(Episode 13) Deep Sea of Secrets

(Episode 13) Deep Sea of Secrets

Mama Ifeoma: Tukiafwa! My daughter cannot remain married to you oooo, God forbid.

Nnamdi: look Mama, I am very sorry for all that has happened to your daughter but I am here to make amends, just give me one more  chance and I promise to make everything right.

Mama Ifeoma: Are you deaf, didn’t you hear what I said ‘she shouted’.

Nnamdi: Mama it’s me oooo, your son in-law. We can resolve any issues we have.

Mama Ifeoma: which son in-law, which son in-law? She shouted

Nnamdi: Mama Please, it is Nnamdi begging you he said still standing by the door side.

Mama Ifeoma: Nnamdi or whatever you call yourself, My daughter is no longer interested in this marriage.

Nnamdi: Mama Please.

Mama Nnamdi: Don’t please me my friend, don’t  you  know you are an Osu and you are a slave. People like my daughter do not and will never have anything to do with you.

Nnamdi: But we are married Mama.

Mama Nnamdi: A marriage that was based on lies?

Nnamdi: she is still my wife.

Mama Ifeoma: as far as I am concerned, that marriage has ended.

Nnmadi: Mama Please.

Mama Ifeoma: Don’t you know the tradition Nnamdi, don’t you.

Nnmadi: That is just a stupid tradition and it will not hold.

Mama Ifeoma: Oh! So it is just a stupid tradition yet you brought your wife to the village for her to be disgraced ? For her to follow the tradition and custom of our land abi? Now that it is the other way round, it has become a stupid tradition. Anyway, it is that same stupid tradition you made my wife answer to, you will have to answer to too.

Nnamdi: I am sorry, I did what I did in moment of anger.

Mama Ifeoma: I am also sorry Nnamdi for what you did because it finally revealed the truth of who you really are. You wanted to disgrace my daughter but ended up disgracing you and your whole family. You can’t impregnate a woman, you mother had an affair and you are the product of that an affair with an Osu. Chei! You see yourself?

Nnamdi: Mama please let me see my wife, I am sure we can resolve anything.

Mama Ifeoma: you must be insane to think that she can come back to you. After the elders have finalized  their decision, my people are coming to return back the bride price. We no do again.

Nnamdi: seeing that his mother in-law is bent on him not seeing his wife, called out to her ‘Ifeoma! Ifeoma! Ifeoma’!

Ifeoma: who was in the bedroom, let what she was dong to see Nnamdi ‘ Mama please let me talk to Nnamdi’ she pleaded.

Mama Ifeoma: ‘the better you let him know where he stands in your life, the better for all of us’ she said as she went back inside the house while she stepped out with Nnamdi.

Ifeoma: what do you want?

Nnamdi: I came to see you and to know how you are faring.

Ifeoma: I am doing okay and thank you, you should never have come here.

Nnamdi: I came to see my wife and I wanted to really know if you are okay.

Ifeoma: now that you can see I am okay, can you start going to your place now, you are not welcomed here.

Nnamdi: Yea, I can see that.

Ifeoma: Sorry, not my fault.

Nnamdi: I know. I am really sorry for all that I have done and brought to our family.

Ifeoma: is okay, I have forgiven you a long time ago. You have a lot on your plate right now.

Nnamdi: Yea I really do. You say you have forgiven me?

Ifeoma: yes I have for my own peace of mind and you should also forgive me also for not telling you the truth about our children.

Nnamdi: it’s a bitter pill to swallow but I believe that with time, I will learn to let it go.

Ifeoma: Alright and thanks.

Nnamdi: Actually Ifeoma, I know that things are rough with us but can we still be a couple again, after all this?

Ifeoma: I am sorry but I accepted the fact that things are never going to be the same with us.

Nnamdi: we can try, we can make it work.

Ifeoma: I don’t want to try or make anything work, I just want to have my life back and move on.

Nnamdi: Please Ifeoma, give me a chance to be the husband you desire.

Ifeoma: Why Nnamdi, why?

Nnamdi: because I believe in second chance.

Ifeoma: is that the real reason why you want us to be a family again?

Nnamdi: Yes.

Ifeoma: even when you know the real father of your children?

Nnamdi: Yes and I believe we can move pass that.

Ifeoma: really.

Nnamdi: yes.

