Confess your sins before apologizing to Nigerians – APC tells PDP

The All Progressives Congress APC Tuesday in Abuja said it was not enough for the opposition Peoples Democratic Party PDP to apologize for the damage it caused the nation for 16 years, saying the former ruling party must first confess all its sins and then make restitution.

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APC was reacting to news reports which quoted the PDP as apologizing to Nigerians for the party’s indiscretions when it superintended the affairs of the country for 16 years.

Spokesman of the party, Bolaji Abdullahi in a statement said the APC “acknowledges the apologies by the Peoples Democracy Party PDP for the damage the party has wrought on the country’s democratic fabric during its 16-year rule”.

It, however, said, “despite this belated grovelling apology, PDP will need to come clean, confess their sins and fully atone for it, before restitution is considered.

“As they say, to err is human but forgiveness is divine. We join PDP in praying to God to forgive them, but Nigerians are human who are still suffering from the years of PDP’s misrule.

“Therefore, even if Nigerians are gracious enough to forgive, they will not forget in a hurry”.



  1. Pdp and Apc are drama incline. You people will not stop amusing me, first it was pdp apologizing and Apc telling them to confess their sins. I stand with Apc on this one

  2. PDP has no sins to confess, but individuals who sinned should confess. There is nothing PDP as a party has done wrong. They ruled us for sixteen years, no failure in payment of salaries, no famine in the country, no deaths like now in the country, so i give the party credit.

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