(Episode 9) Late Blooms – A Knotty Story!

(Episode 9) Late Blooms - A Knotty Story!

Fiyin had been reading the same line of his medical journal for the past 3 minutes, he dropped the book and rubbed at his aching forehead. He wasn’t sleeping well at all. Since Monday, his dreams had been full of Femi and now, he couldn’t go anywhere without been reminded of her. He wasn’t even sure he liked her that much so he couldn’t understand this constant invasion of his dreams.

Crazy woman had probably made some vegetable for him and he ate it without knowing or what else could explain the hunger that had suddenly started beneath his belt when she was close by, or the heartache he had felt when she had come in on Wednesday looking sad or the excitement he tried to supress when Amanda told him she broke up with her boyfriend. God help him, he had the Femi bacteria.

Now, it was Friday and he wasn’t able to concentrate anymore because he knew that at this precise moment, Femi was back in his house teaching Amanda. And now, he wanted to be there, he wanted her to teach him something. Oh, God, he groaned and pressed his face into his table.

He either went home or he called Tiwa to go out with him. He didn’t know what to do about Tiwa, he still liked her and respected her but his initial romantic feelings had quickly subsided. He had come to realise Tiwa did not evoke half the feelings Femi did in him and Femi wasn’t even trying to get him worked up, she just happened to be succeeding at it.

Besides, he was disturbed by the fact that Amanda hadn’t seemed to like Tiwa, on their way after dropping Tiwa, Amanda had referred to her as “that awful lady”. But in a contest between Tiwa and Femi, Tiwa still what he wanted, not madam dream disturber.

In the end, he decided not to go home. He needed to exercise discipline over his body and put it under control. He could not keep allowing his body and heart slip out of his control every time. In any case, it was better he not see what Femi was wearing before his subconscious adds a new Femi with a different outfit to his dreams.

A few hours later, he was enjoying a pleasurable serving of suya and Smirnoff ice at a popular Suya spot with Tiwa and she was talking to him about Tola, a nurse at the hospital who had chased him relentlessly a while back. She informed him Tola was pregnant and she even told him who Tola was pregnant for. He didn’t really care but Tiwa seemed very excited at the prospect of the woman’s fall from grace.

“It’s not such a big deal” he said. “This is the 21st century, lots of women have babies without the fathers.”

“Oh, please, Fiyin, you make it sound like you would marry a woman who already had a baggage with her” Tiwa said with arrogant disdain.

Fiyin looked up at her, “Baggage? Is that what you call children? If it is, then I also have a baggage and I want a woman to marry me, don’t i?”

Tiwa realised she had put her foot in it, “Yeah but you’re a man, and a widower at that, it’s not your fault!”

Fiyin laughed, “Really, Tiwa? I used to think you were enlightened and all that. Honestly, that was a shallow thing to say.”

Tiwa looked at him angrily, “I am enlightened so I know most men don’t marry baby mamas.”

“Maybe they don’t but that’s because they are as unenlightened as you! They would rather marry a woman who has aborted series of babies to one who has kept her child, right?”

“I have never had an abortion!!” Tiwa was aghast.

“I wasn’t accusing you of that, Tiwa, I was just trying to make a point. You are right that her actions are wrong but you also seemed excited that her actions had brought her downfall and I don’t agree or subscribe to that…”

“Do you like her?” Tiwa asked suspiciously. “You’re defending her seriously.”

“So, I defend her means I like her? Wow, Tiwa!”

The evening went downhill from there. Tiwa was unhappy that he had called her shallow and Fiyin realised he might have misjudged her. It came to him now that Tiwa always seemed to glory in other people’s misfortunes. And for her to refer to children as baggage. He had a child too for God’s sake. Is that why she didn’t get along with Amanda last week?

He wasn’t sure but he felt disappointed in her.


Fiyin felt like the world was suddenly out to get him. 2 weeks had passed since his outing with Tiwa and although their relationship had cooled considerably, she still found a reason to drop by every day and hug him and bring him food and stuff.

He had not minded initially until he heard from the hospital grapevine-his sister that is- that Tiwa was going about telling everyone they were dating. When he confronted her about it, she denied it and said the gist had probably started when people saw them going out together.

Strangely, for the first time in their relationship, he hadn’t believed her at all. He couldn’t tell when his feelings for Tiwa really changed but now, he was hard pressed to think of things he still liked about her besides her brains. These days, she struck him as being very manipulative. He had warned her then to stop bringing him anything and had told his sister to inform her “sources” that he wasn’t dating Tiwa.

That wouldn’t have been a problem really except he realised as Tiwa drained out of his thoughts, Femi had become the official new occupant of his mind and several parts of his body.

