Why I revealed how much we earn as senators – Shehu Sani

Shehu Sani, the Nigerian senator who revealed that he and his colleagues receive N13.5 million as running cost monthly, has explained why he exposed his colleagues.

shehu sani

Mr. Sani in an interview with BBC said the payment is a ‘moral issue.’

“I decided to burst it open. It was a moral issue,” he said.

He said that the National Assembly is being run with little accountability about how the money is spent.

He wants the illegal payment to be scrapped so that the legislative arm of government will be attractive only to people who can contribute ideas.

“The National Assembly is one of the most non-transparent organs of government. It pricked my conscience and I decided to burst the bubble and open the National Assembly to public scrutiny.

“If the expenses payment system was ended then parliament would only be attractive to people who contribute ideas,” he told BBC.

Mr. Sani had in an interview with TheNews revealed that he and his colleagues receive N13.5 million monthly as “running cost”, aside a N750, 000 monthly consolidated salary and allowances which they also receive.

Mr. Sani’s revelation is the first by a lawmaker from the Senate since the clamour by Nigerians for a full disclosure of lawmakers’ earnings.

The revelation has sparked widespread anger among Nigerians who had always criticised the lawmakers for arbitrarily allocating jumbo pay to themselves. premiumtimes



  1. It pains me deeply, whenever I hear those THIEVES say they are representing Nigerians, Nigerians that earn N18,000 monthly. I shudder on how callous some of us can be!

  2. It is one thing to expose the unlawful expenses but another thing to end it. Best thing to do is to vote all of them out of office.

  3. I hope u don’t have any selfish motive behind d exposure though. A human being earns 318million in a month and a lay a civil servant earns 18k a month and still not bin paid.

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