Adelove Freebies: Winners for N10,000 each so far!

Adelove Freebies: Winners for N10,000 each so far!

So far, more than 100 fans have benefited from Adelove Freebies on instagram ranging from N10,000 each, N5,0000 each, N3,000 each and all. You may take a look below at some photos we could attach at the moment:  Click here to see more on Instagram




  1. Blessed up 100% is sure for adelovecom. He is d real man on I. G. God backup is assured on Adelove shipping. @paroski abi na, there should b compensation here too 4 loyal and stable fans. #wink

  2. @Innocent, follow up @adelovecome on I. G, make sure u likes, view, and comment on every posts on d page from d point u joined. Be active and interactive wit other ALFs. Make sure u on ur notification, don’t use harsh or abusive words to ur other ALFs or d poster if not jokingly. Also make sure u v d company banner of Adelove shipping on ur page. You can request 4 that on WhatsApp. The WhatsApp number is among one of d recent post on d page or DM me @laurelbarbi will giv it to u. Goodluck.

  3. Gud morning all.
    Tanx xo much Adelove,more blessings 2 u nd family,more followers 2 ur account,more customers 2 ur bizness nd more money n ur acct..

  4. We sincerely appreciate your kind gesture and your good works but sincerely Adelove since you went to I.G we your loyal blog fans have not been winning anymore, I always like every post on the I.G and comment on as many as possible even invited couple of friends yet have never been selected for any freebies

  5. God blessings on u 4eva boss, loke loke lowo afunni ngbe, u will never lack ND ur company will never run down Amen… tnx so much sir

  6. Adelove so people that are not on Instagram and have been using up data to comment on almost all your post and stories don’t deserve your gifts?Hmmmm!Show love to everybody that have been following you up for years.Weldone for blessing & putting smiles on people’s faces.Me I need my own o please.

  7. lol pls adelove is telling you all blog fans to move from here to the permanent site ie his I.G page. thats what is trending now… if you want to win freebies pls move ur ministry to the permanent site

  8. wow i really love this, though i couldn’t take part because of network problems,
    instagram doesn’t work at all.
    congrats to the winners .

  9. Hmmmmmm, so finally, Adelove has shut out Facebook. All post now on Istagrane. So those that can’t afford to get sets with it should be cut-off. Adelove is now for the rich class. It’s well

  10. Adelovecom is the best ever! The man with a gud heart, everly blessing people….God bless u sir IJN AMEN!

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