(Video) How Boko Haram were able to return Dapchi girls without Army or Police confrontation

Earlier today, Minister of Information and Culture Lai Mohammed confirmed the release of the Dapchi girls.

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He also said, ”as of now, I can confirm that 91 girls and 1 boy have been released. Its still developing because many of the girls that were released wee not dropped in one place. They were dropped on the road and naturally they went back to their parents house and they are just been asked to come and be documented at a center and as of five minutes ago, 91 gils and 1 boy were documented to have been released’.

Many Nigerians have been asking how the kidnappers were able to return the girls peacefully without any form of confrontation from securty forces. Now the presidency just shared a video showing Alhaji Lai Mohammed explaining that one of the conditions for the release of the girls was to give the abductors free access without confrontation saying, ‘the safety of the girls was our priority’.



  1. Barbie, best thing is to rejoice the safe return of the girls first. Place yourself in the girls’ or their parents’ shoes.. Please have a heart. Human lives matter.

  2. This government is fraud. So, they arranged the capture of these girls and have released them now to make us believe that they are working. This is the height of deceit. I know they just want to justify the 1Billion dollars they borrowed in the name of fighting Boko Haram by referencing that the expenditure of the money made it possible for them to release the girls. This is pure abrakatabra they are doing here. Lies upon lies and propaganda.

  3. The minister could look inside the camera while addressing the world about the return of missing girls without any challenge by the military. A militant group that can put a come convoy of 9 vehicles and drive hundreds of kilometers is not a defeated group.

  4. Lie Muhammed….. #Lieingchild in jenifas voice…lol… even if itz true, oga, nobody will believe u. trust me, u lie too much.

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