointed at the end.

Mercy: Trust me, I know Pastor very well, he won’t disappoint us.

David: I have told you.

Mercy: Don’t worry about anything; he will be here like he has promised.

She waited one whole week yet Pastor didn’t show up, she tried calling him to ask why he hasn’t shown up as promised but was told that he has been busy. She decided to let him be and ask if there is anyway the church can raise any amount of money for her to commence treatment and the reply she got was that they will get back to her when they are less busy.


David: I have told you times and again to let me raise the loan for your treatment.

Mercy: But that is not what I want at the moment,Pastor said he will get back to me.

David: When? He hasn’t been here and you still think he will show up?

Mercy: he has been busy and I can understand that.

David: I have told you that the only people who would be there for you are your family members; do not put your hope in your Pastor but God you won’t listen.

Mercy: He won’t fail me, trust me. Pastors are next to God.

David: When are you expecting a reply?

Mercy: No idea but let’s wait for a little longer.

David: Okay.

Question: Does your salvation lies in your hands or Pastors? What is the work of Pastors in our lives? Hmm… Christina is pregnant oo! Brother Nathaniel, can you hear me? LOL 

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  1. Nathaniel nd mercy,una neva see anytin,just dey dere dey wait cos u’ve forgotten dat heaven helps those who help themselves.

  2. Stupid mercy and Christiana shoul stop giving that fool food let go for one week without food lets see if he won’t be reasonable and look for something doing

  3. Weere are this two from. Why is dis woman so adamant & where did Christiana see dat God will do it man. I just pity dose with eye but blind.

  4. Our salvation lies in our hands and d work of pastor in our life is to connect us to God by teaching us d rightful way according to d Bible. Bros, u don hear am so o. Prepare to b a father soon.

  5. One’s salvation lies in one’s hand cos salvation is a personal thing. Pastors are humans like us and dey sometimes behave like humans……. Only Jesus is d author and finisher of iur faith not any pastor. Nathaniel is yet to know whr wat exactly his problem is, wen d bible says, faith without work is dead, he’s still dere fooling himself.

  6. Our salvation lies in our hand n God is d perfect solution bcs he’s d author and finisher of our faith. Pastors re humans like every other person with their own short comings too, all we need is God’s divine direction n Grace.

  7. Mercy is blind, she placed so much faith in her pastor and her pastor is selfish. Solution lays with God not pastor

  8. Hmmm. This is getting interesting. Our salvation doesn’t lie in any pastor. We work out our salvation with fear and trembling

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