(Episode 12) Late Blooms – A Knotty Story!

(Episode 12) Late Blooms - A Knotty Story!

Femi entered the reception area of Saint Havers Hospital and stared in awe. It was so big, there seemed to be several things happening at once. There was a big aquarium on one side with some fishes she had never seen before. There were nurses wearing beautiful green scrubs and just then, she heard the sirens as an ambulance arrived, suddenly there was organised pandemonium, nurses and doctors alike rushed out and she quickly moved to the side to avoid being run over by them.

Soon, she saw them rush in again with a man who was bleeding seriously and a man in a uniform was reading out the man stats and situation. Almost immediately, a pregnant woman was rushed in and she was quickly offered a wheelchair by competent nurses and wheeled into the elevator. All these and Femi was feeling like she was in a beautiful episode of Greys Anatomy.

She hadn’t known Saint Havers was this big, really. She knew it was popular but being inside right now, she was almost overwhelmed. No wonder Tiwa was so arrogant that she worked there. And my boyfriend runs this, she thought to herself as she began to giggle.

She had come over to see Fiyin, he had offered her a Tour of the Hospital weeks before but she had refused because she didn’t want to run into Tiwa. She had gotten the feeling however that he felt she wasn’t interested in his work and that made her feel bad as she was very interested in what he did.  She had been searching for ways to make it up to him and she finally picked today

It was officially 4 months since they started dating now and things couldn’t be better. Schools had been on break for about 3 weeks now and so was Amanda. Amanda and her cousins had gone to spend the end of session break with their Grandmother in Abuja and that had given she and Fiyin opportunity to spend more time together.

For 2 weeks now, he had been leaving his office by 1 pm so he could spend time teaching her to drive, he said he didn’t trust anyone else to do it as well and he didn’t want any driving coach ogling her bum bum. How the coach would be teaching her driving and staring at her bum bum was beyond her but she didn’t argue with Fiyin on stuff like that.

You wouldn’t know it to look at him but the guy was pretty possessive. And it gave her a very tingly feeling whenever he showed off his jealousy. She must be a cave woman herself to enjoy that aspect of him but she really did.

In the past few months, she would have sworn it was impossible but she had bloomed, she didn’t know what it was but with Fiyin, she was a different woman entirely. After the hoolabaloo with Tiwa, she was resigned that their relationship would end soon but it hadn’t.

In fact from that time, she sensed a determination in him for things to work between them, this had increased her confidence in them and she had opened up and told him things about her past, her parents, things she had never really talked about with anyone, including Ronke. And she knew now, that he trusted her for that action alone.

She had hoped they could keep their relationship secret for a while but Fiyin hadn’t agreed with that. Before she knew what was happening, she had met his sisters, spoken to his parents and hung out with a couple of his friends including his sister’s fiancée, Dr Jire who had very subtly told her he approved of her.

The one place she had avoided was the hospital and that was because of Tiwa. In the past few months, whenever Tiwa came home, she hadn’t said anything to Femi, only giving her smug suggestive looks, Femi didn’t know what they meant and she promised herself she wasn’t going to trouble herself finding out.

Today was a good day, the anniversary of the 4th month since they started dating. For their 3rd month, he had taken her to a beautiful restaurant on the island where she had gotten the Princess treatment. Today, she knew he had something planned, he was extremely thoughtful that way but she had also come to surprise him here, hopefully he would have her time.

“Hi, good afternoon.” She greeted as she approached the counter.

“Hi, ma’am, how may I help you?” The pretty nurse asked.

“Thanks, Please I’m here to see Dr Arowolo, can I get directions?”

The nurse looked at her considering, “Which Dr Arowolo, ma’am?”

“Oh sorry, Dr Fiyinfoluwa Arowolo…”

“Okay, I will put a call through, your name?” Femi gave her name and listened as the nurse made the call. “Take the elevator on your left and go up to the 4th floor, turn to your left, the last office is his.”

“Thank you very much, ma.” Femi turned and went to the elevator as the nurse turned to the other sitting beside her, “Who do you think she is?”

The other one who had been listening to their conversation returned, “I hope she is a special somebody so that Aunty Tiwa will let us see road, imagine if that one became our Oga madam.”

As in!” The first nurse said and they both started laughing.

