Don’t marry the partner your pastor recommends – Actress Foluke Daramola

Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola has advised singles seeking for a lifetime partner. In an Instagram post, the actress narrated how CAC pastor, Apostle Ayo Babalola was misled by Church elders to marry a woman who became a thorn in his flesh.

Don't marry the partner your pastor recommends - Actress Foluke Daramola

Foluke Daramola narrated the pastor’s story to advice singles to not depend on the revelation of some pastor or prophet when they want to chose a partner.

Her account below.


THE SAD EXPERIENCE OF GREAT APOSTLE AYO BABALOLA. “His known mistake was his choice of wife. History has it that the woman he truly loved was a single mother, but the elders of CAC considered it an embarrassment for their leader to marry a single mother. Hence, they misled him to marry the spinster who later became the thorn in his flesh. Her name was Dorcas. A Christian name is not the same with a Christian at heart. “There was a time she poured palm oil on the white garment of the man of God on his way to a crusade ground. Another time after returning from the mountain after long days of prayers and fasting, the wife served him a delicious meal to break his fast. He had only taken about two or three morsels when the wife told him “l thought you are a true prophet, because you should have known by revelation that the chicken in the food was stolen”. The man of God gently left the remaining food and returned to the mountain to ask God for forgiveness. “As anointed as he was, he had no adequate mentoring, part reason for his wrong choice of wife which sadly and eventually, directly or indirectly led to his untimely death.” APPLICATION:

If you want to fulfill purpose and live long, you must by all means, at all cost marry YOUR Wife/Husband Not the one a prophet, pastor, priest or parents recommend, but the one God recommends. People can only guide. The ultimate choice must be born out of your personal conviction by the Holy Spirit.


May we not marry our enemies as spouse in Jesus name!!! Anyone man or woman sent as a spouse to destroy my destiny be exposed and disgrace in Jesus name!!!”.



  1. Amen. That’s a pure truth ma. I pray many won’t b blindfolded to pastor’s says. They just keep deceiving, and misleading members. Jus few are called and sincere but we can not differentiate.

  2. I agree with your advice. But how factual is your story on Apostle Ayo Babalola? What is the source because you couldn’t have been born by then.

  3. @ Bola she is saying the truth, even the story make us know that his wife is a great witche, but God killed her for him.

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