Nigeria unfair to Amaechi – Obasanjo

Successive administrations in Nigeria have come under severe attack for the alleged neglect and unfair treatment meted on the First Republic Minister of Aviation, Chief Mbazulike Amaechi.

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Chief Amaechi who turned 89 last week was a First Republic politician and about the only surviving member of the Zikist Movement.

Lamenting the unfair treatment of Amaechi in Ukpor, Nnewi South local government of Anambra state during the elder statesman’s 89th birthday celebration which attracted dignitaries across the country, former President Olusegun Obasanjo noted that a man in the status of Amaechi should be celebrated given his contributions to the socio-political and economic emancipation of Nigeria.

Speaking through Chief Bolaji Osinowo who represented him, Obasanjo said Nigeria was now in great need of leaders like Amaechi who put their lives on line for the country.

Osinowo said, “I feel that I am in the presence of a living legend. He was a member of the first cabinet in Nigeria and the first team that piloted the affairs of this country.

“My duty today is to deliver the message of my boss, former President Olusegun Obasanjo. He had earlier told me to accompany him to Ukpor for this event before he had an urgent meeting in Angola.

“He calls you his friend and say you are his senior and with what is happening in the country today, leaders like Chief Amaechi who put their lives on the line for Nigeria is receiving an unfair treatment. About 93 per cent of Nigerians are not happy with what is going on in this country and in most communities today, people cannot sleep with their two eyes closed for fear of night marauders.



  1. Olusegun Obasanjo, Nigeria’s hypocrite No. 1. What did you do for “The Boy is Good” Mbazuluike Amaechi” for the total of about 12 years you were at the helm of affairs in this country. A typical case of “solu Nmuo gbuo, solu Nmadu kwaa”!

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