(Video) Daddy Freeze possessed, he wears demons – Uche Maduagwu

Nollywood actor and social media commentator, Uche Maduagwu, has declared that ​controversial OAP Freeze is possessed.

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The duo have been engaged in a verbal war in the last one year and recently took shots at each other on social media.

Last November, Maduagwu berated Daddy Freeze over his position on tithes.

Maduagwu says Nigerians will take his preachings more seriously if he is able to fix his marriage to his first wife and mother of two kids, Opeyemi Olarinde.

In a new interview with Nollyzone, Maduagwu declared that the radio host needs deliverance from demons in his life.

“The only thing I see with Daddy Freeze is that he is possessed. I can say that authoritatively”.

“And somebody said 55 demons. No. I have ​n​ever seen the kind of demons possessing him​. ​​The man…being possessed is ​like ​fashion.

“This is somebody that does not go to church, his divorce case still in court but he is gallivanting with another woman; he doesn’t believe in Christmas.

“He is an attention seeker. I don’t talk about him again because he is possessed. He needs attention.”



  1. Uche Maduagwu seems to be living in the medieval era with his fairy tale mentality
    He has been so much brainwashed that he seems to have totally lost his thinking faculty with his freaky demons trash
    This is the type of silly and fabricated tale you hear only in sub saharan Africa
    Just hope the wool would fall of his eyes someday

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