(Episode 4) Karma’s Romance

Kosi was really nervous, she was eating her beloved suya way too fast but she couldn’t relax. All week, her head felt very heavy at the thought of what she had to do. She was worried about what James would have done to her if she hadn’t agreed. So naturally, she had approached Lanke with the plan and Lanke had been excited about the idea and had even been able to infect Kosi with her excitement, a little.

It had been hard to convince Ada to come out on a Friday night without telling anyone beforehand. Fortunately, Ada did not have any other friends besides that pious Rita who still wasn’t talking to her. They eventually convinced her by telling her they had to attend an HIV convention taking place at midnight.

Of course, she wanted to know why they had to go without school exeat since it was all perfectly legal, then they told her the School did not want to identify with the HIV patients. They convinced her because they told her there were lots of HIV patients who needed a listening ear. Or maybe because they continued to whine but eventually she agreed, probably because she was depressed over her bestie.

Lanke: “Calm down Kosi, what’s wrong with you? You’ll give it up.” She whispered at Kosi who was acting all jittery.

Kosi: “I can’t calm down, I’m scared! What if something goes wrong? What if……..”

Lanke, “Chill, they will soon be here.”

Ada noticed them talking and wondered for the 100th time what she was doing in this place. The girls said they had to chill because the program did not start until 11pm but she was feeling very nervous. She put that down to the knowledge that she was never outside by 10pm. If her parents ever found out that she went outside school, she would be in big trouble.

As she sipped her drink and ate of the suya, she had an inkling that she should have told at least one person about this outing. Maybe her class Rep or one of those girls in the room beside theirs who greeted her nicely. She just realised it was stupid to come out this late without telling anyone and with two girls she suddenly didn’t trust at all.

Lanke and Kosi were looking around furtively and then suddenly seemed to relax. Ada stopped drinking her coke halfway and watched them quietly. She couldn’t place it but something wasn’t right. Then again the local bar was quite crowded so she didn’t think anything could happen. 5 minutes later, after her goose bumps kept rising, she stood up and they both stood up.

Ada: “Girls, I’m going back!”

Kosi: “At this time? No way!! You can’t go!! Please, have your seat, it’s almost 11pm.”

Maybe it was the way she screamed but Ada was even more determined. Lanke looked somewhere beyond the entrance and she nodded at Ada.

Lanke: “Okay, let’s go.”

They all moved out of the bar to the door and unto the stretch of road that led back to school. Just then, a jeep stopped beside them. A guy she recognised as Kosi’s boyfriend and Ufoma, a dancer from school got out of the car.

James: “Hi, Ada” He greeted, resting on the car’s bonnet.

Ada looked back and saw that the road was rather deserted and no one was outside. Suddenly, she saw another car coming down the untarred road, and then parked behind them. Anslem then got out with some other guys she didn’t recognise. When she saw Anslem’s face, she grabbed Kosi and screamed.

Ada:“Run!! Run!!” She screamed as she ran, making her way back to the bar but was tackled from behind, carried and thrown into the trunk of the second car where she was pinned down and her mouth covered by two guys. When they tied her hands, they closed the car’s trunk. She tried to scream but no sound came out.

She felt terrified and started crying. Why would Anslem do this? How could James let them kidnap his girlfriend? Did they think Lanke and Kosi were responsible for what happened with Anslem last week?

She listened and heard laughter outside. The laughter was feminine but she hadn’t seen any other females except herself and her roommates. Then she heard the laughter clearly and realised it was Lankes’s. Then it clicked, she realised she had made a mistake. The girls had tricked her and lured her out like bait…

Lanke: “Can I come and watch?” She asked James eagerly.

James: “No way!! Ufoma, take them to our place.”

Ufoma: “Not now….. I will miss this. Let someone else take them.”

James: “I said drop them and come back later to join us. We would be at the initiation ground.”

Lanke: “That’s not fair, how come all of you are going to watch and I can’t come and watch?”

James: “You don’t know the initiation ground and we can’t take you there.”

