(Episode 4) The Marriage Battle … A Scratchy Story!

(Episode 4) The Marriage Battle ... A Scratchy Story!

During the weekend Adaobi went with Ayo to visit his family,she made sure she bought things for them and dressed modesty. When she got there, Mami welcomed her properly and Kemi also did the same.

Mami: Wow, My daughter, welcome to the family.

Adaobi: Thank you Ma.

Mami: just forget the Ma thing, you can call me Mami like my children does.

Adaobi: Alright Ma, Errmmm sorry Mami.

Kemi: Welcome to our humble Home.

Adaobi: Thank you Kemi right?

Kemi: ‘Yes Kemi’ she said smiling.

Adaobi: Here is what I got for you and Mami she said as she handed the itmes she came with to Kemi who collected it saying Thank you.

Mami: You shouldn’t have bothered.

Adaobi: Its nothing ma, considering the fact that I am visiting for the first time, it isn’t proper that I come empty.

Mami: Okay, Thank you.

Ayo: Mami, she is the apple of my eye.

Mami: really, the one that stole your heart abi?

Ayo: Yes Mami and my soon to be wifey.

Mami: Good to know, Errmmm my daughter where are you from?

Adaobi: I am from Imo state, Mbaise to be precise.

Mami: really?

Adaobi: Yes Ma.

Mami: Hmmm, Mbaise People, I heard your people are very wicked? What do you do for a living?

Adaobi: I work as a reservation agent.

Mami: What does that mean?

Ayo: she book and reserve seats for those that want to travel Mami.

Mami: Ayo!

Mami: The young lady is here let her answer the questions herself

Ayo: But Mami…..

Mami: Don’t interrupt us again. In fact, you can be going for she is going to spend the night here.

Ayo: But Mami she can’t…..

Mami: My own Daughter in-law can’t spend the night here you mean?

Ayo: it’s not that Mami, it’s just that…..

Mami: it’s just that what? Can’t we get to know her better?

Ayo: Mami…..

Adaobi: It’s alright Ayo, you can go and come pick me up tomorrow since it’s going to be Sunday.

Mami: Good, afterall you don’t work on Sunday abi?

Adaobi: Yes Mami.

Ayo: Are you really sure, we never talked about it.

Adaobi: Don’t worry, I will be fine.

Kemi: Brother don’t you want us to get to know her better?

Ayo: it is not that Kemi, I never thought Mami would want her to spend the night.

Mami: You should have known that I would na when she is going to be my Daughter in-law. It is only right that she stays a couple of days with us.

Ayo: Mami, just this night, she has to go home and prepare for work tomorrow.

Mami: Okay, you can come pick her after church tomorrow then.

Ayo: Alright.

Mami: You can start going to your house then.

Ayo: Ah ah! Mami, why are you chasing me? Is this not my house again?

Mami: Oh, so now you know that this is your house? Well, before you don’t use to visit us so you can go back to whatever you do on Saturdays. I want to have special time with my daughter.

Ayo: Hmmm, I do not know why you are sounding like this but don’t stress my babe for me ooo.

Mami: I hear,Oya go.

Ayo: Kemi, won’t you give me food?

Mami: Kemi, did you prepare anything in the house?

Kemi: No Mami. Will you wait for me to go to the kitchen and get something ready?

Ayo: No need let me get going.

Mami: Ah, sorry my daughter, hope you are not hungry?

Adaobi: No Mami, I am not but a glass of water will do.

Mami: Kemi get her a glass of water then.

Kemi: Okay Mami she went to get a glass of water for Adaobi and gave it to her while Ayo bid her farewell and left telling Adaobi to call incase of anything.

Mami: Thank God that he is gone so that you and I can have time to talk better, hope you are not feeling uncomfortable because he is gone?

Adaobi: ‘No Mami, I am okay’ she lied.

Mami: Good. Errrm Adaobi right?

Adaobi: Yes Mami.

Mami: ‘What did you see in my son that you love so much and why did you accept to marry him’ she asked smiling.

Adaobi: He is sincere and honest Mami.

Mami: Really?

Adaobi: Yes.

Mami: Is there nothing else?

Adaobi: No, nothing else.

Kemi: didn’t you fall in love with him because he is rich?

Adaobi: No I didn’t. I didn’t even know he was rich when I first saw him.

Kemi: and when you found out he was rich you decided to date him?

Adaobi: Errrmmmm….

Question: It seems getting hawt kinda oo! Is Maami approaching the matter the right way?

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  1. Mami is not doing d right thing…. Y is kemi questioning adaobi as if she’s on a seat?…. Patience is all adaobi needs and she should be calm and tread gently till Ayo come to pick her d next day.

  2. Miami is over reaching and too harsh no wonder Ayo objected to her staying over since Adeobi is a good girl she will scaled through

  3. Maami is not approaching the matter very well. And Adaobi should be careful with them and trade with caution till Ayo comes to pick her.

  4. I believe Mani is trying to get her angry so that she will re act in a negative way and she will use it to stop the marriage from going through ,I pray Adaob will wise in answering her questions, some mother in-laws sha

  5. All this one na initial gra gra. Mami has got to calm down. What is her own sef. Is that how to get to know someone? She can lie about it if she want to.

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