(Episode 9) The Marriage Battle … A Scratchy Story!

(Episode 9) The Marriage Battle ... A Scratchy Story!

Adaobi:  ‘Jesus Christ, this list is too much’ she said when it was handed to her.

Ayo’s Uncle: Very much. I told him but he said he can handle it.

Adaobi: Why didn’t you put up a fight?

Ayo: why should I, they are going to be my in-laws and putting up a fight will seem like I am rude or something.

Ayo’s Uncle: Why didn’t you let me in then?

Ayo: I didn’t want you to bother because I know that I can afford it.

Adaobi: That is not an excuse; you shouldn’t have accepted the list.

Ayo: and risk not making you my wife? No way, Don’t bother yourself sweetheart, I can manage it.

Adaobi: ‘Alright if you say so’ She bid them goodbye and went to her house ‘Papa, I thought I told you to help me out?

Papa: I didn’t know what was inside that list, I thought I spoke to your uncle but he didn’t adhere to what I said.

Adaobi: Didn’t you go through the list?

Papa: I never did and I didn’t want to say anything while our guest was around so that it wouldn’t seem like I am disrespecting him. Turning to his brother he said ‘are you satisfied?

Emenike: I am not until everything in the list is brought.

Papa: The list is just too much, you should call the young man back and give him a new list.

Emenike: For what?

Papa: The list for the father, mother and sister should be scraped; we won’t be in need of them. The only thing that should be necessary in that list is that of the elders of the village and the Umu ada that’s all.

Emenike: Why should they?

Papa: because I am her father and it won’t be necessary.

Emenike: Well, I am also her father and she has sisters for my children are her sisters and brothers.

Adaobi: that is not necessary Uncle.

Emenike: well it is very, very important

Papa: that list should be scraped out.

Emenike: What? Listen, you can scrap yours but you cannot scrap all others. you want to only give the elders of our village and Umu Ada something forgetting that you have a family.

Papa: I have said my own, I am not selling my daughter

Emenike: What about that of your son’s, wont they have anything?

Papa: They won’t. I am sure all they will want is for their sister to be well taken care of and happy and even if they want something, it is not what is on that list. A simple wine will do.

Emenike: ‘Hmmm, isn’t he a rich man? Why do you want to bother yourself when he can afford it? Or you want to be the only one to enjoy him when you get married abi’ he said to Adaobi.

Adaobi: It is not that Uncle, I just feel it is not right to extort an innocent man like that.

Papa: Adaobi my daughter, when next you talk to him, tell him that we have agreed that all other items is not necessary except for the elders and Umu Ada If he cannot provide them.

Adaobi: Yes Papa, I will tell him about it.


Ayo drove straight to his parents’ house with his Uncle to tell them the good news and soon, wedding preparations will start.

Ayo: Mami, I have gone to collect the list.

Mami: Ehen! I didn’t even know that you have gone to see her people in the first place.

Ayo: I did that with Uncle today.

Mami: Are you alright?

Ayo: What do you mean Mami.

Mami: Didn’t I tell you and made it clear to you that I do not like that girl.

Ayo: Mami please don’t start  please.

Ayo’s Uncle: But what is wrong with the girl he has chosen for himself to marry?

Mami: Everything oooo, everything. My spirit does not accept her at all and she is an igbo girl. They too like money, They will drain him of all his resources.

Ayo Uncle: Hmmmm.

Mami: Yes ooooo. She is also disrespectful. Infact eh, I don’t want that girl near you anymore. Do you hear me?

Ayo: Mami, it won’t happen ooo that girl is the love of my life.

Mami: She doesn’t love you but your money, You see all the pretense that ladies do pretend? Wait till they get married and you will see their true colors. She doesn’t love you but your money and once you get married to her, her family, mother, father, brothers, sisters, all extended family will be your responsibility. They will suck you and keep sucking you till they dry up your well.

Ayo Uncle: Hmmmm

Mami: Uncle Ayo, you won’t talk to him now abi? What is all this hmmm for?

Ayo Uncle: I am speechless because we have collected the list today and it seems what you are saying is true.

Mami: What do you mean?

Ayo: Uncle Ayo please don’t go there.

Ayo Uncle: She is your mother Ayo and she has to know the truth.

Mami: ‘What truth? What do I have to know’ she asked as she looked at the both of them ‘will somebody tell me what is going on?’

Ayo Uncle: It is nothing serious oooo, it is just that the list they gave us is too much.

Mami: What list?

Ayo: The list we were given in preparation for the wedding?

Mami: Where is it? Let me see it. Ayo handed it to her ‘Egbami! Hey, what is all this? They want to finish all the money you have even before you get married, I told you didn’t i?

Ayo Uncle: We tried pleading with them that it was too much but they wouldn’t hear of it.

Mami: I said it, their extortion has just begun. Didn’t I warn you Ayo, didn’t i? This marriage whatever is cancelled.

Question: Hmm…

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  1. That’s some Igbos 4 you. As in dey don’t care ow u gonna get them. Am sure Ayo won’t agreed to cancel d wedding n am guessing Adaobi will call anytime from now to tell him of d new change.

  2. if you want to marry and the tribe has a set down rules key into it or forget it, besides nothing good is gotten on platter of gold .

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