(Episode 18) The Marriage Battle … A Scratchy Story (SEASON 2)

(Episode 18) The Marriage Battle ... A Scratchy Story (SEASON 2)

Kemi: Even at that Mami, you shoudnt have slapped her, she is a married woman for God’s sake.

Mami: And so? So I can’t bring her back to her senses?

Kemi: By slapping her? Mami it is obvious you don’t like her but she is married already to Ayo and why don’t you learn to please accept her for who she is.

Mami: Accept her for who she is? She is not a nice person oooo. she wants to eat where she has not sown.

Kemi: Mami please learn to live in peace and take her just the way she is.

Mami: Come Kemi, whose side are you on?

Kemi: I am on your side Mami but then…

Mami: Eh eh! Don’t give me any sermon just clear the table and go and wash the dishes.

Kemi: Yes Mami but please take it easy.

Mami: Take what easy? She has not seen anything yet.

Kemi: ‘Hmmmm…okay ooo. I don’t like the tension in this house’ she said as she cleared the table.

Mami: Well, what can I say but welcome on board.

When Ayo returned from work, Mami quickly went to him before he entered his room and requested for his attention.

Ayo: What happened today again Mami because I know that this one you didn’t allow me settle in, something must have happened.

Mami: talk to your wife Ayo for I will not have her disrespect me in a very rude manner while I am in my own son’s house.

Ayo: What happened today again he asked as Kemi stepped into the sitting room ‘ Ah! Kemi, when did you get here and why didn’t you tell me you were coming?

Kemi: Good day brother, sorry I didn’t inform you earlier. I thought of surprising you.

Ayo: Hahaaha…. This is your own kind of surprise abi? Anyway, welcome to my house and how is school?

Kemi: ‘School is very fine’ she said smiling.

Ayo: Good to know.Turning to Mami he said ‘Ermmm Mami, what were you saying again?

Mami: I said you should talk to your wife for she was disrespectful and rude to me.

Ayo: rude to you as in how?

Kemi: she walked away from Mami while she was talking to her.

Ayo: She didn’t do that, No! I don’t believe that.

Kemi: She did Brother because I was there when it happened.

Ayo: Hmmm, What really happened?

Kemi: ‘Nothing much except that Mami was reprimanding her and she walked away’ she said while Mami kept mute nodding her head.

Ayo: ‘I am sorry Mami and I will talk to her’ he said and went to his room.

Adaobi: Welcome honey, how was work?

Ayo: How could you be so disrespectful to my mother, how could you walk away from her while she was talking to you?  What has come over you?

Adaobi: Don’t you dare scream or shout at me today Ayo, I won’t have it from you today.

Ayo: What?

Adaobi: You heard me Ayo, you heard me and I am not going to go out there and apologize for anything, I did nothing wrong.

Ayo: What has come over you? Why do you hate my mother so much?

Adaobi: Is that what she told you, that I hate her?

Ayo: It seems so to be because everytime I come home, I get news from her everyday about your behavior towards her.

Adaobi: Really? Have you ever asked me what happened? Everytime you come back from work, your mother feed you with all her lies and stories and instead of you to ask me what happened, you don’t, you side her without asking of my own side of the story.

Ayo: What are you talking about?

Adaobi: What you understand Ayo because I am really beginning to feel like we are not couples or partners.

Ayo: What do you mean? Of course we are husband and wife.

Adaobi: And are you not supposed to listen to your wife and all I have to say? Is my say or decision not important?

Ayo: I don’t understand what you are saying? You know you are important to me.

Adaobi: Then why don’t I feel like it these past days?

Ayo: What are you talking about; you are getting me confused with all these sayings of yours.

Adaobi: I feel like this our relationship does not involve only you and me, it involves your mother, me and you. Is that how it is supposed to be?

Ayo: ‘I am sorry if you are feeling that way’ he said as he walked to her and held her hands ‘you know that you are important to me and you and Kunle are the most priceless people in my life right now’.

Adaobi: Then learn to listen and ask me questions before jumping into conclusion.

Ayo: Yes! Yes! Yes! I am so sorry for that. I haven’t really been asking you what happened but you should know that my mother is all that I have got, she brought me up and made me what I am today. I don’t just like seeing her upset.

Adaobi: I know and God knows that I love her as much as you do but it shouldn’t make you turn a blind eye to her faults too.

Ayo: I know and I know that my mother can be difficult sometimes but you have to try and accept her the way she is.

Adaobi: I know that! That is why I am over looking her shortcoming.

Ayo: but you didn’t have to walk away from her while she was talking to you.

Adaobi: I know and I am very sorry but she didn’t also have to slap me the way she did.

Ayo: She did what?

Adaobi: Slapped me!

Question: How should Ayo manage this situation? Your opinion please

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  1. Yes it’s short @Flo. Ayo should go out there, ask mami not to raise her hand on her ever again but rather keep reporting her. Evn Ayo should tell her its time for her to go back home cus as i can see, she is not taking care of Ada again.

  2. Time for Mami to go back home already. Oga Ayo, tell your mama to go back home before she scatter your own home ooo.

  3. hmmm. the best thing for Ayo to do is to talk to his mother and his mother is not ready to help,she should go back to the village

  4. Ayo should be a man and stand his ground in this issue, enough of Mammi’S manipulation, it’s time for her to go back to her house and allow Adaobi to have peace in her husband’s house

  5. mumu husband. ayo is a dummy Teddy bear. I never knew he will be so foolish not to have know his own duty as the man of the house to control his small family. what if he have large family, how would he be able to make his home a peaceful haven?

  6. Ayo saw these negative signs from d mother b4 they get married, so let him not pretend as if he don’t know d mother’s attitude towards Adaobi, he should call both together to hear each talk their own side of d story n handle it as a Man of d house! If not omugwu don do let d mother return home since Adaobi can do all the work in d house!

  7. Mami should go back to her house… Simple, shebi d adaobi and kunle dat she was dere to take care of is d one she has turned to her child dat she can slap anytime she feels like and will command to do house chores, pound yam, not even minding her condition. Abeg, she should goan relax in her house jor

  8. It breaks my heart when men behave like this, taking sides with their mom without even hearing from their wives first, only to discover later that their mother is actually at fault, then where is d leaving nd cleaving?

  9. Even if Miami would go back, it shouldn’t be immediate else she will be bittered than it is, Ayo has to apply diplomacy to the situation otherwise, he may ruin his relationship with his family.

  10. Nna ee make una no put my ayo for high jump oo
    I can’t tolerate that oo especially you mami
    Ayo should jus be neutral for now don’t side anyone till further notice

  11. mtchewww…stupid Miami since you are not taking care of adaobi and kunle abeg pack your things and leave….slapping adaobi simply because she is married to your son? what rubbish

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