(Episode 11) Late Blooms – A Knotty Story!

(Episode 11) Late Blooms - A Knotty Story!

Tiwa was busy dividing up all the gifts she had bought all the way from Italy. She had been selected as one of 20 participants to represent Nigeria at the International Medical Conference in Milan to her utter delight and envy of her housemate and work buddies. She had spent a week in Milan and two more weeks travelling from Florence to Rome. She had only just gotten back yesterday, picked from the Airport by her brother, Kunle who although worked in Akure was in Lagos.

She had managed to buy several things for everyone. She had gifts for her parents, brothers, some choice friends, for Fiyin and Amanda too. She hadn’t bothered to get anything for that selfish Imelda who hadn’t asked her where she was going or when she was returning. And when she had come back, the only thing she had said was, so, you are back.

Well, yes, she was and she was going to lay all the stuff in the sitting room so Imelda could see everything properly and know where she had been although knowing her, she had probably been to Italy several times. Nonetheless, she would still be satisfied for the Imelda to see she had travelled abroad. And when she got home, she would lay out her gifts for her parents in the sitting room so Femi too can eat her heart out.

She had bought a wonderful doll set for the Amanda, hoping this will make the girl more favourably inclined towards her. For Fiyin, she had bought a nice trimming set, perfumes shirts, shoes, things she knew he would enjoy.

It felt like years since she last saw him. Before she travelled, she had spent a lot of time at the embassy, getting her visa and arranging her trip so she hadn’t had a lot of opportunities to actually see him. While there, she had called him a few times when she had gotten a mobile phone but the phone calls had been unsatisfying at best. He had seemed distracted and the calls had been really distant.

Infact the last time she sat down to have a real conversation with him had been almost two months and she was just about ready for their courtship to pick up again as she wanted to be married latest by the end of the year or the beginning of next year.

Quickly, she packed Fiyin’s gifts and Amanda’s in two big bags and made her way to his house. She had only been there twice when he threw end of the year parties at his house for his colleagues at the hospital.

When she got to the huge house in GRA, she parked outside and walked quickly to the gate to knock. A security man opened the gate and she told him her name and her agenda. He asked her to come in and wait by the gate and went towards where she knew the garden was to tell Fiyin of his guest.

From where she stood, Tiwa saw that in the huge garden to Fiyin was laughing and chasing after a lady. She was suddenly very upset because when a grown man spends his Saturday playing and frolicking in his garden with a woman, the woman usually meant something to him. She hoped to God it was a relative, anything else will be unacceptable.

When the security got to the garden, the woman stopped running and Fiyin grabbed her waist in a very intimate manner and they both stopped to listen to the man. Tiwa found it hard to swallow as the man pointed at her, they both looked at her and suddenly she recognised the woman.

“Femi!” She shouted and started running towards her.

When Femi heard the man mention Doctor Tiwa, her heart sank and she wondered briefly if there was any way she could escape before Tiwa got there but the minute she turned and looked at Tiwa, she knew the game was up. With the way Tiwa’s face contorted, she knew her cousin had recognised her and she was running towards her.

Fiyin was confused when he saw Tiwa running towards them with fury in her eyes and he pushed Femi behind him.

“You bitch!” Tiwa screamed when she got to them and seemed to go at Femi. He wondered briefly if he had ever given Tiwa any reason to throw a jealous scene over him. She was scratching him to get to Femi.

“Are you crazy?” He screamed at her as Moses, his security detail grabbed her from the back.

“Femi, you dog!” She screamed, “Conniving bitch!”

Since he hadn’t mentioned Femi’s name, he turned around to Femi. “You know her?” He asked a visibly shaken Femi.

She nodded, “Yes, she’s my cousin”

“Really? Why didn’t you tell me?” He wondered, “Did you know she worked for me?” He asked her as Tiwa screamed, held by Moses.

“Yes, I thought she did but I wasn’t sure and it never came up.”

“True!” He admitted, turning to Tiwa, “What’s the problem? Isn’t she your cousin?”

“Why is she here?” Tiwa asked with anger

Fiyin raised his brows at her tone, “I don’t know I need to explain why and whom I allow into my house!”

“Fiyiiiiin!” Tiwa groaned, “What are you doing with her? Just tell me…”

“Why am I telling you? If you wanted to know, you would have come here like a reasonable person. You don’t come into my house uninvited to fight and call anybody names, the next time it happens, I will have you thrown out!” He warned her sternly

Tiwa was shocked, Fiyin had never spoken to her that way before, never. “Are you talking to me like that cause of her? Femi? Imagine!”

