(Episode 3) Karma’s Romance

It had been 3 weeks since the fight with Rita and Ada was getting worried. Rita was now avoiding her, if Rita saw her coming one way, she would go the other way. Ada’s parents knew the money Rita got as pocket money wasn’t enough so whenever they sent Ada money, they sent to Rita too.

Knowing how proud Rita could be, Ada had written an apology note tucked with the money and placed it under Rita’s room pillow. Initially, she assumed Rita didn’t get it since she still avoided Ada but she had since realised Rita had gotten it for she had paid for the lab suit and googles she told Ada she wanted to buy.

This worried Ada because the action suggested that Rita did not want to have anything to do with her again. How would she cope without Rita? All she wanted was a little respect from Rita in their friendship. She wasn’t used to having to make new friends and the whole thing was tiring her out. She had been spending a lot of time with Kosi and Lanke but they had nothing in common.

All they talked about were their boyfriends, nails, clothes etc. nothing about books, school and all the things Ada liked. She sighed as she continued walking to the Library, she had barely gotten to the entrance when she heard her name being called, she turned around and saw Anslem.

Ada: “Hi, Anslem, how are you?”

Anslem: “How are you, dear? Where are you going?”

Ada: “This part only leads to one building…” She said sarcastically. She was beginning to feel irritated by Anslem’s ridiculous attention. He had an overblown ego because he was handsome, he had the brains of a cockroach and she expected a guy of 21 to have more going for him than a reputation for haven shagged the highest number of girls on Campus.

Anslem: “You look extra beautiful today” He said as he leered at her bosom.

Ada: “It must be the sun, its making you see visions!”

Anslem: “No! Don’t you know you’re beautiful?” He smiled his winning smile.

Ada: “I know, I just don’t like hearing you mention it every day!” She answered with a tight smile, letting her disdain show a little. “I have an assignment right now so I have to go. Talk to you later. Bye.” She turned and walked away.

Anslem stood on the partway and rubbed his hands over his head. His time was running out, he barely had 8 days and he couldn’t even say he had gotten the girl to like him much less getting into her panties. What was he supposed to do now? The stupid bitch was just being so stubborn! What was her problem anyway? He decided to go and search for Lanke and Kosi, they weren’t helping at all.



Lanke: “Why don’t you like Anslem?” She asked Ada who was sitting on the reading table drinking cornflakes.

Kosi: “Abi oh! Hes so cute and all the girls want him.”

Ada: “Why don’t they take him then? I’m not interested in him! I told you I can’t afford male distractions right now. My parents expect me to do well and I will.”

Kosi: Who says you can’t do well and have a boyfriend?”

Ada: “I don’t want to have a boyfriend, if I wanted a boyfriend, it wouldn’t be Anslem!”

Lanke: “Anslem? Why not?” She couldn’t understand how any girl wouldn’t want Anslem. When she was having sex with Anslem last semester, she and the other girls he was sleeping with at that time knew about each other but no one cared. How can this yeye girl think she was all that special? “Do you know how girls are rushing for him?”

Ada: “I don’t care! I don’t want a boyfriend…..”

Kosi: “We are not talking about dating him, just sleeping with him. If you’re a virgin, its better you start with a guy with experience.”

Ada: looked at them like they were both mad. “I would not sleep with any man until marriage and especially not a male prostitute, please, don’t tell me that again, I beg you!” She stood up and walked out of the room with her cornflakes.


Anslem stood in the corner by the library wondering what to do. Lanke and Kosi had just told him to forget Ada and he was devastated. Besides the money he was about to lose, his pride had also badly suffered. He couldn’t believe Ada had turned him down and lost him so much money. What did that girl think she was?

He had only four days now and he figured he could take another shot at it. He waited another 20 minutes till it was 9pm when Ada usually left the Library. He straightened when he saw her come out of the library.

Anslem: “Hey dear!”

Ada was startled when she saw Anslem in the shadows, she sighed and walked into the darkness at the corner. He looked miserable and she felt bad for him. She knew how that felt.

Ada: “Hi, how are you?”

Anslem: shrugs, “I’m fine, you?”

Ada: “Fine, I was reading.”

Anslem: “I know, I missed you.” He leaned into her and grabbed her waist. Before she could do more than squeak, he planted a sloppy kiss on her. He deepened the kiss when she started struggling and pushed his left hand under her blouse up to her breasts. He knew that all he needed was for him to kiss her for a few minutes and she would want him very soon. It had worked several times before. Women did not always know what they wanted.

Ada was very angry. This bastard had the guts to put his hands on her breasts and she couldn’t get free. She tried to jerk free but she was small and he was big and he pushed his tongues deeper into her throat. She could feel his organ getting bigger against her stomach and she started getting scared.

She dropped the books she had been holding, they fell on his feet and he jerked backward, she took a deep breath and bit deeply on his tongue. He screamed and released her breasts then she punched him in the eye and bit his shoulders too.

Anslem: “You bitch!!!” He screamed when his hands which he had put on his tongue came away with blood. “What’s your problem?? You’re crazy!!”

