Lady shares inspiring photos six weeks after a traumatic car accident

According to the lady, after she had the traumatic car accident, she didn’t have any therapy nor any type of counseling, because her mom raised her to be a strong and independent. She further disclosed that she never allowed the ugly incident get the best of her, and decided to step out of her comfort zone in public.

Lady Shares Inspiring Photos Six weeks After A Traumatic Car Accident

Here’s what she wrote below;

I figured this was the best way for you guys to notice the difference…the left was 4 days after the accident, right was 6 weeks later. On December 30th 2017, my big sister and I got into a traumatic car accident (no other car was involved.) This was a near death experience for the both of us, not over exaggerating at all. Won’t get into detail, but I just wanted to show all of you what prayer does.

6 weeks of stress, 6 weeks of fluctuating confidence, 6 weeks of being bold and being forced to step out of my comfort zone in public. No therapy, no type of counseling was needed. My mom raised me to be a strong, independent, young woman and I wasn’t going to let this temporary moment get the best of me. My strength came from her & God himself. If it weren’t for him keeping us safe in that car, my sister and I wouldn’t be here today with the amount of damage we faced.

If you’re going through something, the best thing to do is to call on God, he will see you through🙏🏽 & if you’re having confidence issues, picture having to go out in public looking the way I did. You are beautiful/handsome❤❤ once again I really appreciate everyone that reached out to us during that time💖 #prayerworks#confidenceiskey 🔑 Feel free to dm me if you ever need someone to talk to🤞🏽Follow @_paradise.t for more encouraging posts



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