(PHOTOS) 22 passengers almost fell into the lagoon as bus somersault on 3rd mainland bridge

22 passengers who were on their way to Lagos Island in a Volkswagen commercial bus have survived a terrible accident which would have gotten them drowned in the lagoon. The bus which somersaulted on the third mainland bridge was stopped from falling into the lagoon by the bridge’s crash barrier.

22 passengers almost fell into the lagoon as bus somersaulted on 3rd mainland bridge

Rapid Response Squad tweeted:

”Crash Barrier Saves 22 Passengers from Plunging into Lagos Lagoon The crash barrier on the 3rd Mainland Bridge around 6:30 a.m today prevented a loaded Volkswagen LT bus from landing in the Lagoon when it somersaulted on its way to the Island.”

Officers of the Rapid Response Squad also did their best in attending to the injured passengers using their first aid knowledge.

”@rrslagos767 and @lasemasocial who responded swiftly had hectic time attending to the 22 passengers of the bus who sustained varied degrees of injuries. The First Aid knowledge of @rrslagos767 officers was helpful as they joined medical workers in administering aid on victims.”



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