(Episode 6) Deep Sea of Secrets

(Episode 6) Deep Sea of Secrets

Nnamdi: because I am her son and she loves me.

Obi: of course you are her son and she loves you but that is not all there is to it.

Mama Nnamdi: What are you trying to say Obi, spill whatever you are trying to say.

Obi: You see Mama, you have really gone out of your way to paint Ifeoma as a bad person whearas you are worse than her.

Nnamdi: Watch what you say about our mother else you will hear it from me this evening.

Obi: Of course she is our mother but has she really told you her deepest secrets?

Mama Nnamdi: What secrets do you think I have, I am not like Ifeoma that is devilish.

Obi: Actually Mama, you are more devilish than she is.

Nnamdi: ‘Obi watch your tongue’ he screamed.

Third Elder: What is going on here and Obi, what are you trying to say?

Obi: My mother has gone ahead in claiming that Ifeoma is the devil, maybe it’s time she let us know her deepest secrets also.

Mama Nnamdi: I do not have any secrets as shameful as that of Ifeoma’s own, I do not have any secrets.

Nnamdi: If you have anything against my mother, why don’t you go ahead and spill it out instead of just saying rubbish.

Obi: Mama, you better let out your secrets because if you can go out of your way to castigate Ifeoma for all she has done, then its time you let us all know what you have been hiding for more than 20 years.

First Elder: Obi my son, remember you are talking about your mother, it is unwise to accuse your mother of false accusations. You know that don’t you?

Obi: My elders, I know that very much but I think it is time she let out the truth she thought she kept hidden for so long.

Nnamdi: What secrets are you talking about?

Obi: Why don’t you ask your wonderful and ever loving mother?

Nnamdi: Mama, what is it you have been hiding away from us?

Mama Nnamdi: I can’t believe you could actually believe what your brother is saying; he just wants to deviate the true reason why we are here.

Obi: You think so Mama, that I want us to move away from the reason we are here? Unbelievable.

Nnamdi: If she doesn’t want to let us know anything, why don’t you spill it out Obi?

Obi: Because she who knows the truth is here, there is no need spilling anything out.

Mama Nnamdi: I don’t have secrets and I do not know what Obi is talking about.

Obi: if you say so Mama, why do you think Papa died of heart attack?

Mama Nnamdi: What are you implying Obi, that I killed your father?

Obi: I should be asking you that question Mama.

Nnamdi: What is going on here Obi, what do you know that I don’t know?

Obi: You should ask our mother Nnamdi.

Nnamdi: Mama, what is Obi trying to say?

Mama Nnamdi: Nnamdi my son, I have no idea, I swear, I have no idea.

Nnamdi: Did you kill our father?

Mama Nnamdi: I have never and will never kill anybody.

Nnamdi: Did you in anyway have a hand in our father’s death?

Mama Nnamdi: I do not have a hand in anything.

Nnamdi: Then Obi, what are you trying to say?

Second Elder: I don’t understand what is going on here, are we here for Ifeoma’s case or are we here for another?

Third Elder: I do not understand anything anymore. Bia Obi, what is it you are trying to say?

First Elder: Please my son’s we are old men here and our time have far been spent, if there is any issue you want to resolve, I believe you can resolve it within yourselves. The only reason we are here is because Nnamdi told us what transpired in his home, hence this meeting. If there is any other issues, I am sure you can resolve it in your inner chambers and let us deal with that of Ifeoma and Nnamdi.

Obi: I am sorry my elders for keeping you up till this moment but you see, the reason why I am bringing up this issue is because, Mama has to tell us the truth she has been hiding for years.

Mama Nnamdi: I have not been hiding any truth. what is the meaning of all this Obi, what do you think that I have been hiding from you and your brother all these years?

Obi: You tell me.

Nnamdi: Obi, you do know that the reason we are here is because of my wife and her infidelity, if you do not have anything more to say, I guess we should go ahead to the main reason why we are here rather than exchanging words with you.

First Elder: if your mothers says she is not hiding anything, why don’t you tell us what you think she is hiding and isn’t it a family issue?

Obi: No my elders, it is no longer a family issue since we all came here to Put Ifeoma to shame, I guess it’s time we put her to shame too.

Nnamdi: Watch your tongue Obi, watch your tongue I am warning you oooo.

Obi: I have watched the way Mama favors you more than she favors me, I have watched the way she treats you more than the way she treats me. Do you think I don’t know that Mama loves you more than anything in the world?

Third Elder: isn’t it normal that a mother will always love a particular child more than the other?

Obi: Not in my own case. Isn’t it Mama?

Mama Nnamdi: Fearing that the secrets she has kept hidden all these years is about to be revealed. Oh, how she taught she was going to die with  this particular secret that will not only destroy her, but destroy her son’s trust and love towards her, How did Obi my son knows and since when? I taught I have hidden everything well all this time?

Obi: ‘Mama’ he called out to her again.

Mama Nnamdi: coming back to her senses replied ‘I do not know what you are talking about Obi’ she said with her head bent for she knew that if she looks at any of her children, they will see the fear in her eyes.

Nnamdi: Mama are you sure of what you are saying?

Mama Nnamdi: Believe me my son, I don’t know what Obi is talking about.

First Elder: if your mother keeps saying she doesn’t know what you are talking about Obi, why don’t you tell us what it is you want us to know?

Second Elder: Errmm instead of telling us, why don’t you people solve your family issues within the confines of your own home?

Obi: No because what Mama has done is also what the elders needs to know so that she will go for cleansing together with her daughter in-law.

Third Elder: if that is the case, please state what is it she has been hiding.

Obi: Mama, say what it is you have been hiding please.

Mama Nnamdi:  I am not hiding anything my people.

Obi: if that is the case then, who is Nnamdi’s real father?

Question: Hmmm…

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  1. Maybe elder 3,hmmmnmn.So mama is not a saint and she want to be d first to stone her daughter-in-law.Nnamdi’s problem may be due his paternity.

  2. This is really strange. Those that doesn’t waste time to point accusing fingers on another are always the worst

  3. How long will we wait before the next episode na? You people will just whet our appetite and leave us like that. Na wa o

  4. Lobaatan…… but Obi should just go straight to the point and hit d nail on d head since Mama is not ready to confess.

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