Why I like Buhari – Methodist Archbishop

The Methodist Archbishop of Abuja, Most Rev. Oche Job, opened up in Abuja, yesterday, why he admires President Muhammadu Buhari more than any president in Nigeria.

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The archbishop said he loves Buhari because he fear no one. His remark was sequel to the recent signing of four bills into laws by Buhari.

The president had, on June 8, assented to the Constitution Fourth Alteration Bill, which grants financial autonomy to the State Houses of Assembly and the states’ Judiciary nationwide.

The law is to ensure that the budgetary allocations of the states’ Houses of Assembly and the judiciary will no longer go through the budgeting process of the executive arm at the state level, but will be transferred directly to the their accounts.

Buhari also signed into law the Bill No. 16 which stipulates that where a vice president succeeds a president or a deputy governor succeeds a governor, he or she can no more contest for that office more than once.

Other bills signed into laws were the Constitution Amendment No. 21, which relates to determination of pre-election matters and the Bill No. 9 which gives the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) sufficient time to conduct bye-elections.

The clergyman, in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, yesterday, said if Buhari “is a man who fears what people will say, by now, he would have become very nervous.

“For sure, I commend him. You see, Buhari fears no one and that’s why I like him. He makes up his mind and says and does what he thinks is the best for the nation.

“People may not praise him now, but, by the time he leaves the seat, and somebody comes in and they begin to do comparison, they will say if it were in the time of Buhari, oh my God, this thing would have been this.”

The cleric said financial autonomy for states’ legislators and judicial officers would ensure accountability at the state level.

“It is the best way because, if somebody is controlling what you have or you live in fear when the money comes to you, you cannot give proper account of what has been bestowed to you,” he said.

The archbishop said with the signing of Bill No. 16 into law, the president has justified Nigerians’ action on the 2015 presidential election.

“Let’s take former President Goodluck Jonathan as example. He took part of (late President Umaru Musa) Yar’Adua’s tenure and by the time it came to him properly, he was elected properly.

“When he sought for re-election, people were already tired of him because the period he took from Yar’Adua plus the period he spent on his own which he was elected, people had already known everything about Goodluck Jonathan and they were tired of him.

“Money could not change the minds of the people. And so, when I heard about the signing of the bill, I said it is only now that they want to resolve what Nigerians have been covering.”

“This nation cannot be taken for a ride. By the time you completed the two years which the other man could not complete and you had done your four years which you won, they have known that if you were to fix Nigeria, you would have fixed Nigeria within that six years.

“And, if things are falling apart, they have correct judgment in their heads to see that you must get out of that place,’’ he said.



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