(Episode 2) Karma’s Romance

Kosi was having a good time. She sat at a table laden with different assortments of night foods and she couldn’t be happier. Of course, her happiness had more to do with the hunky boy man she recently started calling boyfriend than with the amount of food. She knew he was bad for her but she had had a crush on James since her first year and he had never looked in her direction. He had actually been interested in Lanke for a while and that had made her mad.

Recently however, they had been out together with mutual friends and they had all gotten into a game of truth or dare. She and James had been dared to kiss each other and since then had been inseparable. He wasn’t really her boyfriend, they weren’t dating or being exclusive but she didn’t really mind, she just wanted a piece of the hottest boy on campus. At 24, he was in his 2nd year studying business administration and if the rumors were to be believed, he was a member of a cult group that had gained notoriety last year.

Of course, she didn’t care about that, all that mattered was the good sex she enjoyed in the back seat of his car regularly since she started hanging with him. Unlike the younger post teenage boys in school, he was tough, brutal, handsome, mean and he had a magic penis that brought her plenty of pleasure.

She picked at the suya on the table and smiled as she listened to the music and the cacophony of voices around them. Lanke sat opposite her with her own boyfriend, Nelson who was a student of the neighbouring state University. Rumour had it he was also a cultist, a leader of another gang.

Beside them were others, Juwon, a brilliant guy studying law but who liked to hang with the hot crowd and smoke marijuana. According to James, his Parents had to bring him back to Nigeria when he started spending time with bad boys in Chicago where they lived before. That was why at 22, he was just starting his first year. If only his parents could see him now.

Anslem, the cutest guy in school also sat with them smoking cigarettes and deep in conversation with Kachi, another suspected cultist. Anslem was a well-known man whore and had slept with virtually the entire female population at Rhaddeus University, including Kosi, Lanke and most of their friends. He broke hearts like a pro and did it with a smile. He was so cute though that girls usually forgave him.

Kachi was 22 and was believed to be a very high ranking member of the Black cellos, a cult group formed by students of the state University and of Rhaddeus which James headed. The cult wasn’t particularly deadly but girls in School had heard they had been linked to the rape of some girls from the State school. Girls didn’t really get raped at Rhaddeus because of the protected nature of the school.

Ufoma, a real wannabe dude was also hanging around them. In Kosi’s opinion, the guy was just stupidly hanging on. He was 18 and wanted to fit in so he kept running around for the older guys and doing everything they wanted him to do like he had no mind of his own, he probably didn’t anyway. She had heard his parents were rich and he was also a very hot dancer who got paid for big jobs so she wondered at him sometimes.

And farthest from the table entirely was Biggie, Kosi didn’t know his real name but the guy was over 6 ft tall with muscles, abs and weight to match. He was very dark and she had often wondered how his girlfriend, a slim bony girl coped with having such a huge boyfriend. When she finally asked Debo, who was a close friend, Debo had told her they weren’t having sex yet and were waiting for marriage.

This had surprised Kosi who not only didn’t believe in shit like that, she also didn’t see Biggie as the kind of Guy who would wait.  The two however, Biggie and Debo seemed perfectly content with each other and had been dating from their orientation week when they were all in their first year.

She was quietly contemplating everyone, including Lanke and Nelson when she noticed that most of the guys, excluding Biggie and James, who was smoking away were involved in a deep discussion about something. She couldn’t hear them though, the music was too loud and she wondered how they were hearing themselves.

Suddenly the music went off and she could hear them clearly.

Anslem: “……..What do you mean? Get away jare!! There’s no girl in that school I cannot have, even your school!”

Kachi: “Guy, waka comot jare! Just because some girls dey open leg for you, you don dey feel yourself abi?”

Ufoma: “As in! You’re just running mouth! Have you slept with Kanmi in mass communication?”

Anslem: “Ehn? Which Kanmi? Why do you think she doesn’t talk to me anymore? She begged me not to break up with her but I had to tell her I don’t do exclusive relationships.”

Ufoma: “For real? And I liked that girl oh.” He sounded really disappointed. “Was she a virgin?”

Anslem: “Which virgin? If I hear!! Are there still any virgins in that our school?”

Kachi: “No be una call am Catholic University?” He guffawed.

Nelson: “Ha! Na inside God house sinners dey pass!” He said as he joined in the conversation.

Juwon: “Chill oh, that girl Rita, in Engineering, she’s in Succoth Hostel, that girl go be virgin now, abi Lanke?”

Lanke: “Oh please, don’t talk about that bitch, abeg! Even if she’s a virgin, she’s too toxic please.”

Anslem: “True, I don’t even like her. Heard she’s going to become a nun….”

Juwon: “Talk true, you know you can’t get her or that her tiny fine friend. Those girls have class!”

Lanke: “Which class? Please let me hear word jor? Ada is my roommate and there’s nothing special to her!” She said derisively. “Only that her folks are rich!”

Kosi: “True! She’s a very fake girl and pretentious. I don’t like her at all, I just form nice because she always has plenty stuff to give. I don’t know if she’s a virgin though.”

Nelson: “For real? I know that girl now, abi?”