When she got to the 4th floor and came out of the elevator, Fiyin was waiting for her, excitement all over his face. He hugged her and kissed her in full view of the corridor, where she could see at least 10 other people. When she looked around, she saw some smiling and some averting their faces, she was so embarrassed. “Why did you do that?” She asked as she slapped the hand he still had wrapped around her.

“I don’t know, happiness, excitement, you are here and I’m happy” He grinned boyishly.

“I wanted to surprise you, she showed him the flowers she had bought for him. Happy 4th month anniversary.”

That got her another kiss and a big smile, “Thanks dear. I love it.”

“Stop that!”

“What? You’re my babe, I need to show you off. Infact, I’m taking you everywhere right now.” So saying he grabbed her hands and proceeded to give her a very thorough tour of the establishment. He also introduced her as his babe to several nurses and doctors and left her blushing all throughout, grateful she had dressed properly for the occasion.

With her hair properly done, Fiyin had taken her to the Salon himself last weekend, her makeup right, thanks to Ronke’s tutorial videos, she wore a lovely Ankara top paired with nice pants and a very nice heeled sandal that Bolu, Fiyin’s youngest sister had given her, she looked just like the kind of woman you would expect to see with a man like Dr Fiyin Arowolo.

While she was expecting stuck up people like Tiwa, she was pleasantly surprised to find that most of the doctors were really nice and genuinely wanted to get to know her. After 3 fun hours, she found herself in the paediatrics unit looking through the glass at the beautiful new babies and wishing one was hers.

“Oh oh!” Jire nudged Fiyin’s shoulders, “Better go and carry your woman before she steals one of our babies.”

Fiyin laughed when he caught the dreamy expression on Femi’s face. He quietly approached her, “If you want a baby, you are going about it the wrong way.” He whispered in her ears, tickling her.

She pushed him away, “Laughing, how I should go about it? Tell me?”

“Come home with me, I can show you better than I can tell you!”

“Fiyin!” Femi groaned, “You are so naughty, go away jor” She pushed him away as they were both laughing.

Jire was observing the two of them, ridiculously pleased for his friend. This is how a man should look with the right woman, he said to himself.


When they got back to Fiyin’s office, Tiwa was waiting for them in Ozioma’s office. Immediately she saw them, she stood up, clearly agitated.

“I heard you were going about introducing some woman in the Hospital!” She said without preamble. “So its Femi you’re introducing about? Despite everything?”

“Tiwa, I like you, I really do but you are beginning to test the bounds of my friendship with you.” Fiyin said as Ozioma’s eyes goggled. She could see the makings of a good gist here. The official takedown of the pompous Madam Tiwa.

“If you ever, I repeat those words, ever dare to question my actions or my choices as regards my personal life and the running of this hospital, I will mess you up.”

Tears sprang to Tiwa’s eyes, “I am just looking out for you, Fiyin, truly.”

“Don’t! Don’t look out for me okay? Let me take care of myself like I’ve been doing for years without your contribution. Thank you. Now, you can either say hi to Femi or leave the way you came.”

Tiwa was shocked, Fiyin’s face was implacable, how could he be treating her this way? Over Femi? What did Femi have over her? All this and Femi stood behind him looking smug, at least it was smugness to Tiwa. She cleaned her tears, “Alright, I’m going. Hi, Femi.” She said as she walked out.

“Hello,” Femi replied quietly, although Tiwa had left already.

“Hi Ozi baby, this is Femi!” Fiyin introduced her like the scene with Tiwa had never happened. “She’s my special girl, you get?” He winked at Ozioma who started laughing and welcomed Femi properly.

Femi didn’t know what fate had caused her to meet and fall in love with a man Tiwa had wanted for herself. She used to think as they got older, they would become friends but she was worried this Fiyin issue might begin a war between them. And a war it would be for Femi had no intention of letting Fiyin go anywhere.


So Fiyin hadn’t broken up with Femi, despite everything she told him. Was he being stupid or stubborn? And now he brought her to the hospital to introduce her to everyone. How dare him? He was going to make her a laughing stock to everyone who knew she had wanted him, especially the nurses. Femi must be feeling on top now, right? Well, it wouldn’t last, she still had a plan B although she never thought she would have to use it. Now, she would. Femi could not win her here, never!

This war has just started, she told herself as she dialled the Minister’s direct line.


“Bola! Bola!” Justice Bola Arowolo jumped as she heard her husband shouting her name. she stood up hurriedly and left her grandchildren in the small sitting room to see her husband striding down the stairs to meet her, glasses in hand, clearly upset.

