(Episode 10) The Marriage Battle … A Scratchy Story!

(Episode 10) The Marriage Battle ... A Scratchy Story!

Ayo: Mami Please, don’t start. That is the reason I didn’t inform you in the first place because I knew you were not going to be in support.

Mami: and you went against my will Ayo, I am your mother ooo and not an outsider.

Ayo: I am sorry Mami but please I need you to be in support. Adaobi is a very nice person.

Mami: Why won’t you say that when she has given you love portion to eat.

Ayo Uncle: Ayo, I think you should listen to your mother.

Ayo: Uncle please, not you too.

Mami: Look at the list; take a look at the list, doesn’t it say anything?

Ayo: Mami, it is just a list and I can provide whatever they are asking for.

Mami: Is that what you told them? So you have gone to show-case to them abi?

Ayo: Mami na, Uncle please help me talk to her.

Mami: There is no need talking because if you like talk today and tomorrow, my mind is made up.

Ayo: Hmmmm, alright, I have heard. If my own mother decides not to attend my wedding, I will understand.

Ayo Uncle: Seeing that the tension in the house was getting high, decided to deviate from the topic ‘Ermmm, where is Kemi?

Mami: That one, she went to school, i don’t know when she will be back.


During the week, Adaobi paid a visit to Ayo. After preparing his meal for him, he finished eating and  they discussed how their wedding is going to be.

Adaobi: I know that you are bothered about the list, I still wonder why you didn’t reject it.

Ayo: If I should do that, it means I won’t marry you again na.

Adaobi: So you will provide everything in it?

Ayo: Yes for I can do.

Adaobi: Won’t it be too much on you?

Ayo: Nah, I am good.

Adaobi: ‘Any way, after you left my house the other day, my father, uncle and I had a talk concerning the list and we came to a conclusion that you should only provide what the elders and Umu Ada wants, you can skip the rest’ she said smiling.

Ayo: That won’t be necessary.

Adaobi: Meaning?

Ayo: Meaning that I will get everything as soon as possible or if I can’t, I will give them the equivalent in form of cash.

Adaobi: But I said you can skip the others.

Ayo: and I said you shouldn’t worry that I can do it.

Adaobi: No, isn’t that too much?

Ayo: It isn’t and please don’t start, I don’t want you to add yours, my mother is already compounding issues.

Adaobi: What issues?

Ayo: Issues about marriage and stuff.

Adaobi: It’s about me isn’t it?

Ayo: No and why did you say so?

Adaobi: Because after I left your place, you never said anything to me about her or Kemi. Are you guys having issues because of me?

Ayo: No.

Adaobi: stop lying to me Ayo.

Ayo: Who says I am.

Adaobi: Yes you are.

Ayo: What’s making you say that?

Adaobi: Because when you lie, you don’t look me straight in the eyes.

Ayo: Okay, we are having issues and my mom is not in support of me marrying an igbo lady.

Adaobi: I knew it, I knew she never liked me from the moment I stepped my legs into your house. I know she also thinks that I may be after your money.

Ayo: I didn’t say so.

Adaobi: You don’t have to.

Ayo: just give her time, she will come around.

Adaobi: Looking at him for a few minutes and wondered if what she is about to say is the right thing but she made up her mind to say it anyway ‘I am not too sure’.

Ayo: What do you suggest then.

Adaobi: Hmmm….i love you, I really do love you but if your family won’t accept me for who I am without being biased, I think we should call everything off.

Ayo: ‘What did you just say’ he screamed.

Adaobi: I am saying we should forget about everything.

Ayo: Are you out of your mind? Do you even know what you just said?

Adaobi: I do and I am going to say it again, let us quit for it…..

Ayo: Just stop, I don’t want to hear you say nonsense again.

Adaobi: it is not nonsense Ayo; I cannot go into a family that will not accept me as theirs. I am not going into a family that will make me miserable for my whole life.

Ayo: ‘And so what, because of them you want to let go of me? Because of my family’ he screamed.

Adaobi: I am sorry but it is the best. I can’t think of marrying in a family where I won’t be accepted.

Ayo: Are you serious? Tell me this is a joke please and if it is, stop for I am not finding it funny.

Adaobi: it isn’t Ayo! God knows that you are the man I want as a life partner but if the people we love are not happy with our union, why go ahead with it? This is the only solution to everyones piece of mind.

Ayo: Don’t say that again please, I don’t want to hear such nonsense.

Adaobi:  I am sorry, that is the best decision for us right now.

Question: Is that a good suggestion from Adaobi?

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  1. Well, it’s always d first option that comes to d mind which in most cases not d best. People should be able to fight for their love

  2. Haaaaa,really can’t say but wat i know is dat love conquers all,nd as long as d Ayo nd Adaobi undastand demselves 2 well,den dey can go ahead with d marriage.

  3. Yes,it is. Marriage is a journey of till death,thank God the woman didn’t hide her feelings,who knows,she may end up been miserable for the rest of her life and by then it will be too late. Somehow a mother has influence over her son no matter how old he is. True love conquers all sha,if they are truely meant to be together,the mother MAY come around. But I like Adaobi,she is not seeing marriage as a do or die affair.

  4. Hmmm! Adaobi might be right bcs of d hatred displayed so far,thou love ❤ conquers all, if mami is able to cum around dat will be fyn

  5. Hmmmmmm. Am speechless… I won’t leave a man that I love for anything except it’s not the will of God. Let them pray.. God will perfect His will

  6. Adaobi shouldn’t let Ayo’s mother get to her with her hate. She should let their love flow. And from a distance I agree with what Adaobi said to Stop about not been accepted into a family where you are not shown love. Because they will look for every little wrong or mistake to taunt her.

  7. No for me, Adaobi shudnt say so. if its me, I will fight for my luv . mother in-law will av this get used to having me as her daughter inlaw

  8. yes for me cos I believe if they go their separate way,another person Ayo will bring will be love by Mami but she is going to suffer Mami

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