(Episode 13) Should you Tithe while you’re getting out of Debt… Interesting Story!

(Episode 13) Should you Tithe while you're getting out of Debt... Interesting Story!

Nathaniel: wow! So I am going to be a father?

Christiana: Yes but what kind of father will you be if you can’t provide for your family?

Nathaniel: You worry too much. See eh! Now that you are pregnant, I don’t need you to worry too much so that you don’t stress my child.

Christiana: Look for a job first before you dictate to me what to do and not to do.

Nathaniel: Don’t worry, God that has given us a child will know how to take care of him.

Christiana: I am not doing that one with you ooo. Nathaniel, don’t push me to the wall because  I won’t take nonsense from you. Tell your church to provide job for you if all you will be doing is taking the little you have to them. As you see me so eh! I want to take care of myself to the best of my ability so that my child will be healthy and okay. All this talk you are talking should end today else you will be on your own.

Nathaniel: ‘I have heard’ he said and continued eating his meal.

Christiana: Look at you, you didn’t bring money for food but you know how to eat food without asking how or where I got the money from.

Nathaniel: Since you want me to ask okay, where did you get the money from?

Christiana: I went to visit your brother today after work and he gave me the money.

Nathaniel: You did what?

Christiana: Paid your brother a visit.

Nathaniel: Why?

Christiana: What do you mean why? Oh your are running away from him because you didn’t pay the money he gave to you to Kingsley abi? Not to worry, he knows about it already.

Nathaniel: You told him?

Christiana: No I didn’t, his friend who was supposed to help you with the job did and the job has been given to someone else.

Nathaniel: Did the person really get the job?

Christiana: Are you listening to what I am saying at all? Someone else has the job which you were supposed to get. ‘Shebi, you were doing I cannot be part of bribe because God is against it’ she mimicked him ‘Now that you have no job, I hope that God will come down from heaven and do his mighty work in your life’.

Nathaniel: i can’t go against my faith and I decided to use the money for God’s work in church.

Christiana: and now that you have no job are you happy? You couldn’t even tell your brother what you did and he is so disappointed in you. He said he kept you quiet because he has tried his best for you and since you have decided to do things your way, he has washed his hands off your case. You should really go to him and apologize oooo.

Nathaniel: No need for that; when I get a job, I will repay him for all his good deeds in my life.

Christiana: ‘when you get a job, when you get a job! it seems it is the latest song in town now because I can’t hear anything aside from that and only God knows when that will be’ she said angrily.


Mercy kept her faith alive even though she sees reasons with her husband but she didn’t want to doubt the promise of her Pastor for agreeing to come and pay them a visit and also help them with money for her to commence her treatment for she believed with faith all things are possible and with the support of her Pastor, everything will be fine. Every day she prays and hopes for a miracle in her life and situation and also that of her family for God to give them the strength to carry on for she was useless since she can’t do anything without her legs.

Mercy: Sweetheart, let’s go to church tomorrow.

David: You want to go to church?

Mercy: Yes, I have been indoors for a long time now, I think it’s time I start going out.

David: What happened? What changed? I thought you never wanted to go out again?

Mercy: I can’t be indoors again, I am tired and feel like suffocating. it’s been More than six months I saw my son and my sister is the only family I have, I don’t want to burden her with my condition since she has Jacob with her for now.

David: I do understand, you also know that I have no family of my own and I am an orphan. I  wish there is someone we could run to but now, we only have us.

Mercy: ‘and Pastor’ she said smiling ‘he is family too to me.

David: Okay.

Mercy: When we go to  church tomorrow, I would like to see him.

David: If that is what you want, fine by me.

Mercy: Thanks Sweetheart.


The following day, they went to church. While Mercy sat on the front row with her wheel chair and her husband by her side, she kept her attention on the word of God and prayed for healing. She prayed, cried to God and gave out all she had during the service for a miracle. After service that day, she requested to see the Pastor and was obliged to.

Pastor: ‘Mrs. Mercy, how are you doing’ he said as her husband wheeled her into his office.

Mercy: Pastor, I am doing okay by his grace, I have been expecting you to come to our house as promised.

Pastor: I am so sorry but you see, as a Pastor, I have so many programmes and meetings to attend, sorry I haven’t come to visit you.

David: you would have at least delegated someone to pay my wife a visit for she has been eager and awaiting your visit.

Pastor: Yes I should but it escaped my mind and I am so sorry.

Mercy: ‘it’s okay Pastor’ she said smiling ‘I am glad that I came here to meet you myself.

Pastor: ‘We thank God for he is ever faithful, we thank God’ Pastor gave her the word of God straight from the bible telling her not to lose faith for with time, she will walk again and she should have faith.

Mercy: Thank you Pastor for the word of God is food to my soul.

Pastor: You are welcome.

Mercy: Errrm Pastor, now that we are here, I was wondering if it will be possible to get the money you promised for my treatment.

Question: Looks like it’s Mercy’s lucky day? She must go home with some money today! Nathaniel’s faith must be pretty strong though

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  1. Kikikikikiki, Adelove make me laugh in Spanish sha. Which lucky day, abi shocked n worst day it will be for her. Math faith strong gan ni but if na to say na same church he dey attend wit Mercy, he too don enter am. Lol

  2. Kikikikikiki, Adelove make me laugh in Spanish sha. Which lucky day, abi shocked n worst day it will be for her. Nath faith strong gan ni but if na to say na same church he dey attend wit Mercy, he too don enter am. Lol

  3. Adelove u make me laugh, didn’t u see dat there r many projects going on in d church. The church needs money but he will see what he can do. He will nw say, give me til next week

  4. Iffa hear?….. Mercy going home with some money?…… I doubt…… As for Nathaniel, hin matter nah dog wey wan lost no go listle tobd hunter’s whistle.

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