Juwon: “If she’s a virgin, she will never agree to sleep with Anslem, trust me!!”

Anslem: “I don’t like how you guys are always doubting me! I don’t like it at all! I can get that girl! Let’s bet on it!”

The guys all hooted and started shouting. James and Biggie joined in and they started arguing on how much to bet to the excitement of the girls excluding Debo who found it disrespectful and walked away. Biggie quickly followed her, eager to appease her. The other guys settled on #20,000 which Anslem would give them if he couldn’t get Ada and they would give him if he got her.

With laughter, Lanke and Kosi promised to help him get what he wanted and they enjoyed their night. Work would begin tomorrow.


Lanke: “Have you heard?” She asked, excited as she burst into the room.

Kosi: “Heard what?”Asked dismissively

Lanke: “Reverend Sister goody goody and Madam Hoity toity argued in the downstairs corridor yesterday!!” She said as she burst out laughing.

Kosi: “Really?” Kosi askedgiggling. Around Lanke, she spent a lot of time giggling even though sometimes she wanted to laugh. The truth was she had esteem issues with laughing around Lanke. Lanke had the most perfect set of teeth she had ever seen of anyone and she, on the other hand, had teeth that were the colour of caramel and in the top layer of her gums, she was even growing double teeth. Of course, James didn’t mind.

Lanke: “Yes oh, many people saw them! They said Reverend Sister wanted to die!” She said as she started laughing again.

Now, Kosi laughed. Served that idiot Rita right for thinking she was more perfect than everybody else. People like Rita and Ada nauseated her. Rita acted like she was Gods only begotten daughter and Ada was so proud because her father was so rich and she had been to many countries and had a car of her own at home.

Kosi: “Serves them right! Stupid girls!”

Lanke: “Seriously! I wish I was there. That Ada too, always acting like one first lady, prim and proper like she no get mouth! Imagine!”

Kosi: “So you have also noticed, abi? I swear that girl is so fake!”

Lanke laughed coldly, she really hated that stupid Rita and she had told the girl several times but with Ada, she couldn’t tell. The girl was just so nice, pretty, quiet and rich. She did not believe anyone could have it all and as far as she was concerned, Ada had her secrets and she would find them out.

Lanke: “Maybe we should ask her when she comes today, what do you think?”

Kosi: “Ask her what?”

Lanke: “If she’s a virgin now. We promised to help Anslem, remember?”

Kosi: “Oh, true oh. Or if she has a boyfriend.”

Lanke: “Hahaha!!” They both started giggling again at their own ingenuity.


After the showdown with Rita, Ada had decided to avoid her room for a while in case Rita chose to pay her a visit and had yesterday, slept in her floor’s common room. Today, she finally made her way back to her room, glad to see Rita hadn’t come to disturb her things in her absence. Lanke was dancing to music from the radio charger in the corner, swinging her massive bumbum while Kosi was on her bed, filing her nails and blowing gum. They both looked up when she entered.

Ada: “Hello ladies…”

Lanke: “How are you? Heard about your drama with your friend, Assistant Holy Mary. What happened?”

Ada: “Nothing serious.” She told them as she made her way to her bed, taking off her clothes as she sat down. She quickly wrapped a towel around her underwear clad body because she wasn’t comfortable being naked around her almost always naked roommates.

Kosi: “Nothing abi? Okay oh, don’t worry, since you can’t treat us like your friends and tell us.” She giggled at Lanke when Ada entered the bathroom.

Ada came out three minutes later feeling refreshed and went to sit on her bed.

Lanke: “So Ada, you can tell us what happened now. I thought we were friends?”

Ada: “No, it’s nothing like that, I just don’t want to ruin entirely what I have with Rita. I know we will get back together very soon so let me just keep quiet about it, I was just angry yesterday, if not, I wouldn’t even have shouted at her at all.”

Kosi: “Eyaa!” She left her bed and came to sit beside Ada on her bed, rubbing her back. “Don’t be angry with yourself okay?”

Ada had always felt comfortable around the quieter and more composed Kosi unlike Lanke who was always forward and talkative. She was grateful for Kosi’s comforting aura right now. She knew they weren’t perfect but she didn’t find them so disagreeable. They weren’t critical or judgemental like Rita and they seemed genuinely nice.

Ada:“Thank you, I feel better right now.”

Kosi: “Okay then, I’m glad. Hmm….. Ada, do you have a boyfriend?”

Ada: “Boyfriend?!” She shouted. “Nooooooo! What for? At my age?”

Lanke: “Haha! Aren’t you an adult? What are you saying?”

Ada: “Boys aren’t a priority though! I don’t need that kind of distraction…”

Kosi: “So you have never had a boyfriend? Ever?”

Ada: “No!! For what? I don’t need one!!”

Lanke: “Have you had sex before?”

Ada: “No, you guys are acting weird oh! I don’t believe in premarital sex at all.”

Lanke: “So, you’re a virgin?”

Ada: “Yes!” She stated emphatically, shrugging.

Kosi: “Okay, okay!” She told Ada, winked at Lanke and went back to her own bed.

Are you like me, wondering if Ada will fall for Anslem? Well then, stay tuned for the next Episode so we can find out together!


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