“Tiwa, I think you should go. Moses!” He shouted at the security guy who had been standing aside after gathering Tiwa’s things that she threw aside in haste. “Please, escort Doctor Ademola out.”

“Wait, Fiyin, please, okay, I am sorry, please.”

“Go, Tiwa, we will talk on Monday, just go.”

Defeat etched on her face, Tiwa turned and left them. All the way to the gate, she wondered to herself, where they dating? Where did they meet? Was God trying to punish her for something? What of her angel? What was going on?

As she entered her car, she told herself this was only a setback, Femi was the easiest prey in the world and she knew her almost better than anyone else and knew just what stone to throw.

Inside the compound, Fiyin was consoling Femi who had started weeping immediately Tiwa left. In the 7 weeks he had been dating Femi, he had learned quickly that Femi was very emotional. She would cry over movies, over love stories, over bad things, good news, over injuries and over violence.

“Alright, that’s okay” He said as he kissed her fore head, “I don’t want Amanda to wake up and think I beat you. She would report me to the whole world.” Femi started smiling and cleaned away the rest of her tears.

He sat down with Femi on his thighs, “Tell me, if Tiwa is your cousin, why did she attack you?”


Monday was a gloomy day with the rain falling incessantly, it was a match to Tiwa’s mood.  The events of the weekend had totally ruined her entire week, month for that matter. She knew that wasn’t what happened but Fiyin’s attitude made it seem like he was picking Femi over her. She wished she could go back to Saturday and not react so aggressively. That action alone had cost her and now he was not likely to believe anything she said.

That damn Femi! How and where had she met Fiyin? She had hoped to corner her in church yesterday but she hadn’t been in church, she had come home later but had stayed glued to her mother all throughout. Not that that would have stopped her but she hadn’t wanted to arm Femi with more ammunition to give Fiyin against her.

She would have her time with Fiyin today and he would see the light, she was sure. With this thought, she was able to go through her rounds without breaking down.

By 2pm, she made her way to Fiyin’s office. She had been by earlier and was told by Ozioma that he had a surgery that would end at 1:15, she gave him time to rest and write his report before coming. She waited while Ozioma informed him she was around and was relieved when she was invited in.

“Hi.” she said as she entered.

“Hey, Tiwa” Fiyin smiled at her but didn’t get up. He motioned for her to seat in the visitors’ seat. She couldn’t explain her fear when she realised he had just treated her the way he treated every other member of staff who came to his office.

“So, what’s up?” He asked, without looking up.

“I was hoping we could talk about Saturday, you said we would talk.”

“Oh, yes, I did, explain yourself” He said but she saw his eyes had hardened.

“Yes, thank you. Femi is my cousin, my dad’s sister’s dau….”

“Yes, she told me.” He cut her short, “Tell me why you attacked her at my house on Saturday.”

“Oh, that?” She laughed nervously. “Are you guys dating? I need to know, please! Why was she there?”

Fiyin sighed, “Yes, Tiwa, I’m dating Femi, we have been dating for a while now.”

Tiwa closed her eyes against the despair his words brought her. She felt like someone was ripping at her insides. She took time to gather herself together while Fiyin stayed silent.

“Is there a problem?” He asked when she was still closing her eyes 10 minutes later.

She opened freshly determined eyes. She had been prepared for this. Not for the pain his words would bring but for the confirmation of her thoughts. Now, she would play her game well. All along, Femi thought she had seen her worst but she had only just begun. She would not loose Fiyin to that fat, shapeless Amoeba!

“Okay, I saw her with you and I was concerned. You see, Femi has a thing with men. You see, her former fiancée, Lanre just woke up one day and said he wasn’t going through with the marriage proceedings.”

“They were getting married? I thought they broke up.”

“No, not the last guy, she dated Lanre years back, he wanted to marry her but then he caught her cheating with his brother.”

Fiyin was disturbed, “Really, Femi? She doesn’t seem like someone who will do such a thing.”

Tiwa grabbed his hand over the table, looking sympathetic “Well she did. But, you can’t tell her I told you. After the whole breakup, her conscience overwhelmed her and for a while, she wasn’t very sane so we promised not to talk about it ever again.  The truth is I have never really liked Femi, she might have told you that.” She smiled when she saw Fiyin nod, obviously, the bitch had tried to paint herself as some kind of a saint.

