Miracle is proof that Nigerian youths are hardworking – Atiku Abubakar

Atiku Abubakar, the Former Vice President of Nigeria has joined millions of Nigerians and fans of BBNaija worldwide to congratulate the Season 3 winner, Miracle Ikechukwu on his victory as the winner of the show.

Taking to his twitter account, he showed that he was following the Big Brother Tv show as he tweeted saying

According to Atiku;

‘congratulations to Miracle, winner of #BBNaija. Miracle is proof that Nigerian youths are hardworking, innovative and creative’.

He added that,

‘may this victory lead to the miraculous for Nigeria’s youth who have shown that they have what it takes to help take this great nation of ours to the next level. To Nigeria’s youth I say, continue to believe in yourselves’.



  1. Later day “saint” Atiku Abubakar, tell me, what is the hard work in sitting at a place for 85 days and going home with N25m?

  2. See fools,what’s hardworking in going into house,eating and drinking and engaging in immoral acts?This confirm what Buhari said.TheyThey only want to sit down in a house and win N25m.This shows how senseless Atiku iis

  3. Atiku Abubakar’s comment that Miracle’s victory is an indication of hardworking youth shows the kind of leaders we have in the country. Can you imagine? Is that kind of immoral entertainment a hard work? Voting Atiku is inviting another disaster into governance. Nothing upstairs but accumulation of wealth anyhow.

  4. Really? So what work did Miracle do so hard that has become a symbol of hard work for Nigerian youths.
    Twenty youths were physically and mentally camped for about three months to talk, eat, sing, dance and play games while million of other youths, like minds, were mentally and psychologically detained to watch them, pay to comment and vote for them for the same period and less than ten percent of the money made from the minor and major donors was given to one of the three months detainees. Very hard work indeed. that must be the kind of hard work that took other serious nations to greatness. I guess in politics, Nigerian politics, every thing goes. If the PMB were the one to express this, Atiku would have tweeted opposite just for political transactions.

  5. Atiku. See yourself. You have again display your lack of in depth thinking and knowledge. Cover your face with shame!

  6. And this Atiku is open his mouth nd blame Buhari abt his comment when he said most youth are lazy. can some that is hard working wil be setting down somewhere for 90days nd u are calling that one hard working, the people that they are jst waking up everyday eating, drinking, having sex with each other nd passing bad msg to our children nd u are calling that one hard working youth, Atiku shame on you nd can u allow ur children to do that kind of hard work.

  7. And this person wants to be president! Oh no! I pity Nigeria. Some silly and gullible people will still listen to him.

  8. Atiku knows that he is only saying all these to deceive the youth and the public. Our mumu don do. Not everything person talk we go dey follow.

  9. Miracle didn’t work but d voters worked instead. Lucky him sha but we r ready to vote wisely coming 2019 election

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