IBB speaks on annulling June 12 presidential election

Nigeria’s former Military President, General Ibrahim Babangida (Rtd), has lamented that nobody has given him credit for conducting the June 12, 1993 presidential election adjudged to be the freest and fairest in the history of the country.

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General Babangida said this during an interview on Roadmap 2019, a Channels Television programme that was aired on Monday.

The late Moshood Abiola, a philanthropist and successful businessman, had won the election, which was later cancelled by the then military junta headed by General Babangida.

The poll was the first presidential election held in Nigeria since 1983 when the military took power in a coup.

The late MKO Abiola of the then Social Democratic Party (SDP) had defeated Bashir Tofa of the defunct National Republican Convention (NCP).

Twenty-five years later, General Babangida was displeased that despite explaining why the June 12 election was cancelled, nobody cared to listen.

He said he had a good relationship with the presumed winner of the election whom he said they had communicated at different occasions.

“Nobody has ever sat down to say the two persons are friends, what went wrong? We tried to rationalise why we had to do what we did but nobody is prepared to listen to us,” the elder statesman said.

“I have never seen anybody write anything on this to try to give people a different version altogether. He (Abiola) knew my feeling; I knew his feeling about the country generally because I do talk about Nigeria with the presumed winner of the truly democratically freest election. We even talked about it during the crisis itself,” he said.

Babangida stressed further that the election was widely accepted to be the freest in the history of Nigeria, but he has yet to get a credit for conducting the poll.

He decried that Nigerians were instead interested in saying he cancelled the freest election, noting that he loved being criticised.

On whether is he was planning to write an autobiography, the former military president said, “People may not read it because it’s coming from a dictator. Yea, he cancelled June 12 and that will kill the thing about the book, but I will try.

“I hope one day if God spares my life, I will discuss about it (June 12 elections) because I still believe people don’t get what we were trying to put across.”



  1. It is true .the truth ve not been said about d cancellation. When the tRuth eventually comes out everybody wil be thanking babangida. But I knew wat happened then. In fact people will beg him to contest in 2019 if he can mop up d the agony of quickly coming out with d facts and pictures and recordeducted voice messages of all d cabal that are involved in 1993 then. Their names are with us his boys then .

    • Dele, I hate bullies but more than that, I hate a bully who is also a coward! IBB had 25 years to stop being a coward and tell us why he bullied us out of the freest election ever conducted! Except of course, if as mentioned above, he’s a coward. Then, let him keep his mouth shut and die a coward that he is.

  2. God will purnish you for that statement , its only a bastard that will give kudos for that election. Fairest and freest election was annulled and you expect to be given credit, you are mad!

  3. The idiot thinks everybody is as foolish as his is
    The main reason for cancelling the election was because a non northerner won for the very first time in Nigeria’s history
    The “almighty northern oligarchs” could not just stomach such imminent power shift
    They however eventually had to be forced to relinquish power by the NADECO armada
    Babangida should tell his silly tale to the birds

  4. Only our ancestors who have refused to relinquish politics to the youths knows what really happened. On a good day, I hope to know

  5. It is only the dead that is being prosecuted in this country. All the past ruler never account for their misdeed while in office. Obasanjo will be writing letter, IBB too is talking. any way there should remember that they cannot escape the punishment of GOD.


  7. It is only in Nigeria that idiots who have robbed the nation of its potentials and plunging the nation into unto bloodshed, can be bold enough to claim false respect for themselves. Posterity will not forgive you and your cohorts for anulling a free and fair election and still being bold enough to demand respect from the same people that suffered from your injustice. Obviously the death of your wife has not taught you a lesson, the wrath of God on you is looming.

  8. What God did concerning June 12 may He do it again in Nigeria. It takes only those who God relate with to understand June 12 and the benefits of it to Nigerians

  9. If not that God loves this country, there would have been another civil war. Now, they are referring to him as an elder statesman? Is he qualified to be called a statesman? This is campaign after election. If by now he mentions names of those responsible for the annulment, it is late late already and nothing will happen in this country. Whether God spares your life or not, to write a book on 1993 election annulment is insignificant now.

  10. You cancelled an election that was adjudged the freest and fairest election in the history of our beloved country and you are here asking us to give you credit for conducting the election. After the waste of our resources and also the lost of many lives as a result of the annulment, you are still asking for credit. Do not invite God’s wrath on your life. Since you have decided not to tell us the reason for the annulment for over twenty five years, continue to keep it to yourself but be aware that all of us will one day face God’s judgement. I advise you ask God and Nigerians for forgiveness before it becomes too late

  11. Both Babangiga and his boy Dele, mist be suffering from annouciation or mental illnesses.

    He dares not write any book as he himself noted that it won’t be read. Even the publishing house that would publish it if known stands the Risk of being burnt unless its not done in Nigeria.

    If he stands for Election in any partisanship Election; both he and his party Agents stand the RISK of losing their Lives during the electioneering Campaigns as the Spirits of those who lost their Lives or were maimed during the June 12 struggle would surely fight back.
    Babangiga, no matter how highly you rate yourself, know that 99.99999% of Nigerians who witnessef the annulment ant its subsequences or learn about it hate you.

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