“It’s because she’s a very good pretender, she will lie to you for years and only the grace of God will help you catch her. She has always been jealous of me, because I was brilliant and beautiful. She used to resent the hell out of me and when I won that scholarship to study abroad, by the time, I came back, she was sleeping with my boyfriend. You can only imagine how broken up I was.”

“You know her brother killed her parents, right?” She asked Fiyin and was pleased to see his eyes recede in shock.

“Nooo! He croaked.

“Well, he did and till date, they haven’t found him. My dad calls her a bad seed in private, as in she brings bad luck to people. When I saw her with you, someone I really care about, I was worried she would destroy your life and family and you aren’t alone, you have a little girl to consider. That’s why I attacked her, I swear.”

“I shouldn’t have, I know but I couldn’t control my fear, I am sorry, I will apologise to her if you want, I bear her no ill will. Truly.” She finished, satisfied.

Seeing her words had gained the desired effect, she stood up to go. “Fiyin, I didn’t tell you this to hurt you, just so you can be careful. You can’t tell her these things, after the fiasco with Lanre, we chose to bury it permanently and if it was any other man, I wouldn’t say a word but it’s you. Just be careful.” With that, she turned and left Fiyin staring but not seeing.


Seun had gotten a nanny for her 4 year old twin boys, they were always disturbing her especially when her soap operas were due to start. She loved her soaps as much as she loved gossip and she never missed an opportunity to watch them. Her husband complained about it all the time but she never disturbed him about his addiction to football and polo. To each, his own.

Tonight though, after getting out her popcorn and ice cream, she had to forego the pleasure of finding out who Alassandro’s real mother is so she could listen to her brother’s tale of love.

He sat down slouched in the chair, his hands covering his face, deeply disturbed. His usually upbeat mood very low and she suddenly wanted both Femi and Tiwa out of the planet.

“Look, why don’t you ask the Femi girl the truth?”

He sighed, “Because Tiwa said she could go crazy if I did.”

“Isn’t that a little too convenient?” She wondered aloud. “You say something about a person no one can confirm or deny because you can’t ask the person, why not ask the parents then?”

“Tiwa said they buried everything…”

“And she dug it up abi?” She asked as she threw popcorn in her mouth.

“You sound like you think Tiwa is lying, I thought she was your friend.”

“Fiyin, she is, everybody is my friend, I like her and she’s brilliant, I don’t even know this Femi from anywhere but Tiwa wants you badly though and when she wants something badly, she becomes manipulative” She laughed when she saw her brother’s shocked face. “Like you didn’t know? She was fighting every female in the hospital over you.”

“She was? I knew she liked me but I didn’t think it was anything too serious! How come no one told me?”

“It was fun to watch, trust me and it gave me plenty of laughs. My point is Tiwa is desperate and she is not above making up stories about her cousin, stories you can’t confirm. So you have 2 choices, no 3 choices, choose Tiwa, choose Femi or let the 2 of them go.”

Fiyin groaned, “Number 1 and 3 are not choices at all.”

“There you have it…” She said as she dropped her empty popcorn bowl, “….you have made a choice.”

“You are right, I may be wrong but Femi is a really good person, she’s kind, diligent, protective, you should see the way she is with Amanda… I don’t think she’s faking it and if she is, well, I will deal with it but until I see proof of meanness or deceit in her, I’m not giving her up.” He finished, determined.

“Aww, my big brother is in love!” Seun laughed. “I need to meet this 2 faced woman!”

“Hahahaha!” Fiyin burst out laughing, “You are crazy, very crazy. Thank you for listening and for putting everything into perspective. I love you.” He said as he stood up to hug her.

“I love you too!” She hugged him back. “Oya, go, let me see if I can catch up with my Indian soap now that you have let me miss my Mexican series.”

“Thank God Femi doesn’t like these things!” He said disdainfully as he picked up his phone, car keys and wallet.

“Says who?” His sister asked, “If Tiwa is right about her, she could be waiting for you to marry her before she shows you her true self.”

“Ha hah haah! Goodnight, kiss the boys and Engineer Nnabuife for me” He said, speaking of Seun’s husband and sons.

“Alright, send my love to my Mandy girl.” She shouted as he went to his car.

As he entered his car, he examined the feelings rolling within him, Hope. It was Hope. Tiwa was wrong, this thing with Femi was one of the best things that ever happened to him and he was going to fight for it.

If Tiwa was right and Femi really did those things, then he was sure she had learned from them and was a better person because of it. And if she hadn’t told him yet about her past yet, she soon would.

Question: Hmm… Tiwa and evil plans. O ga oo!

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