(Final Episode 15) Deep Sea of Secrets

On the day of the meeting, they all gathered at the Igwe’s palace, the Chief Priest was in attendance too.

First Elder:  “Igwe, like we discussed earlier about the problem on ground, we are all here to proclaim the verdict on what should be done.”

Igwe: Nodding his head and turning to Chiwedum “Since you have not been in attendance and you are here today, are you the real father of Nnamdi?”

Chiwedum: “Yes Igwe, he is my son.”

Igwe: “In that case, Chief Priest what do you have to say about Ifeoma’s case?”

Chief Priest: “Abomination is what you committed, Ifeoma and in other to appease the gods and cleanse yourself and household, you will have to walk naked from your house to the village market on the market day three times.”

Mama Ifeoma: “She has to do all these even when she is no longer interested in the marriage?”

Chief Priest: “I have not finished my verdict woman!”

Mama Ifeoma: “Sorry, please continue.”

Chief Priest: “All these will have to be done; you will have to make provisions for 2 black goats and 3 white cocks which will be presented to the gods of our land for the cleansing.”

Igwe: “Is that all she will present if she is going for the cleansing?”

Chief Priest: “Yes my Igwe.”He said with head bowed “….except…”

Igwe: “Except what?”

Chief Priest: “Except if she is no longer interested in remaining married to Nnamdi, the bride price should be returned immediately and there will be no need for cleansing.”

Igwe: “Ifeoma!”

Ifeoma: “Yes, my Igwe?”

Igwe: “Do you want to remain married to Nnamdi?”

Ifeoma: “No, my Igwe.”

Igwe: “Are you sure?”

Ifeoma: “Yes my Igwe.”

Igwe: “Nnamdi, what do you have to say?”

Nnamdi: “My Igwe, I would love to have my wife back but since she has made up her mind, then I have nothing else to say or do….”

Igwe: “In that case, two people have to agree and since both of you don’t agree and have decided to go your separate ways, the marriage will have to be dissolved. In two weeks Ifeoma, make sure your people return the bride price.”

Ifeoma: “Yes my Igwe.”

Igwe: “Now, Mr. Chiwedum, since you are the father of Nnamdi, what do you have to say about it Chief Priest.

Chief Priest: “The tradition will have to stand.”

Igwe: “Do you know what the tradition says Nnamdi?”

Chiwedum: “I am a slave,I don’t get to decide my fate.”

Igwe: “Exactly but the difference in this case is that your mother was not married to one so it leaves us to decide who you really are.”

Mama Nnamdi: “Please Igwe, what is the final judgment in this case?”

Igwe: “Chiwedum is an Osu and according to the tradition of our land, he is not supposed to marry anyone in our village except she is an Osu.”

Nnamdi: “But my mother got married to my father who is not an Osu.”

Igwe: “Yes we know that, it leaves you to decide whether you are one or not.”

Nnamdi: “Am I one?”

Igwe: “The decision is not mine to decide but yours. However, if you decide to acknowledge the fact that you are an Osu by recognizing with them, then your children will no longer be yours.”

Nnamdi: “What do you mean Igwe?”

Igwe: “By tradition, you are not an Osu because Obi’s father also known as your father before his death, paid your mother’s bride price and that signifies that you are not an Osu for you are his son.”

Nnamdi: “Does that mean my children are not Osu too?”

Igwe: “Yes your children are not Osu too.”

Nnamdi: “Even when I am no longer married to their mother?”

Igwe: “Yes of course.”

Nnamdi: “Does that mean that they are my children?”

Igwe: “They are your children by the laws of our land.”

Nnamdi: “I will continue to be their father, I am not an Osu.”

Igwe: “In that case, all problems have been settled.”

Nnamdi: “I may have lost everything including my wife but I will always have my children. I am not an Osu” He said out loud for everyone to hear.

Third Elder: “What about the atrocity committed by Mama Nnamdi, my Igwe?”

Igwe: “Her husband is dead already, the sin she committed was done before she married him. Let her go in peace because already, she will live with the consequences of her action. Have I spoken like the true son of the soil my high priest?”

High Priest: “You have spoken the words of our gods.”

Second Elder: “What about Obi that slept with his brother’s wife while his brother is still alive?”

High Priest: “Only the gods know why they allow such things to happen for we cannot question the gods and they are all free to go.”

Mama Ifeoma: “Maybe the sins of the parents are visiting their children.”

High Priest: The gods knoweth and only them answereth.”


After the meeting, everyone having gone to their various homes, Obi stayed behind to have a talk with Ifeoma who was still waiting for the mother to finish having her discussion with the Igwe.

Obi: “I guess this is it” He said to Ifeoma.

Ifeoma: “Yes, this is it. When will you be leaving to the states?”

Obi: “In three days.”

Ifeoma: “Have a safe trip then.”

Obi: “Thank you.”

Ifeoma: “When will you be coming back to Nigeria again?”

Obi: “I don’t know but not anytime soon as there is nothing bringing me back home except of course if it is urgent.”

Ifeoma: “Hmmm. I am sorry that things turned out this way.”

Obi: “It’s not your fault….” He said, smiling “…..remember I told you that I will tell you who the woman I am in love with is when all this come to an end?”

Ifeoma: “Yes you did….. Who is she?”

Obi: “A woman I know I can never have and that woman is you.”

Ifeoma: “ Oh,Obi”

Obi: He interrupted “I know, you don’t have to say anything and I can understand everything well. I know what your decision will be. I just want you to have a good life and take care of our children. If you need anything, let me know and I will be ever ready to be there to help. Don’t hesitate, I repeat, never hesitate.”

Ifeoma: “I won’t, I promise.”

Obi: “Goodbye Ifeoma.”

Ifeoma: “Good bye Obi.”

The end.

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  1. Wawu !!! Thank God it ended peacefully oo… Me I thought Obi and nnamdi will misunderstand themselves…thsnks to igwe and the chief priest for the fair verdict on the matter. Kudos to Adelove crew who made it possible. I love you guys loads !

  2. Thank God at last it ended in praise as usual. Well adelove u are still BBE- Best Blog Ever no matter what.

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