(Episode 13) The Marriage Battle … A Scratchy Story!

(Episode 13) The Marriage Battle ... A Scratchy Story!

Ayo: ‘Hello Kehinde’ he said as he shook hands with her  ‘what brings you to my office and how come you know where I work?’

Kehinde: ‘Relax Ayo, I just came to say hello’ she said as Ayo ushered her a seat.

Ayo: Wow, thanks for checking up on me but how did you know where I work because the last time we spoke, I never told you my location.

Kehinde: You didn’t but Mami did and she told me to bring this food to you for she says that you haven’t eaten.

Ayo: My mother never cease to amaze me, when she sets her mind on something, she will do all she can to make it happen.

Kehinde: Yes she will but you have to put sentiment aside and eat her food at least. You can’t say you are angry with her not to eat her food.

Ayo: Hmmm, well you are right sha.  He said, took the food flask from her, opened it and smiled at what he saw ‘My Favorite soup, Mami prepared my favorite soup, Ewedu soup with black Amala, this is a good one. He went to wash his hands, came back and started eating the food.

Kehinde: Hope you are enjoying the meal?

Ayo: Hmmm, so very well,this is so delicious. I thought Adaobi how to prepare it.

Kehinde: Serious?

Ayo: Yes and she is good but my mother is still the best. When I taste this meal any- where, I always misses home.

Kehinde: You mean your Mom?

Ayo: Yes! I know she wants the best for me but sometimes, she doesn’t want me to breathe on my own.

Kehinde: That’s a mother’s love.

Ayo: This food is so good, it’s been long I ate something like this.

Kehinde: Then it’s a good thing I came.

Ayo: What do you mean?

Kehinde: Am glad I came with the food.

Ayo: Oh! Okay.

After he finished eating, Kehinde and Ayo talked about anything and everything, love, life and relationship.

Ayo: Am glad you came though.

Kehinde: You sure or you are looking for a way to push me out?

Ayo: No, you are really a good company.

Kehinde: Wow, that’s nice to hear.

Ayo: ‘Yea’ Few minutes later he started feeling weak and dizzy.

Kehinde: Are you okay?

Ayo: Am kind of feeling dizzy and weak and my eyes seems to be blurry, maybe it’s because I have been on this seat for a long time or…

Kehinde: Or stress.

Ayo: Yea.

Kehinde: maybe you should rest a bit.

Ayo: ‘Yea, can you help me bring my car for me; it’s parked three blocks away from this building. I need to go home’ he said as he handed her his car key.

Kehinde: ‘Sure’ she said and smiled. She collected the car key from his hand and walked majestically to the location where he parked his car.

Ayo: couldn’t wait for her return because his head was aching so bad that he decided to call a cab to take him home while Kemi couldn’t locate his car for where he kept it was in a secluded area and it took the owners of the company around that area to show her where his car was parked because she kept calling him and he wasn’t picking his call.

Kehinde: Good Ayo, now I will make you mine forever. I am sure you are already asleep in the office for there is no point going to your home, we will  just do it there. Thank God I am ovulating today for in the next two weeks, I will be giving you the result of what is about to happen. Hhahaahahahaahaa…..hahaahahahaaha. she parked his car, went to his office and found his office empty. Ah, where is he? Maybe he is in the toilet, but how can we do it there if he is unconscious? Anyway sha, I will try. She went to the toilet and found it empty. Mogbe! Where has he gone to? She quickly went to the receptionist ‘Hey you, where is your boss?

Receptionist: My boss? He stepped out few minutes ago.

Kehinde: What do you mean he stepped out few minutes ago and why did you allow him to?

Receptionist: I don’t understand you Ma, what do you mean why did I allow him to go when he is my boss?

Kehinde: ‘Never mind’ she said as she rushed out to go look for him ‘Where has he gone to now and where can I find him? He left his phone in the office and I hope he is okay where ever he is ooo or should I go to his house? She asked herself when she walked down two streets looking for him and didn’t find him ‘she decided to go to his house’.


Adaobi was about to open the gate to her house when she sighted a cab man trying and screaming at an unconscious man in his car.

Cab Man: Oga! Oga abeg wake up na, we don reach?Which kind wahala be this one wey I don put myself now.

Adaobi: Hello, is everything okay? She asked as she approached him?

Cab Man: Nothing is okay ooo Madam, this man wey I bring come this location no wan wake up, I no no wetin dey do am and I don dey here for over two hours.

Adaobi: Went close to the man to see if she can be able to identify him but was surprised to see that it was Ayo her man ‘Ayo, Ayo! She tapped him but he didn’t respond. She felt his pulse to see if he was still breathing and was relaxed to know he is alive. ‘Abeg, help me carry am inside my house’.

Cab Man: Madame, you know am?

Adaobi: Yes I know am, he is my fiancé

Cab Man: Ah Thank God oooo.

Adaobi: But what happened to him?

Cab Man: No idea ooo he just enter my car say make I carry am go him house, na him as we reach him house him dey shout my head, my head say him no wan go him house make I carry am come here. As we don almost reach here, I no hear him voice again. I turn to check whether him dey okay or make I carry am go hospital na him I meet am like this till now.

Adaobi: ‘It’s okay, please help me, lets carry him inside’ she said and they took him inside where she laid him on her bed,quickly paid the cab man for all his troubles and he left. Few minutes later, she called her doctor friend to please come and check on Ayo for she didn’t know what to do and he came.

Question: Will Adaobi and Kehinde accidentally meet?

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  1. Kahinde I sure no will go to the extreme, the doctor must dictate something unusual, kahinde’s time is up even before it started. Lololol

  2. Good thing he did not stay at his house. Kehinde does not know Adaobi or her house either so they may not meet yet. I am sure Ayo will be okay and possibly connect the dots to realize that food ws poisoned or spiked. Getting interesting. Well done adelove team

  3. Hmmmm!na wa oo…. They will surely meet. D doctor will surely dictate wat is wrong with him, kehinde don drug d food oo, her game is cuming to an end even b4 it started….

  4. I don’t think they will meet thereself becos he did not go to his house again but Adaobi’s house. Thank God Kehinde’s plan failed. Whatever God has joined together let no man or woman put assunder

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