Ifeoma: I am sorry, I can’t do it.

Nnamdi: you don’t want our family to be whole again?

Ifeoma: of course I really want our family to be whole again but what I do not want is to remain married to a selfish man like you.

Nnamdi: what do you mean?

Ifeoma: you think I do not know what you are trying to do Nnamdi? So because you found out that you can’t father a child and you are an Osu, you want me to come back to you?

Nnamdi: it is not that.

Ifeoma: don’t lie to me Nnamdi, don’t lie to me. If you are really sincere I may have taught about us having a second chance and moving on with our lives but when I put two and two together, I found out that you will never change. You are the most selfish man I have ever met and I am done with this marriage.

Nnamdi: Please Ifeoma, it is not what you think.

Ifeoma: Really, you are here because the judgment may not walk in your favor and you are infertile. Isn’t it?

Nnamdi: Ifeoma please, let’s work things out.

Ifeoma: like my mother said, the bride price will be returned after judgment has been passed. I am no longer interested in this marriage.

Nnamdi: we can work things out; I will be a better husband.

Ifeoma: ‘I have made up my mind and there is nothing anyone can do about it’ she said and was about walking away, Nnamdi asked.

Nnamdi: are you in love with my brother?

Ifeoma: she turned back and said ‘I think I have had enough already with your family’.

Nnamdi: I am still your husband and I will not accept the return of the bride price.

Ifeoma: ‘see you in few days for us to know what next Nnamdi’ she said and walked away.

Nnamdi: became very furious and said ‘I am still your husband Ifeoma and our Kids will remain mine no matter what you hear me, no matter what. I do not care what the final judgment will be’ he shouted.

Question: Do you think they deserve each other?

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  1. They don’t deserved each other but I hope they will b back together and things will work out fine.

  2. God bless d boss @adelovecom for his contribution to mum kemi olunloyo medical treatment @hnnafrica. Love is all we need, lets spread Love.

  3. though, Nnamdi is selfish, and its a pity ifeoma is not gonna go back to him. no wife, no children, can’t father a child, no family, lost his mother’s love and above all he’s an outcast…. that’s just too much.

  4. Adelove you have good stories,but the typical Nigerian that you are,continuity is becoming a problem,you haven’t posted even an episode for the past 4 days,I use to rate adelove so high,you are now falling below expectations.

  5. Nice story Adelove, but you always leave us dangling in the air. Its been a week since you posted the last episode. I know say he no easy to write stories sha.

  6. If money is the problem let us know, I’m really enjoying your daily stories, I’ve introduce your blog to uncountable friends of mine. what’s the problem?

  7. The story is getting interesting, but Adelove while start a story you won’t finish. Its been almost 2 weeks since you posted this episode. One might consider visiting your page once every month if this persist.

  8. what’s going on adelove hope no problem everyday I do log in to your blog so as to know if u have posted the next one but no sign of it

  9. please let’s pray for adelove that it shall be well with them. cause they have never been delay like this.

  10. Adelove, I think it is only proper to respond to all the concern shown on this platform. At least we see that all your other pages are working just fine so what is going on here? if you wish to discontinue this page, then tell us so we will not keep expecting anything o the subject.

  11. Adelove crew what is happening ooo..
    I do login everyday just to check if you have continue the story…this is unlike you…hope all is well?..this is exactly one month you post your last episodes 13…if you can’t continue the old story please start another one…Thanks..I love you guys

  12. Whatever that is causing this delay I hope you guys overcome it and start making your fans happy again.

  13. Am not a popular commenter but I will talk on dis matter..
    Egbon Ade it’s been a month kilode my friends i introduce av bin asking me as if I b admin.. Pls we need d concluding episode ewo… Eshe gan

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    • Haba!!! I don’t think so o.They are very much live on instagram o.Don’t worry,they will conclude the story. This has happened before and they came back.

  18. I thought am the only one not seeing the stories again until I read the comments of others. Adelove Crew, please work on this.
    I also realized that I no longer receive emails from you guys even before you stopped posting the stories and I didn’t unsubscribe and have been trying to subscribe again all to no avail. Please, fix this as soon as possible.
    Also, I believe you have a cogent reason for not being around, you could do us good by letting us know or sending one of the crew to alert us instead of this silence. It’s becoming unbearable.
    I believe all is well with you.

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