(Episode 4) Deep Sea of Secrets

(Episode 4) Deep Sea of Secrets

Elders Chorused together: Alu Eme! Alu! Abomination.

Mama Nnamdi: My People, there must be a mix up somewhere. Bia, Obi nwam, we are asking Ifeoma who the father of her three children is.

Obi: ‘and I said I am the one’ he said boldly.

Nnamdi: ‘so you mean that you have been the one sleeping with my wife in my Absence’ he rushed to Obi and punched him on his face while the three elders ran to him  and held on tight to him in other for him not to fight his brother.

Mama Nnamdi: ‘What have I done oooo’ she shouted ‘what have I done to warrant all this? Chi mo! Chimo! I am finished. Why Obi, why? Your own brother’s wife.

Nnamdi: you did idiot whom I clothe, feed and made you who you are, how could you do this to me by sleeping with my wife, how could you?

First Elder: Nnamdi calm down.

Nnamdi: ‘No my elders, leave me let me go to him and give him the beating of his life, how could he sleep with my own wife’ he struggled out of their hold while Ifeoma and her mother stood looking at the chaos around them, Confused at what to do.

Mama Nnamdi: Obi why? Why?

Third Elder: Nnamdi please put yourself together please, you know we are too old to be holding you down and if you push us roughly, we will fall and only God knows what will happen.

Second Elder: ‘won’t you talk to your son to calm down instead of wailing and crying over what has already happened and let us trash this issue amicably’ he said still trying to prevent Nnamdi from going to Obi.

Ifeoma quickly left them,she went to call three hefty men to come and hold down Nnamdi while the meeting continued.

Nnamdi: Idiot, you didn’t know who to sleep with but my wife, no wonder you haven’t married till this moment. So it was my wife you were looking at and admiring. My own wife?

Mama Nnamdi: Chei! I have suffered. Ifeoma, how could you sleep with your brother in-law, how?

First Elder: after catching his breath said ‘Obi my son, are you sure you are the father of those three children?

Obi: Still standing in his old position said ‘Yes’.

Second Elder: but why your brother’s wife when he is still alive?

Obi: I am sorry and I am willing to accept any punishment for my actions.

Nnamdi: the punishment you deserve is death, you need to die. How could you Obi, how could you?

Third Elder: this is quite a sensitive case here and we must be careful in dealing with it. Ifeoma he said turning to her ‘you are married to one and had an affair with another knowing fully well that your husband cannot father a child right?

Ifeoma: Yes sir.

Third Elder: turning to Nnamdi said ‘now that you know who the father of your child is, he is your brother, are you still willing to let them go since you can’t father any child? Remember that as long as she gave birth while married to you, they are still your children. Though not by blood but by the custom and tradition of our land. What do you want with your wife and children Nnamdi?

Nnamdi: ‘Ermm since I cannot father a child, it will be a wise decision to let my children stay but this woman is the woman I do not want to ever set my eyes on, ever again’ he said pointing to her.

First Elder: even though you know that this children are your brother’s flesh and blood?

Nnamdi: I do not care, they are my children and I will not have Obi take them away from me.

Second Elder: Ifeoma, what do you have to say?

Ifeoma: I do not also want to remain married to Nnamdi and I also do not want my children to remain with him.

Third Elder: But why do you say so, remember that you gave birth to them while married to him?

Ifeoma: I know that my elders and I also know the tradition of the land but if my children remains with him, I am not so sure of their safety.

Nnamdi: What safety are you talking about, you think I will destroy them the way you destroyed me?

Ifeoma: Knowing fully well that those children are not from your lions, I am not sure you will raise them with the love and affection you have been raising them, not while you just found out the truth.

Mama Nnamdi: who are you to say such to my son after what you did? Who are you?

Ifeoma: Mama Please, it’s for my children’s own good.

Mama Nnamdi: Will you shut up, you’re not even ashamed of the disgrace you brought to yourself and my family? You married one and slept with the other, how shameless you are. You still want to talk about who the children should be with and who the children shouldn’t be with? You are a disgrace to womanhood.

Obi: Disgrace to woman hood you say?

Mama Nnamdi: Yes disgrace to womanhood. How could you stoop so low as to sleep with your brother’s wife Obi, how could you? Did you ever think of the shame and disgrace you will bring?

Nnamdi: you are a disgrace to our family Obi, a big disgrace and I wish I am not your brother else what I would have done with you, you won’t believe it. So all these while, I have been raising your kids for you while you are there acting like a saint.

Obi: I am sorry Nnamdi, I am sorry I slept with your wife.

Nnamdi: you should not only be sorry but you should also be ashamed of yourself. So you didn’t see any woman or lady but my wife. What is it in her that you saw sef? I wished you were never my brother.

Mama Nnamdi: Nnamdi, please my son, it is okay oooo. Stop the quarrel with your brother, please my son, please!

Nnamdi: Mama how can i? When the one I took as my flash and blood is sleeping with my wife and has three children for him, how can I? What he did is unforgivable.

Mama Nnamdi: Please my son, he is the only sibling you have and please find a place in your heart to forgive him.

Nnamdi: Forgive him Mama, Forgive him you say?

Mama Nnamdi: Please my son, forgive him oooo, if not for anything but for my sake.

Nnamdi: I won’t, never! He said while the three hefty men still held on tight to him

Mama Nnamdi: ‘Hey! Obi what have you done to us, what have you done to us? Why did you choose to disgrace us like this’ she cried ‘How could you bring this kind of shame to me and our family, how could you?

Obi: Mama, please stop already, I am sorry it has to be with Ifeoma, my brother’s wife. Believe me, I am deeply sorry.

Mama Nnamdi: will you shut up your mouth there, so of all the women in the world, it has to be this shameless woman? This nothing good of a thing. What do the both of you even see in her? How could you Obi, how could you?

Obi: Mama Please…

Mama Nnamdi: how could you? Your brother’s wife. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?

Obi: Mama Please.

Mama Nnamdi: Shut up Obi, I say Shut up. Ifeoma, you have finished ruining my family abi? Hope you are satisfied and my God will definitely reward you for all this sins you have committed.

Obi: Maybe it’s even God that is rewarding you for your own sins.

Mama Nnamdi: What did you just say?

Obi: I said Maybe its God that is paying you back for your bad deeds.

Mama Nnamdi: ‘how dare you talk to me like that? ‘Tua tua’ goes two slaps across his face ‘how dare you?

Obi: Because you Mama, are just like everyone of us here, won’t you do the same if you were in her shoes?

Mama Nnamdi: if I were in her shoes, I rather walk away than bringing shame to myself

Question: What’s Obi trying to portray here?

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  1. Tho, am not satisfied with Ifeoma attitude,but is like mama Nnamdi has skeleton in her cupboard which Obi knows abt….

  2. Tho, am dissapointed in Ifeoma, and is like mama Nnamdi too has a skeleton in her cupboard which Obi knows abt…..

  3. I think Obi purposely did these since he no reason to back it up with. I think Mama has her own secrets and it’s about time know it

  4. Its possible they Nnamdi and Obi are nt brothers from the same father ,what would have given him such confidence? ,i guess the mother too is another dissappointment

  5. I think Obi knows some hidden secret about Mama’s background, and if mama doesn’t let him go of what has happened, He will let the cat out of the Basket..
    Very interesting

  6. No matter what obi shouldn’t have slept with his brothers wife and I don’t think obi and nnamdi are blood brothers

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