Nigerian Philanthropist, Mr Adelove promises to donate millions of Naira to Kemi Olunloyo

Recall that we brought you reports on how Kemi Olunloyo appealed to Hushpuppi for some money for her health issues

Shortly after a follower blasted Kemi Olunloyo, the investigative journalist leaped for joy and beckoned on him to send her funds. She also added that it had to be higher than the N100,000 she received from Linda Ikeji during her trying prison escapade

The Gucci master has since responded to her saying that he would send he as much money as he can assist her with, on the condition that she apologies to Linda Ikeji!

But Nigerian businessman and young Philanthropist Ade Adelove popularity known as ‘Mr Adelove’ has promises to donate millions of Naira to Kemi Olunloyo for her health issues.



  1. Bros, u do not need to announce it. Follow what Ikeji did when she helped Olunoyo. I hope u are not preparing a political bed? Olunoyo is a bad market. She knows how to pay bad for good. Watch out.

  2. Wow, weldone boss. No wonder Jah got your back. Blessed up 100% is assured for you sir. Love, it begins with us.

  3. Well sir,sha give her with caution oooo,xo dat it won’t bounce back 2 u later n d future.
    Nice of u,nd more blessingz.

  4. It is a good thing that u want to help her,many will want to help her but she doesn’t talk like a mother.
    Hushpupi is a very wise man,read his comment and borrow wisdom from there!!!

  5. Nice 1 @ loveth..don’t knw why mr adelove wanna show his generosity towards an in grate woman instead of spending his money on the helpless/hopeless pple..Anty kemi brags of international hype and accolades yet she dragged d family name in d mud.

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