Mr President , now that you know the IGP clearly defied your order, what next? – Nigerians ask

Yesterday, President Buhari during his speech in Benue State that he wasn’t aware that Police IG, Ibrahim Idris didn’t obey an order to relocate to Benue to tackle the disturbing hersdmen crisis.

According to the president, “What I did was to call him and give him the directive. I didn’t know he moved here (Benue State) and didn’t spend and then moved to Nasarawa. It’s only now that I am knowing that.  “But I know I dispatched him here”.

Now, Nigerians on social media are asking what’s next? Many are calling for the immediate sack of the Police Chief.

“I Never Knew IGP Moved To Nasarawa After I Sent Him To Benue”~@MBuhari

ME: Now that you know that IGP Idris disobeyed your order…why not sack him? PMB, you better know that all Nigerians aren’t wool heads. I put it to you that you were part of the plot.

“IGP Idris can disobey President Buhari depending on the situation because he’s answerable to the police service commission” -Femi Adesina

“Under GEJ, 230 girls were abducted, Under PMB only 110 girls were abducted” -Femi Adesina.

Femi has totally lost his mind. Big disgrace

“I wish I became President earlier”
“I did not know that the IGP Idris defied my order”

I like PMB. He is very honest.
It is now time for Nigerians to reward him for his honesty by giving him a deserved rest & replacing him with someone who will know when his orders are defied.

Buhari can not sack IGP Idris without consulting the cabal; they must discuss soft landing and other details of the sack if it will happen. Same thing that delayed Babachir Lawal’s sack ; they padded him NNPC contracts (the ones Kachikwu leaked) while he was being investigated.

In a very critical situation, Buhari sent IGP Idris to Benue State to save lives, IGP went somewhere else, the president wasn’t even aware.

Now, Nigerians, who is actually ruling us??

According to Femi Adesina, IGP Idris was absent at Buhari’s Benue townhall meeting yesterday because he is out of the country.

Should your boss send you on an errand to Ikorodu and you instead go to Ikoyi. You’d have lost your job already.

Ask Lagos N50K employees

President Buhari please take action on IGP Idris since he had clearly violated a direct order. Nigerians are watching.@Gidi_Traffic



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