I’m disappointed in you – Tanko Yakasai tells Danjuma

Elder statesman, Alhaji Tanko Yakasai, has expressed huge disappointment at the remarks credited to a former Minister of Defence, Lt. Gen. Theophilus Y. Danjuma (rtd) that Nigerians should defend themselves in the face of attack by Fulani herdsmen.

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Yakasai, in a telephone interview in with Daily Sun, in Kano, remarked that by virtue of the age of Gen. Danjuma, including the roles he played to protect the unity of Nigeria and the highly placed national offices he has occupied in the past, he was the most unlikely person to have made the outburst.

According to the octogenarian, people who had advanced to the age of Gen. Danjuma could not but side with the struggle for peace and harmony in the society at all times, adding that his call for self help to resolve difference should not be taken seriously.

Rather than speak in this manner, he explained that Gen. Danjuma ought to have spoken up against the leadership of the present administration, urging them to live up to their constitutional responsibility of ensuring the protection of lives and property of all Nigerians.

He added that where that was not being done, it was within the right of the respected General to encourage his people and Nigerians in general to use their votes in a civil election to bring about the desired change in the leadership of the country.

Alhaji Yakasai, who was a Third Republic Presidential Adviser, also reacted to the General’s allegation accusing the military of collusion in the exploits of the Fulani herders in different parts of the country. He felt that that was a serious allegation which required concrete evidence before it can be taken as true.

He, however, regretted that the Nigeria military in relation to the abduction of the Dupchi girls could have responded better than they did, given that they had a unit that was located not far away from the ill fated girls secondary school.

The elder statesman expressed delight at the safe return of a majority of the Dupchi girls and appealed to the Nigerian government to explore the same channel employed in their release of the Dupchi girls for the release of the remaining Chibok girls.




    • The issue of Herdsmen killings and judging eople reaction is more than who is right or wrong but to do right thing and put an end to criminality in Nigeria.

  1. All this people saying no to Danjuma’s point should be arrested, because they no something we don’t no. They might be protecting their own herdsmen

  2. Have people not been a asking the administration to live up to their responsibility and they refused so people should keep dying because of a wicked and insensitive administration…it is obvious you are one of the patron of herdsman

  3. Yakassi people are more disappointed in you for attacking Gen Danjuma. Buhari is deaf and does nt hear from any body including his wife. So Yakassi, u like Nigerians being killed. Yakassi thunder go fire ur generation.

  4. Takes so is one of the owners of the herds of cows. He is part of the problem in so far as He Did not condemn the killings but is now opening his rotten mouth to berate DANJUMA who has advised people to defend themselves against armed killer aggressors. Mtcweeeeeeeee.smh

  5. That is Tanko Yakassi’s personal opinion
    Danjuma has only spoken the home truth
    Of course the Hausa/Fulani oligarchs will find such frank talk very bitter

  6. Truth they say is bitter, so we should watch one bastard tribe kill my own tribe in the interest of national unity, God will punish that unity!

  7. See the useless old man called Yakassai saying he should have asked people to use their vote. Is it not the voting process that wicked people like you will send children out to vote in the north. Stupid old man go and die in Oshiomole’s voice

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