Just the other day, he had gotten home to find Femi dragging Amanda from the pool. In their back and forth, Femi’s chiffon dress had gotten wet and her nipples had shown clearly through the material and he had spent the rest of the day battling a not so welcome erection.

His situation wasn’t helped by how much he had started enjoying spending time with her. She would never fit the general idea of intelligence but she was so deep, she made him feel like every other woman he had ever spoken to was shallow. She listened and she empathized, sometimes when he spoke to her, he felt like he could drown in the comfort and strength that she had.

Last week, he had been talking to her quite unexpectedly about his late wife, something he never did with anyone. She had listened so quietly and somehow the pain he used to carry about Helen’s death seemed to have disappeared. Of course, before long, all he had wanted to do was kiss her soundly but he had managed to restrain himself.

He felt desperately out of his league, he hadn’t seen her coming and he felt like she was a huge curveball in his life. He wanted a classy, bold, sassy, independent woman but Femi wasn’t really that. What she was was kind, genuine, sweet, deep and giving. She was independent too and really beautiful, with her lovely skin the colour of butter.

The holidays had started in schools and Amanda was also on holiday and Femi hadn’t been to their house in over 4 days and he was beginning to suffer Femi deprivation. Amanda was also the same way and she had urged him to call Femi, which he had done this morning. To his surprise, hearing her voice alone had made him feel considerably better.

Thank God the holiday was only 3 weeks, anything longer and he would go and kidnap her from her uncle’s place. He could just imagine the news headline now “MD of Havers Hospital kidnaps School Teacher and locks her in his bedroom”. He laughed at himself as he realised he was actually contemplating doing it.


3 weeks later, Fiyin laid in his bed Saturday morning, excited at the prospect of Femi’s coming. Holidays had ended and schools had resumed that week so Amanda was resuming her lessons today to everyone’s relief. If the relief had more to do with the teacher than the classes, they all kept quiet. He noticed Ose had bought chocolate ice cream in the freezer and yesterday, his security guy had told him he had missed Femi asking him about his mother.

His weekend maid was around, he could hear her downstairs vacuuming and he could hear Ose telling Amanda to clean her room. He needed to clean his bedroom too but he didn’t want to stand up yet. He had spent the previous evening in the company of some doctors at the hospital and he had had a good time. He hadn’t done that in a long time and had forgotten the pleasures of just being with friends for fun.

In the course of the evening, which they spent at the hospital cafeteria, he had mentioned his problem with his daughter’s teacher, the complicated woman he was almost sure he would not cope without having and the guys had made jest of him.

Nonetheless, Jire and Micheal, two doctors he really trusted. Jire was engaged to his sister and Mike had been happily married to his fine girl wife for 7 years. They had given him the same advice, if you want something, pursue it, if you don’t get it, you have the satisfaction of knowing you tried.

He decided after a long restful night without a single dream of Femi that Femi was what he wanted and he didn’t intend to lose her.

By the time Femi came in by 12, he was leisurely relaxing outside by the pool which was at the side of the house. When she saw him, she walked in his direction and he covertly watched her elegant walk. God, he had really missed her. Although he had been to the school on Tuesday under the pretext of seeing Mrs Ingalam. Seeing Femi in school was not the same as seeing her in his house. Somehow, she fit in here better.

“Good afternoon, Dr Arowolo” she greeted, wearing a long green alter necked gown that showed off lovely golden shoulders.

“Hey, pretty lady” he greeted, getting up to hug her.

She was shocked speechless and her cheeks coloured brightly. “Er……yes….. Thank you…… yes sir”

“How are you?” He asked as he brushed something non-existent off her shoulders, he really just needed an excuse to touch her.

“Yes, er, yes, I’m fine, here for Amanda, I mean”

“Okay, go ahead, I’ll be up in a bit” He sat down again and watched her run into the house.

He looked at his time and decided he would go and disturb her again in one hour.

In one hour’s time, he was sitting by Amanda- who was terribly excited- and was watching Femi in action, she wasn’t excited. He wasn’t saying anything but he could see she wanted him to go. She had asked him several times “don’t you have something to do sir?” “Aren’t you going to work, sir?” “Isn’t that your phone ringing sir?” Each time he had quietly said nope.

He sat there watching her lips, her eyes, her hands as they moved and her gentleness with Amanda and he wasn’t bored for a second. When she and Amanda started singing a ridiculous rhyme, he closed his eyes and felt an amazing feeling of peace wash over him. He was in love.

