IGP was busy cutting birthday cake when his attention was needed in Benue

On January 9, President Muhammadu Buhari ordered Ibrahim Idris, inspector-general of police (IGP) to relocate to Benue state where clashes between farmers and herdsmen had resulted in over 70 deaths.

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Idris moved to the state the next day and was expected to coordinate security but he reportedly delegated Joshiak Habila, DIG operations, as he raced back to Abuja.

Five days later, pictures of him cutting a birthday cake on the occasion of his 59th birthday surfaced.

Sadly, the state recorded more killings after his departure but the smiles on the face of the number one police officer showed that he had a pleasant moment.

When Buhari visited Benue over two months later, he was told that Idris did not spend up to 24 hours in the north-central state.

Responding, Buhari said he was surprised by the reports that Idris did not comply with his order.

“I’m not aware that the I-G did not spend 24 hours in the state as directed by me, I am getting to know in this meeting,” he had said.

Ayo Fayose, governor of Ekiti and fierce critic of the president, saw that as an avenue to fire yet another shot at the president.

“What manner of a President will give order to the IGP on January 9, only to be telling Nigerians on March 12 (2 months after) that he never knew that the IGP disobeyed his order?” Fayose asked, obviously taunting Buhari.



  1. Buhari has it gotten to dis, dat ur subordinate no longer obey d chief of army commander. U don’t have d charisma of a true leader

  2. Now that you know our dear President, let him (Idris – current IGP) know that you are really the President & CIC of Nigeria armed FORCES; which encompasses the Police Force.

    Since he loves partying, you could give him just six(6) month leave without Pay for dereliction of duty; and let his DIG Operations act for him also.

    Apart from the money, it will be on record, that he is provably the first IGP to go on Suspension. Though not enough to assuage for the Lives lost in the crisis.

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