(Episode 3) Deep Sea of Secrets

(Episode 3) Deep Sea of Secrets

Three weeks Later

First Elder: Ehen my people, now that we are gathered here based on the event of last three weeks, Nnamdi is here to finally tell us what the result of the allegation is, if it is true or false.

Nnamdi: ‘Ermm after all the findings it was confirmed that what Ifeoma, my wife said is true’ he said with his head bent.

Second Elder: Chei! Alu! Alu! So you mean all this while, the son you thought you had was never yours?

Nnamdi: Yes.

Third Elder: What about the allegation that you can never father a child, how true is that?

Nnamdi: Shamelessly he said ‘also true’.

Mama Nnamdi: Chei! Nwam mo! My enemies have succeeded in making mockery of me oooo. Chei! What sins have I and my family committed?

First Elder: So now that the findings have been made, knowing that you cannot father a child or anything, do you still want your three children from Ifeoma?

Nnamdi: I still have to know who their father is.

First Elder: Ifeoma, since you are here, will you please tell us who the father of the children you have is?

Ifeoma: I will tell you the father of my Children my elders but I still need to conclude my story.

Second Elder: ‘Look here Ifeoma or whatever your name is’ he said angrily ‘what more do you have to say that we don’t already know, just tell us who the father of your children is and let us get this thing over and done with.

Ifeoma: I haven’t finished my story, until I get there, will I reveal who the father of my children is.

First Elder: if the young woman wants us to know everything about her personal life, then let her go on.

Mama Ifeoma: My people nde wo nuooo!

Altogether: Nde wo!

Mama Ifeoma: ‘If my daughter here wants to tell us everything about her personal life, there must be a reason and as such, we should give her a listening ear’ she said for she was angry at Nnamdi and what he has put her daughter through after her daughter told her all she has been endured in his house and decided to support her by been present in the meeting today.

Mama Nnamdi: What more secrets does she want to reveal to us, what more stories does she want to say to us? Haven’t she put my family to shame?

Mama Ifeoma: my daughter has already been through so much pain and humiliation from your family. Just because she revealed the truth about your son doesn’t mean she is a bad person. Let us all just listen to all she has to say.

Third Elder: if that is what Ifeoma wants, go ahead biko.

Ifeoma: ‘Thank you my Elders’ she bow her head and continued ‘When I found out the test result, I was devastated that the problem wasn’t actually mine but his. I tried to sit him down and talk to him about our not having children but he wouldn’t listen and prior to that time, Mama and Nnamdi were already planning on how to chase me from my matrimonial home by getting him married to another woman. It was during, it was confirmed that she was pregnant for his child for wedding preparation was already on the way. I decided to do the unthinkable; I decided to have an affair with another man to know if really I am the one with the problem or my husband. I decided to have an affair and within two weeks of that affair, I was confirmed pregnant. I went to the doctor if he was sure that the test conducted on my husband is positive and he assured me that it is. What better way do I have than to say he is the one responsible for my pregnancy?

Nnamdi: and you decided to give me another man’s child?

Ifeoma: Yes Nnamdi. You would never have believed me if I told you the truth and to keep my home, I had to do it. I had to sleep with another man. If she could lie to you that the child she is carrying is yours why won’t I do the same. I laugh at you when you say you are going to see your first son because whether you liked it or not, that child was never yours right from the beginning. All these years I kept quiet because  I know what I did was shameful but on the other hand, when I did what I did, I wanted to protect my home and my family. I wasn’t going to allow another woman come reap all the fruit of my labor. I was the happiest woman on earth when I told you that I am pregnant because from that moment, you became the husband and father I wanted. You became the man I said I do in the altar.

Mama Ifeoma: It still does not justify your actions.

Ifeoma: Yes it doesn’t, but it does to me. Mama you were the one pushing him to go marry another woman, you were the one who turned my husband against me and you were the one who introduced him to the woman whom you taught bore him a son. If you had succeeded with your plans, what would have become of me?

Mama Nnamdi: and all these while, you knew he has been fathering another woman’s child but kept quiet?

Ifeoma: Yes I did Mama.

Mama Nnamdi: ‘Why’ she asked with tears in her eyes.

Ifeoma: because I wanted it that way. Because It was what you brought upon yourselves, so carry your cross and on the other man,it will prevent my secrets from revealing.

Mama Nnamdi: Ifeoma you are a wicked woman, a very wicked woman.

Ifeoma: No Mama, you and your son made me what I am today and I have no regrets or whatsoever.

First Elder: Ermm Ifeoma, who is the father of your children?

Ifeoma: the father of my children is…..

Mama Nnamdi: she interrupted ‘Oh! Obi my son is back oooo!’ She ran and hugged him with tears in her eyes ‘Welcome my son and why did you leave London without telling us you were coming’.

Elders: Obi Nno!

Obi: ‘Good day my elders’ he bow before them.

First Elder: You are welcome my son and please have a seat.

Nnamdi: Why did you come Obi?

Obi: I came as soon as you told me what is happening about our family, I have every right to be here, It’s about time.

Nnamdi: About time for what?

Obi: ‘We will know soon’ he said smiling

Third Elder: Welcome my son. How was your trip?

Obi: it was good and we thank God.

Third Elder: I am sure that your family members have given you a heads up on what is happening that is why you are here abi?

Obi: Yes sir,that is why I am here.

Third Elder: Good. Now can we continue because Ifeoma was about to tell us who the father of her children is.

Obi: Really.

First Elder: Yes my son. Ifeoma, can you please tell us who the father of your children is?

Ifeoma: Yes sir I will but before that, I want to say that what I did with the father of my child is my sin and my sin alone. I do not want anything or anyone to harm him in any way.

First Elder: is one man responsible for the three kids?

Ifeoma: Yes sir.

First Elder: Who is he and what is his name?

Ifeoma: His name is…..

Obi: interrupting her, stood up ‘My elders, I am’.

Question: Hmm… Who is responsible for the three kids?

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  1. This suspense is much o. If my guessing could b right, I think it’s Obi or he knows the person too.
    Please next next next lol

  2. Lol!!! Not surprised there. Ifeoma still kept it in the family. Typical. Ok, at least no be gateman or cook. Next episode please.

  3. Errrm, you said what Adelove?!
    I pray the family will not scatter last with this ifeoma’s revelation oooo!!!!

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