(Episode 12) The Marriage Battle … A Scratchy Story!

(Episode 12) The Marriage Battle ... A Scratchy Story!

Ayo: My what?

Mami: Your wife, she  is beautiful, a graduate from a class of high social status and will make you a good wife. I have accepted her with all my heart already.

Ayo: Really, when was the arrangement made and why wasn’t I informed?

Mami: Because  I am your mother and I can never be wrong in my judgment. You see that woman you chose as a wife, she is not a good woman for you and this one here is.

Ayo: Mami, you still haven’t answered my question, Why wasn’t I informed about this?

Mami: Because there was no need and I knew you would object to it.

Ayo: What makes you think that I can’t object to that now?

Mami: Ah! You won’t ooooo, not in this life time. Kehinde here is the woman you will marry and that is final.

Ayo: Hmmm Mami, is this what you called me here for?

Mami: Yes nah, what do you think will make me call you here immediately after work?

Ayo: Mami, you are not serious oooo. Kehinde is Yoruba and of a high social status that’s why you like her abi?

Mami: Whatever Ayo, if you like say what you want to say, she is here and it is time you start planning your wedding to her.

Ayo: Mami!

Kemi: But Brother Ayo, what is wrong with Kehinde, I like her already.

Ayo: ‘Will you shut up your mouth’ turning to his mother he said ‘Mami I don’t like what you are doing ooooo, I don’t like it one bit’.

Mami: ‘Will you shut up that gutter of a mouth there before I shut it up for you with my hands, Ayo, I gave birth to you and you sucked my breast and on no account will you go against me. You see Kehinde here, you will marry her whether you like it or not and over my dead body will I allow you marry that Igbotic human being you call Adaobi’ she said and turned to Kehinde ‘My daughter, don’t mind him for his is very head strong and needs a woman like you to tame him. I will leave you two to get to know each other well’ she said and walked away leaving kehinde and Ayo all alone and Kemi followed suit.

Kehinde: Already feeling uncomfortable about the whole situation decided to brace herself and act well for he may find her pleasing ‘Ayo,I know what you must be going through and believe me I am already uncomfortable about this situation but maybe our parents mean well for us.

Ayo: By forcing you and I on each other?

Kehinde: is anything wrong with that?

Ayo: Everything is wrong for I am in love with someone else.

Kehinde: even against your mothers wish?

Ayo: I wish she could just easily accept her the way she accepts you, I wish she could feel my pain and my heart.

Kehinde: I am sorry for every pain you must be going through.

Ayo: There is no need apologizing, it isn’t your fault.

Kehinde: What do we do now?

Ayo: I don’t know, I really don’t know.

Kehinde: What if your parents never come around in accepting her?

Ayo: I am at a cross road here.

Kehinde: it’s okay, you need not stress yourself too much about it. If we cannot be lovers, can we at least be friends for now?

Ayo: Of course why not, I don’t have a problem with that.

Kehinde: Thank you.

Ayo: No, it is me that should be thanking you, thank you for understanding.

Kehinde: ‘You are welcome’ she said smiling. They chatted for few hours about life in general and when it was getting dark, Ayo bid them goodbye and left to his house.

Mami: I am curious to know Kehinde, what were you people talking about that took so long, has he finally accepted you.

Kehinde: Mami nothing much, we just talked about life in general.

Mami: Ehen! What do you think of my son?

Kehinde: To be sincere with you, I more than like him, infact, I love him. I love him sincerity and honesty, his charisma, I love everything about him.

Mami: Ehen! Is it not my son, the apple of my eye? I trained him well oooo.

Kehinde: ‘Mami you did well and I promise you that Ayo will be mine soonest’ she said smiling.

Mami: I hope soo oooo but come ooo, what were you people gisting and laughing about?

Kehinde: Nothing oooo, just the happenings in niaja.

Mami: Really, Hmmm I thought you people were getting to know each other better?

Kehinde: Mami, that is one way of getting to know someone better.

Mami: How can happenings about life getting to know someone better?

Kehinde: By talking about that, I get to know how he thinks and his perspective about life in general. Besides, I am also trying to create a bond.

Mami: What bond?

Kehinde:  I am trying to be his very good friend and from friends we become lovers. That is the only way that I can penetrate his heart easily for that girl has a strong hold on him

Mami: That is good, I wonder what kind of igbo witch that she has given my son to eat.

Kehinde: I will win his heart in due time.

Mami: The earlier you start getting right to it the better. I want the memories of that girl off his mind for good and forever.

Kemi: ‘Mami, why do you hate her so much’ she asked for they have forgotten that she is with them while lost in their conversation.

Kehinde: Don’t you want me to be your sister in-law Kemi?

Kemi: I don’t have a problem with that but if you force him to marry you don’t you think that the both of you will be miserable for the rest of your life?

Mami: ‘Who called you into this conversation? Will you go to your room before I descend on you?’

Kemi: ‘looked at her mother and shook her head ‘When I want to get married Mami, don’t try this thing you are doing with Brother Ayo with me ooo for I won’t take it. Its either you accept the man I want to marry or your on your own ooo’ she said and went to her room.

Question: Hmm… Serious Battle and it’s scratchy too!

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  1. Kemi is quite sensible a little. This thing mami is going abt, she will come to regret it. Jus pray she doesn’t destroy Ayo’s life beyond amend.

  2. Lol at least kemi has made alittel sense Here. I cover Ago with the blood of Adaobi oooooooo. This one is really a battle

  3. So kemi knows what her mother is doing is wrong but still supported her. This is getting more interesting, nexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxt

  4. D episodes r just to short and it takes time before upload next episodes. kemi said something dat actually make sense I just pray Ayo’s mother does not regret her action and destroy her son’s happiness oooo. MIL and their wahala trying to choose wife for their son. Pls ALC it’s taking you guys to long to post new episode

  5. Ayo doesn’t have strong will.. He is not man enough.How can he allow his mum to be controlling him at this time and age.

  6. Hmmmm! Kemi jst made a sensible remark hope Miami doesn’t end up making Ayo in a miserable all his life. Ayo shld man up b4 it gets too late ooo

  7. Getting more interesting.. I just pity kehinde if she forces her self and marry Ayo she will regret….Mami you are a useless mother,selfish. you just don’t care about your son’s happiness…

  8. This is serious oo, kemi has spoken like a reasonable person 4d first time, i pity ayo o cos kenny will do everytin possible to win Ayo’s heart, mama is going 2really regret this..

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