(Final Episode) Little pleasures under the sheets

Anne: “What are you doing?” She asked as he laid her on the bed and was about to get down on her after they finished having their bath.

Louis: “What do you mean what am I doing? I am trying to show you the good time you wanted!” He grinned.

Anne: “It’s okay if you don’t want to do it.” She told him, suddenly nervous and shy.

Louis: “Don’t worry yourself; this is what I want to do.”

Anne: “Are you sure?” She asked looking at him lustfully.

Louis: “Yes I am!” He said as he buried his head between her thighs. Few seconds later Anne grabbed Louis by his head.

Anne: “Agggggh! Ahhhhhhh!” She moaned.

Louis: Using his tongue on her clitoris softly, he moved up and down to her labia Majora while Anne was lost in ecstasy.

Anne: “Aggggh! Oh my god! Louis! You are killing me!” She screamed, unable to hold herself from calling out his name.

Louis: Sensing that she was almost getting there, sucked on her clitoris, wet his fingers with his saliva and fingered her.

Anne: “Oh Louis! Yea Louis! Go in harder!!” She screamed louder.

Louis:  “Not yet babe, I haven’t finished working on you with my mouth yet…..” He told her, looking at her beautiful face.

Louis: “Hold on a little, Sweetheart..” He answered her, smiling “I haven’t finished with my tongue on you.”

Anne: “Louis Please, you are killing me, Ahhhhhh!” She said as he dipped his head between her thighs again. “Agggh Louis! I am cumin……”

Louis: Before he could withdraw his mouth and use his dick, Anne was already having her first orgasm.

Anne: “Agggggh! Lord….Jesus!” She screamed while she squirmed on the bed as waves of pleasure hit her.

Louis: Looking at her, all smiles asked a few minutes later “How do you like our little adventure?”

Anne: “Thank you!” She said with tears in her eyes.

Louis: “C’mon Anne, don’t start. I don’t want to see any tears in your eyes or I won’t do it again!” He told her, laughing.

Anne: “I am sorry……” She gulped as she wiped her tears away. Sitting up on the bed, naked, “ This is the best, most unselfish thing you have ever done for me!”

Louis: “Because I just made you cum?”

Anne: Laughing, she told him, “The bonding, the love and you putting away your reluctance for the act, you did it for me! I love you!”

Louis:  “I love you too, and I’m glad I did it.”

Anne: “Why is that?” She asked him.

Louis: “Because this is the first time you have ever called my name and this is the first time you had an orgasm. I saw it with my own eyes and it was amazing watching you…”

Anne: “Hmmm… by the way, what changed your mind? I thought you said you will never indulge in it….”

Louis: “Well, I realized that this is my wife we are talking about here, the mother of my child. If you do same to me, why shouldn’t I reciprocate? And I was scared if I didn’t do it, someone will eventually offer. You’re very beautiful, you know?”

Anne: “Wow! I never thought it will be this day. Thank you” She told him shyly.

Louis: “Really?”

Anne: “Yes. I knew you will give in but I never thought it will be here in Dubai. What an amazing vacation I have had.”

Louis: “I guess this is one of many vacations where I would get to show you how to get to the moon and back!”

Anne: “Really? I guess it’s time for us to go to bed.”

Louis: “Not so fast woman!” He said as he got close to her “We are just getting started!”

Anne: “Of course we are because its time I teach you what I have learnt.”

Louis: “What have you learnt?”

Anne: ‘”Be patient my husband, be patient!” She said as she kissed him passionately and pushed him flat on the bed.


Few Days Later.

Kristine: “Here, I brought you the keys to your apartment, I have moved out so you need not to worry about me from now on.”

Kingsley: “I am sorry it came to this Kristine.” He told her, sadly.

Kristine: “You don’t have to worry; I knew sooner or later you will break up with me.”

Kingsley: “Please hold no grudges against me.”

Kristine: “I don’t, believe me. You are one of the few people who told me what I needed to know to my face and I appreciate it even though it was a bitter pill to swallow at that moment.”

Kingsley: “Alright. So what is your next plan now?”

Kristine: “I am moving over to the states.”

*Kingsley: “The states? As in the US? Why the states?”

Kristine: “Because my parents and siblings are there, its time I join them.”

Kingsley: “Really? I didn’t know your people were there. You never really spoke of your family.”

Kristine: “Because I felt there was no point and no need. But now, it’s time I move on with my life.”

Kingsley: “When are you leaving?”

Kristine: “Tomorrow.”

Kingsley: “Wow!”

Kristine: “Yea!” She said smiling.

Kingsley: “When you get there, what will you do?”

Kristine: “I haven’t figured it out yet but I will go for counseling and therapy, look for a job and maybe one day settle down to the man of my dreams.”

Kingsley: “That’s good. I hope things work out well for you.”

Kristine: “I hope so too and I will really miss you. Thanks for being there for me.”

Kingsley: “You are welcome Kristine.”

Kristine: “Hope you don’t mind if we still keep in touch?”

Kingsley: “Mind? No way! Infact, I would love for us to keep in touch! If you ever need me, I will be there for you.”

Kristine: “Thank you. You don’t know what this means to me. You are one of those few I would love to keep as a friend forever.”

Kingsley: “No problem then, I will keep in touch.” He told her and hugged her “Good bye Kristine”

Kristine: “Good bye K.”


The end!!!

Awww! Any lessons learnt?


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  1. Hmm mm, if the story continued Kingsley & Kristen should end up together with her turned a new life. Thanks for the end, I enjoyed every bit of it.

  2. Wow it ended well, Louis is now the man, Kristin will change for the better, just a little sacrifice won’t hurt you

  3. Fantastic, at least i have learned how to do it better.
    Adelove and crew, you guys are always the best.

  4. Yeah,learnt dat it takes 2 to tangle,nd don’t criticize/judge a person with deir weakness,but instead try 2 correct nd advice(if u have any)d person on d way 4ward.

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