“Yes, dear, what is the problem?”

“Your son! Your son is the problem! Do you know the report I just received?”

Bola kept quiet, knowing her husband of 37 years, he would react first and think later. Trying to talk to him in the reaction stage was like trying to douse a fire with petrol, he will explode. Poor man had never learnt the virtues of patience.

“What report is that?” She asked, figuring it had to do with the Hospital, although she had thought Fiyin was handling that fine, much better than his father had in fact.

“Your son is dinning with the devil!” Her husband shouted dramatically.

“Devil bi bawo? Don’t say such things jor! My son will not dine with the devil in Jesus name, only with the host of Heaven.”

“Eh ehn? Host of Heaven abi? More like host of destruction, if my reports are true and I don’t doubt it because I trust the source explicitly.”

“What are you saying, old man? What happened to Fiyin?”

“Didn’t I tell you I didn’t like the snake girl he was dating? That I preferred he tie the knot with that lovely Tiwa girl, did you agree with me?” He asked her. “Now, I hear that the girl is in cahoots with the devil himself!” He joined is two index fingers together to prove his point.

“I didn’t say I didn’t like Tiwa, I asked you to let him make his own choices. With his first wife, Helen, we encouraged him to marry her and see how that turned out, I didn’t wa…….”

“Wasn’t it the girl that died the last time? This time around, I hope our son survives what he has carried!”

“Ori mi ko loruko Jesu, I reject it in Jesus name, my son will not die!” She shouted as she made the God forbid sign over her head.

“Okay oh, better tell him to stay far away from that Femi creature, okay?”

“What did she do?” Bola asked her husband, “She seemed like a perfectly nice girl to me.”

“She is not a perfectly nice anything, Bola, she’s a pretender. There are so many things I can say about her, if you only knew…..

“Granma!” Nathaniel, the older of Seun’s 4 year old twins called her.

“Dear, I am coming, okay, wait in your sitting room for me” She told me.

“But Granma, Amanda has crying”

“What did you say?”

“Amanda is crying!” His twin, Andrew corrected from the door way.

“Why?!” Bola asked as she ran back into the room to find her granddaughter cleaning tears from her eyes, she was closely followed by the twins and her husband. Grabbing Amanda, she put her on her legs.

“Mandy, why are you crying?”

“Its grandpa!” Amanda sputtered, “he’s saying bad things about daddy and Aunty Femi.”

When four sets of eyes turned on him accusingly, the Minister wringed his hands together. “No, dear….no… I wasn’t saying bad things about her, I just said she’s not very nice.”

“But, granpa, Aunty Femi is nice. I want her to be my mummy.”

“Don’t you want a kind and good mummy?”

“Granpa!”The child wailed, “Aunty Femi is very kind and good.”

“Okay, I am sorry I said those things about her, I didn’t mean it.” He said as all 3 children frowned at him.

“Aunty Femi talks to me nice and she buys gifts for me too and daddy smiles plenty times when she’s around and Aunty Ose likes her and cook too and Aunty Seun and Aunty Bolu and….”

“Me too!” Andrew shouted, excited.

“And she buy burger for me!” Added Nathaniel whose one passion was food.

Their grandmother pulled all of them to herself, “Your grandpa was just saying that you should be careful no matter what. He didn’t mean that Aunty Femi was bad, okay?”

She smiled as the three children including her husband all nodded their head obediently.

“Good! Wait here, I will go and talk to your grandpa outside, alright?” She left them seated, smiling and dragged her shamefaced husband outside to his office where the children would not hear them.

“You know what, dear? Bolu is supposed to pick the kids next week, how about I go drop them in Lagos and see this Femi girl myself, ehn?”

“You will do that?” He asked, relieved.

“Of course, this is my son oh, I can’t let any woman trap him at all and he has a child so we must be extra careful in times like this.

“Okay, thank you, assess her. That will take the load of my chest. If she’s a bad seed, get rid of her as quickly as possible. Okay?”

“Alright.” She said as she kissed his cheeks. “Don’t worry, okay? I will handle it. By the way, who sent you the report?”

“Erm, someone who had our interests at heart.” He told her, unwilling to mention names.

“Okay oh, I have heard.” She left his office.

Question: Looks like it’s getting hawter here oo! Where’s the AC please?

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