(Episode 3) The Marriage Battle … A Scratchy Story!

(Episode 3) The Marriage Battle ... A Scratchy Story!

Chidi: We would still be close as ever even though you are getting married abi?

Adaobi: Why, you think I won’t be there for you?

Chidi: It’s not that, just that hope marriage would change your behavior towards us and Papa.

Adaobi: Why are you saying this? I love you guys so very much and whether I get married or not, I will always be there for you guys because you are my responsibilities.

Chidi: I love you so very much and I will miss you.

Adobi: ‘I love you too’ she went and hugged him ‘I won’t miss you because you are always welcomed in my house.

Chigozie: Can we come and live with you?

Adaobi: I can’t believe you are asking me that question but someone will have to stay here and take care of Papa and that Person is you for your school is close to the house. You should be visiting Papa every weekend and when I am on my own, I will look for someone who will be taking care of him always or he will come and live with me permanently.

Chigozie: ‘Okay’ he smiled.

Chidi: You mean when you get married?

Adaobi: Yes when I get married.

Chigozie is in higher institution while Chidi is about to round up secondary school and they are both inseperable. Chidi who is the last child looks up to  his elder sister and brother for they were his world while Chigozie, who is the man of the house makes sure that his little brother is alright and be of help to his sister whenever he can. The bond between them is so strong that outsiders are envious of them.


Mami: Kemi, where have you been for the past three days that to call your mother and inform her that you won’t be home is difficult for you.

Kemi: Mami I am sorry, Is it not Bummi that kept me in her house, she didn’t want me to live saying that the house is too boring and she can’t stay alone.

Mami: Is that why you refused to call?

Kemi: I am sorry Mami, it escaped my mind.

Mami: Because I am not important na. you and Ayo are turning into something else.

Kemi: Wow, brother Ayo was here?

Mami: Yes he was.

Kemi: I missed him ooooo, when?

Mami: Three days ago.

Kemi: Mami you  should have atleast called me na.

Mami: really? Why didn’t you call me yourself?

Kemi: ooooo did he sign any check for you to give me?

Mami: No he didn’t.

Kemi: Ah! I need money oooo.

Mami: Call him yourself and ask for it.

Kemi: Mami, hope you didn’t tell him anything bad about me for it is when you bad mouth me that he doesn’t give me money.

Mami: So I am now a bad person.

Kemi:  I didn’t say that, I am only asking.

Mami: Call him and find out.

Kemi: Okay.

Mami: By the way, he will be getting married very soon.

Kemi: Really, wow! So I will soon be having a sister in law, that is nice.

Mami: Yes it is nice for soon, you won’t be receiving all this alert you have been receiving.

Kemi: Mami, that is a lie for Brother Ayo loves me his only sister so much, he won’t do that.

Mami: Watch and see then.

Kemi: it seems you don’t like her.

Mami: I don’t.

Kemi: Did he come with her?

Mami: He didn’t.

Kemi: Why don’t you like her then?

Mami: Because she is an igbo girl.

Kemi: hmmm.

Mami: What?

Kemi: I reserve my comment.

Mami: na you sabi, just make sure you are here when she comes.

Kemi: Yes Mami.


Ayo: ‘Babe, I wanted to talk to you about something’ he said when she came to pay him a visit in his office

Adaobi: What is it?

Ayo: It’s my people, I want us to go and visit them this weekend.

Adaobi: Really, why this weekend, I thought it’s after you come to know my people that it will be done.

Ayo: Yea but my Mum wants to know the person I will be getting married to and besides, it’s still the same thing.

Adaobi: Alright then, this weekend it is then.

Ayo: Thanks a lot.

Adaobi: I hope you told them this weekend?

Ayo: I will do that after close of work.

Adaobi: How is work? And I told my dad you are coming?

Ayo: That is very good and work is great.

Question: How should Adaobi react if Maami did not welcome her as Daughter-in-Law?

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  1. Patience is wat Adaobi needed, even if Ayo mum doesn’t like her @ first, she might scale tru and win Mrs. Kami’s heart if she’s not pretending and she and Ayo truely loves each other.

  2. Let her not act anything funny… she should just remain the nice person she is and with time Mami will get to like her

  3. Really she will not feel comfortable to stay again, but she should remain calm and humble if she really love to Marry in that family.

  4. Nyc story pls Adelove, what’s happening, I don’t see your post on face book again and even when I search that last post I see was on 23/03/2018. Got lost in d midst of the last story , I had to go through google today to read the complete story and started this. Plz help out

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