Leaders alone not responsible for Nigeria’s problems – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has insisted that leaders alone are not responsible for the current problems facing Nigeria.

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Buhari said this while pledging his administration’s resolve to return Nigeria to the path of peace and prosperity.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony of Senior Course 40 of the Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Jaji in Kaduna State, yesterday, Buhari pledged his administration’s efforts to take Nigeria higher.

According to Buhari, “May I assure you of this administration’s effort to return our country on the path of peace and prosperity.

“I made three key promises to Nigerians. First is to address the various security challenges facing our country; second, to reposition our economy and third to fight the serious challenge of corruption, which had eaten so deep into the very fabric that sustains our nation.

“On the issue of security, we recognise that security challenges abound in all countries of the world, including Nigeria. I am certain, with the consistent efforts of our security agencies; these challenges shall be considerably mitigated and minimized.

“The change we desire in Nigeria actually starts with us as individuals. In Nigeria, there is the tendency to lay the blame for the state of affairs in the country on the doorsteps of leaders alone.

“Yes, leaders have a major role to play in providing direction and the enabling environment. However, the citizens’ role also is vital in attaining meaningful transformation of any society.”



  1. Yes, my beloved PMB, you have said it all. Whilst it behoves on the leadership to give direction and provide the enabling environment, the followers also have a role to play by ensuring they do the right things at all times. Part of our problem here in Nigeria is that most of the time, it is only what “others” do that are the wrong things, we never scrutinize the ones we do!

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