When they finished their classes by 3pm, Amanda rushed out to get her lunch and Femi started clearing their books up, Fiyin leaned back in his chair and kept staring at her. Suddenly, she dropped all the books and stared back,

“Sir, is there a problem?” She asked abruptly.

“For who?” He asked innocuously, pushing his chairs back on their hind legs alone.

“Why are you following me around and staring at me?”

“Following you around, how? This is my house, you know?”

“I know, it’s just you are kinda acting weird, I don’t know” she shrugged.

“Oh, that…” He said as he stood up, closed the door and came around to where she stood, looking scared.

“I have decided I want you” He said into the silence when he stood directly in front of her.

“You…..want me? She stammered.

“Yes, I want you….” he pointed to her chest and pointed to his “…..to be mine.”

“Rea…lly?” She croaked. “I think you’re joking.”

“I am? How do you know?” He asked grabbing her by her tiny waist so their bodies were touching.

Femi tried to hide her reactions but her body was shaking as she stared up at him. When he brought his head closer to hers, she closed her eyes in anticipation. When his lips touched hers, she heard a gasp but she couldn’t be sure who made the sound and she didn’t care because he took the kiss deeper and her hands that had been resting uselessly by her side, grabbed him and she was as much a mauler as she was mauled.

When he removed his lips from her softly swollen ones, she opened her eyes and saw a dazed look in his eyes. A look she was sure matched the look in hers. When he started to bring his lips to hers again, they heard the door open and she quickly pushed him away but he didn’t budge.

“Daddy!” Amanda called out, looking at the two of them suspiciously, “Why are you holding Miss Femi like that?”

“She was begging me to kiss her….” Fiyin said and Femi nearly fainted.

“Really?” Amanda asked with glee, “What did you say?”

“I said yes and I kissed her, Miss Femi really likes me.”

Amanda started clapping in excitement “I know she likes you, my spirit told me” she said with adult intelligence.

“I’m going home!” Femi said as she grabbed her bag before the crazy father-daughter duo dragged her into their special brand of madness.

“I will drop you.” Fiyin said as he followed her outside.

“Don’t you like me?” Fiyin asked Femi as they drove towards the express. Femi looked at him through the side of her eyes, she had tried to leave without him but he had been adamant about dropping her at home.

“No, I don’t like you.” she said with a nonchalance she did not feel.

“Sorry, I asked. I know you like me and I am crazy about you. You are single and so am I. We are adults and I was thinking we could be more to one another, what do you think?”

“Are you serious?” She asked, shocked. “Since when?  What do you like about me?”

“Yes, I am serious, since maybe the first time I saw you, there was something about you that grabbed at me and put you on my mind everyday but recently, in the past few weeks, I haven’t thought about anything else except you. What do I like about you? Wow, that’s hard. The ideal question should be what I don’t like about you.

Is it your pretty face or your eyes that are always twinkling, or your voice or the way you stamp your feet when you are angry but don’t want to talk, the excitement you feel when you see chocolate or the gentle way you treat my daughter or your lips, jeez those lips, they have occupied my thoughts from the first time I met you. I really don’t know where to start…”

“Erm, you have tried,” Femi said clearing her throat. Unsure of what to say, she paused, could she really believe this man who could have any woman had suddenly started liking her overnight? How could he? What other motive could he have?

And then it came to her, he was bored! The stupid man was tired of his near perfect life and looking for some meaningless idea of fun! And he chose her? Why were men so disrespectful and contemptuous? What had she ever done to him to deserve this insult? He probably thought because she was fat and dull, she would fall for his nonsense, well, he had another think coming.

“What do you think?” Fiyin asked when Femi kept quiet for too long.

She waited until he got to her house and parked before answering him, with anger in her eyes, she turned on him “You think I’m stupid? That I don’t know what you want? I trusted and respected you but I realise you’re just like all the other disgusting men out there. You want to use me, right?”

“No, i…. wait….” Fiyin tried to interrupt her tirade.

“Please shut up sir!” She raised her palm up. “I know your type too well. After everything I’m doing for your daughter, you don’t care, you just want to hurt and disgrace me. When did you suddenly start liking me? You that called me fat and ugly? Why would I ever believe you? You must think I’m as stupid as I look! Well, I am not and I won’t be coming to your house again! Goodnight!” She finished and scrambled out of the car.

Fiyin got out of the car too, shocked and deeply hurt and called her before she got to her gate. “Please, don’t stop coming because of what I said, okay, please. If nothing else, come for Amanda. I’m really sorry if I offended you, okay?”

She nodded and went into her gate without looking back.

Question: Hmmm… O ga oooo! After all this initial gra gra (IGG)

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