(Episode 16) The Marriage Battle … A Scratchy Story (SEASON 2)

(Episode 16) The Marriage Battle ... A Scratchy Story (SEASON 2)

One year Later, Adaobi was rushed to the hospital where she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy named Kunle and Mami was called to look after them.

After Ayo left for work leaving Adaobi under the care of Mami one fine morning, Mami walked up to her angrily in her bedroom.

Mami: ‘Come Adaobi’ she said angrily ‘am I your maid in this house that every morning, all I do is wake up and prepare food for you and your husband?

Adaobi: Good morning Mami but I thought you said that is what you will be doing till I get better since I gave birth through CS?

Mami: Are you the first woman that gave birth through CS? Is it not your mate that gave birth and are still up and doing?

Adaobi: I am sorry Mami, I promise you that I will take care of my home and husband without involving you.

Mami: You better do because I am not your maid and as such, you should treat me accordingly.

Adaobi: Yes Mami.

Mami: Good. Now go to the kitchen and prepare pounded yam and pepper soup for me.

Adaobi: What?

Mami: Are you deaf? I said go to the kitchen and prepare me pounded yam and pepper soup.

Adaobi: But Mami, I was told not to  indulge in anything that will stress me, I haven’t healed properly.

Mami: Does it look to you like I care? Go to the kitchen this minute before you see the other side of me.

Adaobi: Okay, let me attend to my son first and put him to bed and then I will do what you requested for.

Mami: ‘You better hurry up’ she said and walked away.

Few minutes later, Adaobi went to the kitchen and prepared what Mami requested for while Mami was in the the sitting room watching Zeeworld for it was the station she loved so much.

Adaobi: Mami, your food is ready and is at the dinning.

Mami: Good. Now I have some dirty clothes for you to wash and they are in my room,get them washed and ironed properly.

Adaobi: I am sorry Mami, I am too tired and don’t think I will do that now, maybe tomorrow or next.

Mami: And when did this nonsense start?

Adaobi: What Nonsense?

Mami: When did you start saying you can’t do what I asked you to do?

Adaobi: I am sorry Mami but I thought you came to help in looking after me and your grandchild not the other way round?

Mami: Oh! So because I came to look after you that means that you won’t do what I asked you to do, is that it? For one week, I have been bathing, cooking for you and looking after your child while you recover, isn’t that enough?

Adaobi: and I thank you but right now is not the time for me to stress myself for I am not completing healed from my injuries. Mami, remember that I was stitched?

Mami: And so? Listen here Adaobi, I wouldn’t have allowed my son get entagled with you and just because you are his wife doesn’t mean that I will love you just the way you want me to. I am his mother and will forever be and you to me, you are Adaobi the igbo girl he should never have married.

Adaobi: With tears in her eyes said ‘ why then did you agree to come take care of me if you hate me this much?

Mami: Because I don’t want to lose my son.

Adaobi: kept quiet for a few minutes and said ‘I will go and wash your clothes Mami’ and walked away.


Later in the evening, When Ayo returned from work, Mami served him dinner and while he was eating he asked who prepared the meal

Ayo: Wow! Mami who pounded this yam, it’s so smooth and it feels nice and who prepared this soup?

Mami: Hmmm My son, I have been so busy since you left for work. Your wife told me she wanted to eat pounded yam and pepper soup and I thought why not prepare yours along. As I am talking to you now, my whole body is paining me because I had to pound yam twice for she said the one I prepared was too small.

Ayo: You! Mami, pounded this yam?

Mami: Yes my son,you know I cant allow her pound yam because her body is still not so strong.

Ayo: You must have been through a lot and I am sorry.

Mami: that is the reason I am here now, what are you sorry about? the only thing I want you to do is tell her that the stress of looking after her and my grandchild is too much. She shouldn’t be adding more to it.

Ayo: Sorry Mami, I will talk to her.

Mami: That is all I need.

Ayo: This food is so tasty Mami, at first, I thought it was my wife that prepared it.

Mami: Hmmmm… Prepare what? I did joor. I even cleaned the house, scrubbed the floor… hmmm, my body is aching me badly.

Ayo: ‘Sorry Mami’ he said and after he finished eating, he went to his room he shared with his wife.

Adaobi: Hope you enjoyed your dinner.

Ayo: ‘I did and I do not like what you did’ he said frowning.

Adaobi: What did I do again?

Ayo: How can you allow my mother to pound yam for you and requested she do it again, telling her that the one she made was not enough?

Adaobi: Excuse me, what did you just say?

Question: Hmm… This story just getting started!

To be continued…

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  1. What a pathetic lier mami was. Adaobi u better make Ayo understand d matter wella o make mama & son no frame u as a wicked person. Adelove pls, giv us d next, let’s find out what transpire between d couples.

  2. Waooo dis is really getting interesting. Sorry just commenting now, was out of subscription before. I definitely knew dat Ayo’s mum will treat Adaobi really bad because she never liked her for her son

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