(Episode 4) Little pleasures under the sheets

Kingsley: ‘What do you mean?’

Kristine: ‘You see, I have been in a lot of relationship and they all ended the same way.’

Kingsley: ‘Please Kristine, give me a chance.’ He pleaded earnestly.

Kristine: ‘It’s not that I don’t want to, believe me, but I don’t think you can handle me.’

Kingsley: ‘Handle you in what aspect?’

Kristine: ‘I don’t know, I am just not sure you can handle my kind of person.’

Kingsley: ‘In what aspect?’ He questioned, now suspicious.

Kristine: ‘Arrmm…how ……okay…..good are you when it comes to bed…..sex?’

Kingsley: He laughed ‘Very good! Is that the part you think I can’t handle?’

Kristine: ‘How good are you?’

Kingsley: ‘Very good, and believe me, I love sex a lot.’

Kristine: ‘You sure?’

Kingsley: ‘Very sure.’

Kristine: ‘I don’t think you can handle me’ She said again.

Kingsley: ‘Sexually?’

Kristine: ‘Yes, in that part. That is why most of my relationships don’t last.’

Kingsley: ‘I broke up with my last girlfriend because she wasn’t satisfying me and her libido was too low.’

Kristine: ‘Really?’

Kingsley: ‘Yep’ He said smiling.

Kristine: ‘Wow!’

Kingsley: ‘Yes, does that mean we are cool?’

Kristine: ‘You’re sure you can handle me?’ She asked again, unconvinced.

Kingsley: ‘Seriously, I am not sure myself that you can handle me.’

Kristine: ‘Why?’

Kingsley: ‘I have a very high libido and you might not be able to keep up!’

Kristine: ‘If you say so but I think you are underestimating me.’

Kinsley: ‘Give me a chance and I promise you won’t regret it.’

Kristine: ‘Still give me sometime then.’

Kingsley: ‘Okay.’


Felicia: ‘What do you mean by that?’

Patricia: ‘In all these talks we have been having, none of you have actually said anything about your husband giving you blowjobs….’

Felicia: ‘My husband doesn’t give me head often; once in a while and I used to love it.’

Anne: ‘I don’t think my husband will ever do that.’

Patricia: ‘Why is that?’

Anne: ‘Cause in the early years of our marriage when I gave him head and I asked him to do the same, he rejected it and told me never to say that to him again!’

Patricia: ‘Wow! And?’

Anne: ‘And what?’

Patricia: ‘After that, what happened?’

Anne: ‘I never mentioned it to him again.’

Patricia: ‘Even till this now?’

Anne: ‘…Yes’

Patricia: ‘And you give him sex?’

Anne: ‘Of course I do, he is my husband, you don’t expect me not to have sex with my husband.’

Patricia: ‘Hmmm……Felicia’s own is even better.’

Felicia: ‘My once in a while head is better?’

Patricia: ‘Your once in a while is better than not having any since you got married.’

Anne: ‘So what is it you wanted to say?’

Patricia: ‘How to make him give youa blowjob and make you enjoy your sex life.’

Anne: ‘Hmmm…… I don’t think that will work for me ooo, my husband is too stubborn.’

Patricia: ‘You can still make him bend.’

Anne: ‘How?’

Patricia: ‘Deny him sex. Until he gets down on you.’

Felicia: ‘Deny him sex and he will go to another woman!’

Patricia: ‘You think he will, Anne?’

Anne: ‘I don’t think he will but I don’t think it will work.’

Patricia: ‘Why will you say so if you don’t try?’

Anne: ‘Hmmm…… this is a big one.’

Felicia: ‘What about me, how do I make him give me head more often?’

Patricia: ‘Do the same thing, deny him sex, give him head and tell him to reciprocate the love whenever you do it.’

Felicia: ‘Hmmm…..’

Patricia: ‘For years, you have been giving and they have been taking. It is time to balance the equation. How do you keep giving your men head without receiving anything at the end?’ She asked Anne.

Felicia: ‘Don’t you think that is too much?’

Patricia: ‘No it isn’t, except if you think it is to you but the way I see it, it isn’t.’

Anne: ‘I don’t think it will go well if I do it oh!’

Patricia: ‘Don’t you want to have an orgasm? Do you know what it feels like to have an orgasm?’

Anne: ‘I don’t and I will really love to experience it.’

Patricia: ‘Then go out of your way and have it done.’

Felicia: ‘Is that the secret you have been hiding?’

Patricia: ‘Yes oooo. You see, ever since my husband and I discussed about our sex life, I told him to also give me regular blowjobs, it should be a two way thing and not one way thing if he really wants us to enjoy our sex life and he was okay with it.’

Felicia: ‘Just like that?!’

Patricia: ‘Yes just like that, we talked about it and he agreed.’

Anne: ‘And he has been giving it to you ever since?’

Patricia: ‘What do you think?’ She asked smiling ‘Are you guys willing and ready to enjoy your sex life?’

Anne: ‘I am!’

Patricia: ‘Then you have to do it.’

Felicia: ‘I guess there is no harm trying.’

Anne: ‘I think I am going to try it.’

Patricia: ‘Don’t try it, do it’ She commanded.

Anne: ‘I will do it.’ She said firmly.

Patricia: ‘That is more like it.’ She nodded her head.

These ladies are determined now, catch them in the next episode!


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  1. hmmmmmmm Adelove if conjunction hold me for shop I will hold you responsible…… I like that challenge between Kingsley and Kristine. I wish that Kingsley is me then she will confirm TESTED AND TRUSTED….. WITH ADELOVE.COM LONELINESS IS JUST A STORY….

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