Ada: “You’re mad!! Your family is crazy!! Your life is crazy!! How dare you?!!” She screamed back as she started running, tears slipping out of her eyes.

Anslem: “That crazy girl!! She will suffer for this.” He said into the dark rubbing at his painful shoulder.


Anslem’s friends couldn’t help laughing when they saw him the next evening. He looked funny. His eyes were black and his tongue swollen so he couldn’t talk. His friends wanted to know what happened but he wouldn’t say. Eventually, when Kosi came with James, she told the other guys what had happened as she had heard from Ada when she got back to the room yesterday. This only made the guys laugh harder that a girl had taken down the mighty Anslem.

Kosi: “You guys, I’m serious oh! It took Lanke and me the whole night to convince her not to report him to anyone. Do you know what could have happened if anyone heard?”

Ufoma: “What is wrong with that girl though? It’s Anslem now.”

Juwon: “I don’t get it oh….. Who does she think she is? Is she finer than some of the other girls Anslem has fucked?”

Kachi: “I swear she lucky say she no be student for our school, she for don suffer!!”

James: “What’s stopping you from dealing with her?” He said with deadly calm as all the other guys paid attention.

Anslem was embarrassed but he was feeling angry and vengeful. “How do I deal with her? She’s in Rhaddeus, you know?”

James: “So? Won’t she come out?”

Kosi: “No….” She said nervously, “She doesn’t go anywhere.”

James: “Then you’ll bring her out!”

Biggie: “For what?” He asked. “Please guys, let’s leave the matter. She messed up but she’s young, let’s forget it.”

Anslem: “You can forget it but you’re not the one she just humiliated! I lost money because of her.” He spat out.

Biggie: “Guy, that’s your ego talking. If that’s the case, we won’t collect money for the bet…”

Juwon: “For where? Make the rest of you no collect, I go collect.”

Anslem “You see?”

Ufoma: “Guys, seriously, let’s just scare her or something.”

Kachi: “You know say you no get liver, go siddon!” He pulled out a cigarette and started smoking. “Nothing will happen except what we want to happen!”

Biggie: “What do you want to do to her? Beat a small girl?”

Nelson: “No, he will take the virginity she’s so proud of.” He laughed.

Biggie: “Guys, no! Don’t go there! I’m warning you. Just leave her. Is she stupid that she won’t remember? This is not State University oh. See, I’m out, I don’t have the energy for trouble!” He said as he dropped his beer bottle and money on the table and stood up to leave.

Kachi: “Coward, no wonder na Debo dey control you! Big for nothing mumu!” he shouted at his former best friend.

Biggie kept walking like he didn’t hear the insult.

Anslem: “But what if she recognises me?”

James: “She won’t. You’ll just give her something to drink before it happens and she will never know what hit her.”

Kosi: “What of the person who brought her out? Won’t she remember us?”

Nelson: “You guys are overthinking this stuff, bring her out, do what you want to do and wait for the result, that’s what real men do!” He said decisively

Kosi: “Please guys, let’s not do it, I’m not cut out for this kind of trouble.” She said beginning to realise what kind of fix she had gotten herself into.

Juwon: “I like the idea, let’s do it!”

“Yeaaaah!!” The other guys started screaming “Bugu!! Bugu!!”  They shouted and clinked their bottles as other patrons turned to watch them.


“No, no, no, please, let me go!” She screamed as the guy grabbed her and started tearing her clothes off….

Rita was panting when she woke up. Her body was pooled with sweat and her bed linens were scattered all over. She felt terrified again when she realised that the dream had been about Ada. Ada had been led into the woods by Kosi and Lanke where some guys had been waiting to attack her. She quickly said a prayer and although she was still angry with Ada, she would tell her in the morning.

When she woke in the morning, she figured the dream was her imagination because she was jealous of Ada’s new friendship with Kosi and Lanke, Ada had never had any friends besides her. Of course, the idea that she would have to talk to Ada now grated on her nerves. Ada would assume she was talking to her because she needed money, which she did.

She came out of her room and saw Ada coming downstairs giggling with Lanke and decided not to tell her afterall. If Ada was in danger, God would have told her new best friends. In her anger, she forgot her dreams usually came true.

Oh dear! Is Ada in trouble now? Find out in the next episode of Karma’s Romance!


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  1. Ada is in serious trouble. Let her friend Rita forget their differences and think about their long time friendship dated back since their secondary school and the love and care that Ada’s parent have for her and come to the rescue of her friend Ada from this bad predicament that is about to happen.

  2. Oh no… Rita u should be able to tell her now, if not for her but her parents that always took you as their 2nd daughter. I hope all will be well sha

  3. Oh oh oh……That word “FORGETTING HER DREAM COMES TRUE…… oh Ada I pity you thou it’s really not what you want…… WITH ADELOVE.COM LONELINESS IS JUST A STORY

  4. Chia, anger is indeed one short of danger,
    Rita must forget everything and forgive Ada, in order to save her best friend.

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