(Episode 14) Should you Tithe while you’re getting out of Debt… Interesting Story!

(Episode 14) Should you Tithe while you're getting out of Debt... Interesting Story!

Pastor: ‘Urmmm you see, the church is going through a rough patch right now and we are trying to really stay above level ground for what I have here is not enough but I hope you can manage it’ he brought out an envelope and handed it over to her saying ‘add this to whatever you want and I promise to come and pay you a visit next week Monday’.

Mercy: ‘Thank you Pastor, May God bless you and your Family’ she said as she collected the envelope while David just sat there and watched. Errmmm what about Mummy, I didn’t see her in church today?

Pastor: She travelled to Canada for a two days programme.

Mercy: Really? When will she be coming back?

Pastor: In three weeks.

Mercy: Why is that?

Pastor: I want her to have her vacation there and relief herself of some of the stress she has been through.

Mercy: That is so nice Pastor because she needs it.

Pastor: Yes she does.

David: ‘Thank you Pastor, I think it is time we get going’ he said as he stood up to leave ‘ I appreciate your kindness and effort, it is the Lord that can only repay you’

Pastor: ‘Don’t mention David’ he said and they shook hands.

When they got home, Mercy quickly removed the envelope from her purse and tore it open. She brought out the money in it and counted it.

David: How much is it sweetheart?

Mercy: Ten thousand naira.

David: Well he tried na, didn’t he?

Mercy: What can we do with ten thousand naira and where will it take us?

David: Didn’t I tell you not to put your hope and trust in him?

Mercy: I am so angry that I feel like exploding, did you see how many people donated for the church building and for charity works, yet all he could give was ten thousand naira.

David: The money is for the Lord.

Mercy: Are we not his children? Isn’t the church supposed to lend a helping hand to its members in need? For how long are we going to keep being extorted?

David: I see no reason why you should be  angry, after all, isn’t he your Pastor and the man that can do no wrong?

Mercy: I wish I knew better, I wish I knew better.

David: there is nothing you or anyone can do about it, you know that.


Few Months later, Christiana did all she could do within her power to get her husband a job but her husband never wanted the kind of meager job she wanted him to do for it was too low and within his standard, she tried talking to him to accept it instead of whiling away his time and do nothing except spend his day in church but all of it fell on deaf ears. The only time she was buoyant was when she get paid and uses the money to buy food stuffs for the house and  within two weeks, the money gets finished and she results in begging her neighbors for food or anything available to use to satisfy her hunger and take care of herself. She even resulted to talking to his Pastor and some elders in church but nothing was done about it for they didn’t see any wrong in what he was doing as long as it was for the church and also Nathaniel has been a pioneer member of the church right from the beginning, his devotion and eagerness to donate his little money worn the hearts of the people in church especially his Pastor who made him a leader in one of the units.

She was now known as the pregnant woman that likes begging for food in her neighborhood of which when she learnt that her neighbors are making fun of her, she became angry and waited for her husband to come home and get a piece of her mind.

Nathaniel: Hello sweetheart, how are you and my unborn baby?

Christiana: We are fine oooo, how was your outing today?

Nathaniel: ‘God is good’ went to the kitchen, looked around and saw no food, he decided to ask his wife ‘wont I have any food today’?

Christiana: have you ever given me money for food since we got married?

Nathaniel: What do you mean?

Christiana: What you understand.

Nathaniel: The Lord will take care of my needs then.

Christiana: Let him do so oooo. let him come down from up above and do it because as it stands now, I am done with babysitting you. Everyone is making  fun of me in this neighborhood because I  married a man who is incapable of taking care of himself talk more of taking take of me and our unborn child. Every penny I make from now on will not go into feeding you or looking after you. Be a man and do what you have to do for yourself.

Nathaniel: ‘Alright’ he stood up, wore back his shirt and was about to head out before he was stopped by his wife.

Christiana: Where do you think you are going to?

Nathaniel: I am going to visit one of our brothers.

Christiana: Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Going to a brothers house to eat? Shame on you Nathaniel, shame on you. What did I even see in you that I agreed to marry you sef? Shame on you!

Question: Do you support Nathaniel motives? Why is Mercy’s faith staggering all of a sudden?

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  1. Real shame on u Nath, unserious type. Aunty mercy, u see 10k collect u no happy? Pastor u try gan ni cus I expect shi shi not to drop since our mummy spends alot of money on her trip to Canada.

  2. Nathaniel is a big fool….. Chaii, u don’t know how ur woman get money to put food on d table, all u care about is church and now ure heading to a friends place to eat even after marriage, chaii….. Dis one can never be wise in his entire life. Y won’t mercy faith staggervwen mummy G.o went to canada to relax after a programme and a devoted dying without any help coming from d church and d pastor. Wat can 10k solve in her situation?.

  3. I said it earlier that shaku shaku is worrying Nath and Mercy BT tanxs to God kus the shaku shaku has left Mercy eyes. Her eyes is opened now. Ladies, hope we are learning from dis story, dnt just let us read for reading sake oooo. Last Episode pls

  4. Mercy am happy u are beginning to see and understand that things are not really the way they seem. Ur pastors wife went to Canada to relax and donations was made for charity, yet all he could give was 10k. Nathaniel, when your eyes will clear will be, when your wife leaves you

  5. It’s a good experience sha.
    Imagine giving just 10k to an active member to treat herself for an ailment that was gotten while Mercy was going for church work, yet pastor’s wife is at Canada for holidays. Yet the church is struggling to survive.
    It baffles me that a church can collect 400k from an applicant without asking for the source. This is how churches encourages robbery and other crime by members

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