(Episode 11) The Marriage Battle … A Scratchy Story!

(Episode 11) The Marriage Battle ... A Scratchy Story!

Ayo: Us! You say us? What is good about us going our separate ways? That is not a good idea for I won’t have it, did you hear me?

Adaobi: But Ayo!

Ayo: Don’t Ayo me, I said I won’t have it.

Adaobi: Alright, if that is the case, I want you to give us sometime before we go through with the marriage plan.

Ayo: Because of my mother?

Adaobi: Ayo, try and understand me and my pain here, this isn’t what I want, you know that I would never suggest we break up but your mother and your sister isn’t in support of it. If we can’t break up, then let’s give them some time. If by that time, your mother approves of me then I will be happy to have you as my husband and if she doesn’t, you can go ahead and marry another woman.

Ayo: I don’t like this one bit.

Adaobi: You do not have a choice here; it’s either that or the latter.

Ayo: Alright, I will think about it.

Adaobi: I am sorry for all this; you do know that I love you very much right?

Ayo: I know what you mean, I know that you love me very much and I do the same too.

Adaobi: ‘Thanks dear’ she said and the hugged.


Mami: ‘Kemi! Kemi’! She called out to her daughter as she stepped into her home with a lady ‘Kemi! Kemi!’

Kemi: Yes Mami, I am coming.

Mami: My dear, make yourself at home for this is now your house from now on ‘Kemi’!.

Kemi: Mami na, this one you are calling me like this, I hope all is well.

Mami: All is very very well because as you see me so eh, I am very happy right now. In fact, I am the happiest woman in the whole world right now.

Kemi: ‘Hello’ she said to the young lady who came with her mother and turned to her mother again ‘Mami, this one you are happy and what is making you happy? Who is this lady here with us?

Mami: she is the reason I am happy, Kemi meet your sister in-law to be and Kehinde, meet my daughter your future sister to be too.

Kehinde: Hello Kemi, its nice meeting you.

Kemi: Same here, you do have a nice name. Are you a twin?

Kehinde: Yes but my twin brother died five years ago.

Kemi: Wow, so sorry to hear that and you are welcome to our home.

Kehinde: Thank you very much.

Kemi: Mami, why did you say she is my sister in-law?

Mami: Because she is going to be very very soon.

Kemi: How do you mean, I don’t understand.

Mami: she is going to be your brother’s wife.

Kemi: Mami, didn’t you tell me the other day that he went to collect the marriage list from his people.

Mami: Don’t stress yourself,  that marriage will not work.

Kemi: Hmmm Mami, I am not sure Ayo is going to like this one bit.

Mami: Will you shut up your mouth my friend, how can  you say such nonsense in front of my guest here, take this money and go to the market. Buy foodstuff and prepare special meal for Kehinde. Make sure it is very tasty oooo.

Kemi: ‘Yes Mami’ she collected the money, went to get dressed and left for market.

Mami: Eh My daughter.

Kehinde: Yes Mami.

Mami: Don’t mind her and her stupid talk. Don’t worry, my son said he is going to come home today and you are going to see him. I am sure you will love him and he in turn will love you back.

Kehinde: I hope so Mami, I hope the other girl has not stolen his heart.

Mami: Stolen ke? Even if she has done so, you will steal it back from her. You will have to do anything possible to make him yours.

Kehinde: What if he still doesn’t want me?

Mami: Then you will have to go extreme.

Kehinde: How, I don’t understand.

Mami: I mean that if you use all your charms on him and he still doesn’t fall, you will have to get pregnant as soon as possible.

Kehinde: Will he still accept it?

Mami: That is not a question oooo, he will have no other option than to. For no child of mine will give birth outside wedlock.

Kehinde: Hmmm, I will do all you say Mami, I will try my best.

Mami: That is good but in this case, you will have to do and give more than your best.

Kehinde: Yes Mami.


Later in the evening, Ayo came in to meet his Mom, sister and Kehinde chatting.

Ayo: Hello Mami, Kemi how are you doing?

Kemi: Welcome home brother.

Mami: Welcome my son, how was work today?

Ayo: ‘it was stressful as usual’ he said as he sat down beside her.

Kehinde: ‘Hi’ she said smiling.

Ayo: ‘Hello’ he answered ‘Mami, who is this pretty lady with us here today?

Mami: she is pretty isn’t she?

Ayo: Very very.

Mami: You admire her?

Ayo: Mami, what do you mean by that? of course she is beautiful, who wouldn’t admire a beautiful lady?

Mami: That is good to know ‘Kehinde this is my son, the one I was talking to you about and Ayo meet my friends daughter, you wife to be.

Question: Hmm… serious Battle unfolding!

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  1. What d hell is wrong with dis Mami, evn giving her tips. Am sure u will forever leave to regret these. Pls Ayo, dont fall in o abeg. Your mother didn’t mean well for your future.

  2. I so much hate this, just pray the lady doesn’t get the “extreme” twisted by going into juju. Mothers please your children’s happiness comes first

  3. Na wa oo for dis woman o, she wants to make a son sad for d rest of his life, I pray Ayo doesn’t fall into dis mess d mum is abt to create n dis kehinde of a girl doesn’t misinterprete ‘ extreme’ n use juju on Ayo oo. The mother will be d one to regret it at d end of d day anyway

  4. Hmmmmm the way I see this it might end up like Nigerian movie, Ayo will fall into the trap and End up marrying a woman he’s not in love with

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