Governor Okorocha blasts APC

Imo State Governor and chairman of the All Progressives Congress Governor’s Forum, Rochas Okorocha, has said the party now involves itself with “Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) kind of politics”.

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Okorocha stated this on Thursday in Abuja, at the declaration of former Governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomole, to run for office of the National Chairman of the party.

“Another thing I think Oshiomole will address is that our party has begun to play the same kind of politics like PDP. All of a sudden we have started derailing and playing the PDP kind of politics.

“This started by some of those people who found themselves in political office especially appointment, who did not win their booths and wards,” the Governor stated.

Okorocha added: “Today, our party is going through some challenges and I must commend those who helped fight for this party even before this time, they have done well but the fight ahead, the challenges ahead are greater and we need great men like Adams Oshiomohle to do this job. For me particularly, Adams will strengthen APC in South-south and South-east.

“Suffice to say that as I speak to you today, I am the only governor from the entire South-east who is APC just like my brother, Obaseki is the only governor from the South-South from the APC. What this goes to say is that APC has challenges in the South-South and South-East for reasons not too far-fetched. For some myopic considerations and assessment, this party is not strong in those parts of Nigeria.

“For those our governors in the north, they won the election so easy, for as long as the name Buhari stands in the north. But its not the same thing talking about President Muhammadu Buhari’s name in the South-South or South-West. So if you see any governor emerge in the South-South or South-East, it is not with an ordinary strength, and I believe that Oshiomole coming in will strengthen this party in that part.

“Adams, your first assignment when you become the national chairman of the party is to ensure and channel that principle of ‘monkey de work, bamboon de chop. Because some of these people who are seated here before you, won their booths, delivered their wards but those who didn’t win their booths or deliver their wards are holding big jobs in the Federal Government of Nigeria.

“In this new dispensation, no more monkey dey work, bamboo dey chop. If you work, you chop, you don’t work, you don’t chop.

“We have a lot of urban masqueraders in APC now and you, must force them out. And I know Adams Oshiomole is a no nonsense man, he will stand forthright, he will face them both in debate, action, physical, mental, moral, spiritual; he can face the opposition. But I don’t know about the spiritual aspect.”



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