Buhari’s integrity not enough to lead Nigeria – Shehu Sani

Senator Shehu Sani has said that the much acclaimed integrity of President Buhari is not enough leadership quality for any president to have to lead Nigeria.

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Sani who is very critical of the Buhari-led administration, said this when he spoke at the 80th posthumous birthday event of legal luminary and activist, Chief Gani Fawehinmi yesterday April 22nd.

“You cannot lead a country because of the integrity of one person. The integrity of one person is not enough to sustain a nation. You need a chariot that is driven by set of principles, set of revolutionary ideas. We have a president who is a man of integrity, but integrity is not enough for leadership. Leadership requires all other virtues and qualities.

Our country is sick, the republic is dying. Our people are dying. Violence, bloodshed, killing, mass murder is becoming an emblem of our democracy today. It is unfortunate that the Moses of freedom, those who made sacrifices to free our country from military colonialism have taken back seat. We are out of PDP misrule but we will be deceiving ourselves to say we are in the promised land. We are not in the promised land. We must stand firm in the defense of democracy. The politically stealing elites are not yet prepared. Nigeria’s political reality is about personal interest. Those who destroyed our country in the past are very much present as born agains,” Sani said.



  1. Sen Shehu Sani, I agree with you that you need more than one person’s integrity to govern our country but then, integrity is key and very important.

  2. Ed is nt the only person supporting this govt, am one of them bcos we av hope in this govt nd we chosen the rigth path.

    • @Oluwafemi, it’s like you have plenty of time at your disposal, me I don’t a second to waste responding to things that wouldn’t and don’t add any value to my intellectual well-being, can’t really react to people who are so myopic they can’t see beyond their noses. However, my consolation is at the fullness of time these same people would realized their folly and see all the very good things we are seeing today but which they apparently don’t have the intellectual capacity to see, understand or comprehend. Time shall tell!

  3. A very right path it seem, because the president already said the youths are lazy. What else would be right than to submit to a man of almost 80years of age to lead an endowed nation like Nigeria in the name of a stupid integrity? The answer is not farfetched. Misplaced priority. People mortgage their future for crumbles from the table of APC. Tscheeer

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