See this shocking video of Dino Melaye threatening to kill himself

Senator Dino Melaye has been spotted in a trending video, threatening to kill himself in front of police officers.

A new video has shown the moment the embattled Kogi State Senator, Dino Melaye threatened to commit suicide.

Dino who made news yesterday for trying to escape arrest, is seen in the video on the ground beside the road in front of police officers, wearing red shoes and screaming out.

The senator insinuated that he will kill himself to put a lot of people in trouble.

While sitting on the floor and lamenting harshly, Dino repeatedly asked why they want to take him to Lokoja and let Bello kill him.

“You want Bello to kill me there? I will kill myself and put you in trouble” he repeatedly shouted.

The senator is allegedly wanted for arms running charges and would be paraded alongside other criminals who mentioned him.



  1. Malaye is a bloody coward
    What the hell is stopping him from carrying out his threat
    Is he better than all those that have died in past
    What he needs to do is to behave in a civil manner and stop his madness in the senate house and everywhere he goes
    Meanwhile he should just respect himself and appear in court to answer to the huge criminal charges levelled against him

  2. As far as the APC is concerned, everyone who has anything against the failled government is a criminal. People die everyday in the middle-belt and Melaye questioned the security architecture and that makes him a criminal. Any dumb ass should know that this is a witch-hunt. so no one should wail about Dino going to answer, rather we should all be worried about what becomes of Nigeria between now and 2015 under this power drunk leadership.

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