Shocking video of Boko Haram members dropping off Dapchi girls in leaks

Boko Haram terrorists were seen on camera receiving a “heroic” welcome as they dropped off high school girls abducted from Dapchi in Yobe state at the early hours of today.

Boko Haram members who escorted the released Dapchi school girls back home were hailed by residents as they dropped off some of the abducted girls at an open field around a police station and zoomed off.

Locals trooped out in hysteria to receive the girls as they cheered the terrorists while some eye witnesses were brave enough to shake hands with some of the dreaded terrorists.

Witnesses said the insurgents stormed the town early Wednesday morning fully armed but harmed nobody while some of its members preached to the residents to avoid western education which the group stands against.

Reports have it that the Nigerian government relaxed security as part of the deal struck with the militants to facilitate the delivery of the first batch of the girls numbering about 101.



  1. Nigerian let’s stop this up and down,left and right criticism for once and study also try and understand the situation as it goes. when you strike a deal, it’s a deal and must be followed to the letter. withdrawal of security personnels from the streets to ensure no shooting and basically for the girls safety is now been seen as a political scam, God forbid, if they govt had renowned on their agreement, and there were shootings risking the lives of people, again there will be more condemnation from critics. Let us thank God for his mercies and pray for other victims.

    • We thank God for His saving grace on the girls. He alone sees in secret. You can deceive Man but you cannot deceive God. Shikena. Judgement Day will definitely Come.

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