Kosi: felt really scared at all this. She had thought it would be a quick simple rape, Ada would cry, forget what happened and learn to treat others more respectfully. She didn’t like all these talks of initiation grounds anymore. Were they all cultists? It was supposed to be only James and Nelson, how come cowardly Ufoma knew where it was? “Look, let’s call this off, I’m no longer comfortable, please.”

James: “Shut up and get into the car! Ufoma, get in, drop them and come back.”

At his tone, the two girls bundled into the car, Lanke looking resentful and Kosi crying. She watched with a heavy heart as the guys went into the other car and drove in the other direction.


Ada felt the grass where they laid her on, her hands tied and fear overwhelming her. She could see six guys standing around her laughing and the tears started pouring out. From her position on the ground, she could see the place was a clearing in the forest and the moon high in the sky. No one would hear her! She started struggling earnestly as tears leaked from her eyes.

Anslem: “Guys look, she’s crying!” He laughed. “I thought you were super woman, oya free yourself.”

James: “She’s such a cutie.” He laughed and lighted up his cigarette, “Guys tear off her clothes!”

Anslem and Kachi approached her. Anslem, holding up a scissors was laughing, very excited. They knelt beside her, Anslem put the scissors into her blouse and started cutting it up along with her bra. Kachi pulled it apart and tore it off her along with the sleeve while Anslem started cutting her trousers.

Ada: “Please, No, Please, I beg you!!” She cried out, terrified and sure nothing would save her yet hopeful. She felt them pull all her clothes off as she closed her eyes. She heard the guys hooting. She felt a slap on her cheek and opened her eyes and saw one of them kneeling beside her with a something in a cup. He forced her mouth open and poured in the drink. It was a bitter liquid and she started to pray for God to help her.

She felt very confused and dizzy but she saw Anslem had taken off his trousers and his organ was erect. He pushed her knees apart with his legs and knelt between her thighs. At his first thrust, she screamed so loud, she felt the Earth shake. As Anslem pumped away, the other guys kept shouting, laughing and drinking.

She felt so tired and in so much pain, she closed her eyes against the pain. Just as she felt Anslem groaning as he released, she felt another one of them grab her left breast and start tugging it painfully. Another wet mouth attacked her right breast and was biting and sucking painfully. She started crying again.

Another guy pushed her limp thighs apart and entered her and she couldn’t scream. She opened her eyes but she couldn’t see him. As he finished, another guy replaced him and she went to another place. She stared at the sky, only seeing the outline of the moon as the guys humiliated her, sucked her breasts, pinched her, bit her, fingered her and she lost count of who was doing what and what number he was.

She felt she couldn’t feel anything anymore until she was rolled over unto her belly and her legs spread again. She was wrong. As whoever it was pushed his organ into her untried anus, she started crying again.

This was the most humiliating thing they had done to her and she would never forgive them. Her senses came back alive and she smelt him and heard his voice clearly as he groaned terrible nonsense into her ears, it was James.

After that, she was turned over and her legs spread again. She saw Ufoma’s face as he mounted her. She called his name but he didn’t hear her because she had lost her voice and was only whispering as she cried.

When Ufoma stood up, he looked at the other guys and couldn’t believe what he done to prove himself, he was disgusted and felt nausea roiling up within him. He grabbed his stomach, moved to a corner and threw up as the other guys started laughing. He refused to look back at Ada where she lay. Her body weak and her eyes rolled back.

Anslem: “What do we do with her now? She looks too tired. Lazy bitch, she’s not even tough!!”

Kachi: “But I enjoyed the girl oh, she just tight like no man business!”

Juwon: “Abi oh!” And they started laughing again.

James went and knelt beside her when he saw her mouth moving. He pointed the torchlight at her and saw her mouthing the words “Anslem” “James”“Ufoma”

James: “Guys, I don’t think she will forget us. She might not have clear memories but she will remember our names, let’s finish her.” He said coldly.

Ufoma: “No, no, that wasn’t the plan!!” He cried out.

James: “All of us raping her wasn’t the plan either but didn’t you join in? Didn’t you release?”

