(Episode 2) Little pleasures under the sheets

Kingsley: ‘What do you mean?’

Chidi: ‘I don’t know Kingsley, the stories are sketchy. But I do know that her relationship with men don’t last.’

Kingsley: ‘Well, I am hoping for her to be my girlfriend and then we can carry it from there.’

Chidi: ‘I thought you said you wanted to get married?’

Kingsley: ‘I want to, but we have to be friends first before anything. If we are good, we will settle down soonest.’

Chidi: ‘Okay but please take your time out to know more about her.’

Kingsley: ‘I will. I actually asked her out few days ago.’

Chidi: ‘What did she say?’

Kingsley: ‘She said I should give her time to think about it.’

Chidi: ‘Don’t you think it is weird for her not to be in a relationship, like a serious relationship?’

Kingsley:  ‘No! Why should it be weird?’

Chidi: ‘Because she is one of the most beautiful girls that I have laid my eyes on, yet she isn’t serious with anyone, why?’

Kingsley: ‘Maybe she hasn’t found her man, yet’

Chidi: ‘And you believe you are the one?’

Kingsley: Laughing ‘Why not? I am rich, handsome and single. What more will a girl want from a man that I can’t give?’

Chidi: ‘Just be careful sha, I don talk my own…’

Kingsley: ‘Thanks and I will.’


Patricia: ‘If I tell you the secret, will you be able to do it?’

Anne: ‘As long as it won’t harm our relationship with our spouses, why not?’

Patricia: ‘Well, I am still not convinced because you will have to be bold and tell him what you want…’

Felicia: ‘Patricia, do you want us to spend our whole day begging you to tell us this secret of yours? Time is going and we cannot spend the whole day talking about just one thing. Tell us already.’

Patricia: ‘My dear….’ She said to Felicia, ‘…..no blame me. I don’t want a situation whereby it will seem as if I am the one influencing you to do something you won’t want to do. I don’t want to be seen as the bad egg here.’

Anne: ‘Why would you ever think that?’

Patricia: ‘Because it is about getting to the promised land!’

Felicia: ‘Promised land ke?’

Patricia: ‘Yes, Promised land.’ She said looking at Anne.

Anne: ‘What is it? I do not think there is anything that I haven’t tried in my marriage. Maybe I have heard of it but the method you apply yours is different.’

Patricia: ‘Hmm, it is not just that ooo. If you want to make yourself and husband happy, you can achieve it if only you’re willing to.’

Anne: ‘It’s something we know already, abi?’

Patricia: ‘It’s something a lot of people know already, even children know of it.’

Felicia: ‘So what is making it so special?’

Patricia: ‘Simple, a lot of us do not apply it in our marriages.’

Anne: ‘So what is it?’

Patricia: ‘Okay, let me ask first, how often do you have sex with your husband?’

Anne: ‘Once in a week, depending.’

Patricia: ‘Once in a week? Your sex life is poor oh! That means four times in a month and forty eight times in a year.’

Felicia: ‘Hey Patricia! Must you do the math for her?’

Anne:  Ignoring Felicia’s statement replied, ‘We are all usually busy’.

Patricia: ‘When you have just a child in boarding school? If you had 3 kids like mine, what will happen?’

Anne: ‘I guess we won’t even have time for sex then!’ She said bluntly.

Patricia: ‘Are you serious?’

Anne: ‘I am. I am busy 24/7. My husband is also always busy. He travels a lot and doesn’t spend time at home.’

Patricia: ‘Tell me one thing, Anne.’

Anne: ‘What?’

Patricia: ‘Do you work under anybody?’

Anne: ‘No, I have my own company and I’m self employed.’

Patricia: ‘You have your own company and when was the last time you took a vacation?’

Anne: ‘That was before I had my son oh’

Patricia: ‘Girl, I think you and your husband need to plan a vacation together so that you both can spice up your sex life and bond more.’

Anne: ‘I hear!’

Patricia: ‘You nko Felicia, how is your sex life?’ She asked, addressing Felicia.

Felicia: ‘It’s just there and believe me when I say our sex life is boring. My husband is only interested in putting it in always and before you know it, he cums, depositing his seed inside of me! After that, he sleeps off and snores the life out of me.’

Patricia: ‘How long do you have sex?’

Felicia: ‘Three to four times in a week. Most times I usually tell him I am too tired from the day’s work because of stress.’

Patricia: ‘Tired of having sex with your husband?’

Felicia: ‘No, tired of being unsatisfied with my sex life. I don’t enjoy sex one bit. It is because it’s our duty that’s why I indulge in it. If not, me I no do again!’

Patricia: ‘What if I tell you that there is a way to change that?’

Felicia: ‘Change what? Our sex life? I doubt it.’

Patricia: ‘What if I say it is possible?’

Felicia: ‘I said it isn’t because there is no way it can happen. My husband does not care if I am satisfied in bed or not, all he cares about is himself and himself alone.’

Patricia: ‘What if I say you can change that, you can also be sexually satisfied?’

Anne: ‘How can that be possible?’

Patricia: ‘Why can’t it be possible? If they can reach their peak when having sex with us their wives, why can’t we have our own orgasm?’

Felicia: ‘So what is it?’

Patricia: ‘First things first, you will have to do it else you won’t ever reach your climax in this life.’ She warned them.

Anne: ‘What do you mean?’

Patricia: ‘It depends sha, if you have a stubborn husband like me then you have work to do.’

Felicia: ‘Say it already.’

Patricia: ‘Okay, fine. Do you give your husbands’ blow jobs?’

Okay, the story has just started! Tune in for the next Episode, you don’t want to miss it!


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