Juwon: “But James, since we didn’t plan to kill her, there’s no need for that.”

James: “She’s calling Anslem’s name, mine and Ufoma. If you guys don’t mind going to Prison, I do.”

Anslem: “She’s calling my name?! You said the drugs would make her forget?”

James: “Well, it didn’t work! She’s stronger than we thought”

Anslem: “I think James is right, we should end it. If she goes back and everyone finds out she has been raped, her parents will do a DNA test and they will know it was us because none of us wore a condom. I saw this happen in a movie recently!”

Ufoma: “You guys, I don’t like this, why didn’t we say all these before?” he started crying.

Nelson: “The plan no be for all of us to do her. That one just entered this night.”

Kachi: “Abeg, kill the girl!”

Juwon: “Anything you guys want to do, just do it quickly, it’s almost 4am.”

Ufoma: “What of when they find her body? They will still catch us!!” He cried louder.

James: “Shut up! We will bury her here. Guys, start digging under that tree there.” He pointed at the farthest end of the clearing. “Dig very deep, okay? Kachi, finish her off.”

Kachi: “With pleasure!” He picked up the scissors and knelt beside her. She opened her eyes and saw his smug eyes as he raised the scissors and tears came to her eyes again. She couldn’t believe they still planned to kill her after everything.

She looked up to heaven and asked God to avenge her even while he received her soul. She didn’t say it loud for she couldn’t speak anymore but she knew God heard her. Kachi pushed the scissors into her belly several times. Then she felt nothing at all.

When Kachi finished with her, he, Nelson and Anslem carried her bloody body towards the hole and buried her with her clothes. Kachi could not hide his excitement at the night’s proceedings and he smiled at James with contentment, Ufoma cried as he poured sand over the body, Juwon was in shock, he had done something he never thought he would do. Anslem wished they had kept her longer so he could have his way with her several more times before they killed her. He had never done anything so pleasurable.

Nelson was indifferent. He had virtually been last on Ada ad he hated the idea of being in that position. He minded how James had made him go last like he was boss of them all. James might be Boss in his own cult, Nelson was also a Boss in his.

James felt really good. After the guys had buried all the evidence and washed off, he made all of them swear a blood oath that their secret would never be revealed.  Then they left in the car. At the House where they normally met, he forced Kosi and Lanke to take the same oath. And when Kosi wouldn’t stop crying, he pushed her into a bedroom and took her brutally against the wall.

The next day, Lanke reported to the hostel mistress that they hadn’t seen Ada since the previous day and they didn’t know where she was. They started searching for her but couldn’t find her and a few hours later, the whole school was in an uproar, her parents were also called in.

Rita knew without a doubt Kosi and Lanke had something to do with what had happened to Ada especially when Kosi did not return to school the following semester. She remembered the dream she had days before Ada disappeared and wished she had told Ada about that dream. Now, she was scared they would do something bad to her so she still didn’t tell anyone about it.

Biggie, confronted James and Anslem about her. They told him to mind his business and warned him that if he didn’t, he would find himself wherever Ada was, he knew after that, that something horrible had happened to the girl so he stayed clear from them.

Ada’s parents aged overnight when they couldn’t find her after a month of searching for her. Initially they thought she had been kidnapped for ransom but when no one reached out to them after a month, they knew something else had happened. The Police was put on the case but they didn’t have any clues, no one gave them information.

Kosi and Lanke lied to them, Biggie moved far away, Rita hid in the Lab and Church and Ufoma had to home for he was very sick. The school had no cameras and no one had seen her leave the school at all. The case dragged on for a while but there were no leads.

When 3 months passed, her parents came to pack her things in grief. At home, they looked for the words to explain to 12 year old Sochi that her sister might not be coming back home.

They went on their semester break and Kosi did not return. Those who knew why breathed a sigh of relief. Their secret was safe. They had gotten away with murder.

Ada has been betrayed and buried by people she called friends, will she ever be found? Lets find out in the next episode later today.


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  1. So pathetic and sympathetic….. Karma will definitely catch up with all the parties involved. That a traumatic death! Hmmmmmm…..

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